Year 11-12

The following resources were designed and developed by the Graduate School of Education (SPICE program) and UWA.
Unfortunately due to the software platform no longer being supported, the Learning Objects in the resources below are NOT available.

Science Resources for Year 11-12


Sequence Overview

Adaptations (PDF 354KB)

Adaptations (DOC 76KB)

Emperor Penguins

Teacher's Guide

Emperor Penguins (PDF 356KB)

Emperor Penguins (DOC 235KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Investigating Penguins Activity (PDF 207KB)

Investigating Penguins Activity (DOC 967KB)


Penguin Adaptations Worksheet (PDF 142KB)

Penguin Adaptations Worksheet (DOC 126KB)

Barrow Island Marsupials

Teacher's Guide

Barrow Island Marsupials (PDF 448KB)

Barrow Island Marsupials (DOC 1MB)

Background Sheet:

Adaptations To An Arid Climate (PDF 362KB)

Adaptations To An Arid Climate (DOC 537KB)


Life In The Dry Worksheet (PDF 172KB)

Life In The Dry Worksheet (DOC 191KB)


Teacher's Guide

Samphires (PDF 392KB)

Samphires (DOC 825KB)


Surviving Extremes (PDF 1.2MB)

Surviving Extremes (DOC 2MB)

Researching Samphires (PDF 383KB)

Researching Samphires (DOC 890KB)


Rehabilitation Site Worksheet (PDF 1.3MB)

Rehabilitation Site Worksheet (DOC 1.4MB)

Salt Sand And Samphires Worksheet (PDF 383KB)

Salt Sand And Samphires Worksheet (DOC 890KB)

Diving Adaptations

Teacher's Guide

Diving Adaptations (PDF 253KB)

Diving Adaptations (DOC 249KB)

Background Sheet:

Challenges Of Diving To Depth (PDF 367KB)

Challenges Of Diving To Depth (DOC 769KB)


Diving To Depth Worksheet (PDF 186KB)

Diving To Depth Worksheet (DOC 189KB)

Free Diving


Teacher's Guide

Freediving (PDF 291KB)

Freediving (DOC 332KB)

Background Sheet:

Problems With Pressure (PDF 2.4MB)

Problems With Pressure (DOC 313KB)


Danger Of Diving Worksheet (PDF 534KB)

Danger Of Diving Worksheet (DOC 2.2MB)


Sequence Overview

Buffers Overview (PDF 229KB)

Buffers Overview (DOC 420KB)

pH Control in the Body


Teacher's Guide

pH Control In The Body (PDF 305KB)

pH Control In The Body (DOC 39KB)

Background Sheet:

Buffering Systems In The Human Body (PDF 476KB)

Buffering Systems In The Human Body (DOC 360KB)

Buffering Ability of Muscle

Teacher's Guide

Buffering Ability Of Muscles (PDF 296KB)

Buffering Ability Of Muscles (DOC 443KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Buffering In Muscles Activity (PDF 137KB)

Buffering In Muscles Activity (DOC 136KB)

Explaining Buffers


Understanding Buffers Worksheet (PDF 213KB)

Understanding Buffers Worksheet (DOC 260KB)

Buffering in the Ocean

Teacher's Guide

Buffering In The Ocean (PDF 259KB)

Buffering In The Ocean (DOC 302KB)


Researching Ocean Buffering (PDF 486KB)

Researching Ocean Buffering (DOC 394KB)

Procedure Sheet:

How Does The Ocean Buffer? (PDF 588KB)

How Does The Ocean Buffer? (DOC 1MB)


Ocean Acidification Worksheet (PDF 354KB)

Ocean Acidification Worksheet (DOC 808KB)


Sequence Overview

Cosmology Overview (PDF 262MB)

Cosmology Overview (DOC 651KB)

History of the Universe

Teacher's Guide

History of the Universe (PDF 480KB)

History of the Universe (DOC 376KB)


Timeline of the Universe (PDF 1.5MB)

Timeline of the Universe (DOC 480KB)


History of the Universe (PDF 761KB)

History of the Universe (DOC 3.1MB)

Evidence of the Big Bang

Teacher's Guide

Evidence for the Big Bang (PDF 324KB)

Evidence for the Big Bang (DOC 216KB)


Searching for the Origin of the Universe (PDF 1.3MB)

Searching for the Origin of the Universe (DOC 2.7MB)


Evidence for the Big Bang (PDF 977KB)

Evidence for the Big Bang (DOC 9.2MB)

The Future of the Universe

Teacher's Guide

The Future of the Universe (PDF 415KB)

The Future of the Universe (DOC 895KB)


The Future of the Universe Factsheet (PDF 705KB)

The Future of the Universe Factsheet (DOC 1.2MB)


The Future of the Universe Presentation (PDF 487KB)

The Future of the Universe Presentation (DOC 3.6MB)

Shifted Light

Teacher's Guide

Shifted Light (PDF 255KB)

Shifted Light (DOC 233KB)

Electric Fields

Sequence Overview

Electric Fields Overview (PDF 250KB)

Electric Fields Overview (DOC 230KB)

Exploring Fields


Field Forces Worksheet (PDF 115KB)

Field Forces Worksheet (DOC 277KB)

Drawing Fields

Teacher's Guide

Drawing Fields (PDF 189KB)

Drawing Fields (DOC 169KB)

Properties of Fields


Teacher's Guide

Properties of Fields (PDF 191KB)

Properties of Fields (DOC 183KB)

Electrical Circuits

Sequence Overview

Electrical Circuits Overview (PDF 323KB)

Electrical Circuits Overview (DOC 456KB)


Teacher's Guide

Lightning (PDF 264KB)

Lightning (DOC 234KB)


Lightning Factsheet (PDF 446KB)

Lightning Factsheet (DOC 870KB)

Static Electricity

Teacher's Guide

Static Electricity (PDF 268KB)

Static Electricity (DOC 200KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Exploring Electrostatics Activity (PDF 142KB)

Exploring Electrostatics Activity (DOC 111KB)


Electrostatics in Action Worksheet (PDF 361KB)

Electrostatics in Action Worksheet (DOC 1.7MB)

Current Electricity

Teacher's Guide

Current Electricity (PDF 179KB)

Current Electricity (DOC 251KB)

Background Sheet:

Models and Misconceptions (PDF 282KB)

Models and Misconceptions (DOC 42KB)


Simple Circuits Worksheet (PDF 210KB)

Simple Circuits Worksheet (DOC 299KB)

Circuit Rules

Teacher's Guide

Circuit Rules (PDF 173KB)

Circuit Rules (DOC 333KB)

Worksheet 1:

Circuit Calculations Worksheet (PDF 253KB)

Circuit Calculations Worksheet (DOC 357KB)

Worksheet 2:

Circuit Measurements Worksheet (PDF 137KB)

Circuit Measurements Worksheet (DOC 104KB)

Measuring Electricity

Teacher's Guide

Measuring Electricity (PDF 260KB)

Measuring Electricity (DOC 368KB)


Electrical Units (PDF 2.2MB)

Electrical Units (DOC 1.7MB)


Electrical Safety Worksheet (PDF 322KB)

Electrical Safety Worksheet (DOC 525KB)


Teacher's Guide

Bioelectricity (PDF 182KB)

Bioelectricity (DOC 257KB)


Electric Eels (PDF 878KB)

Electric Eels (DOC 839KB)

Electricity in the Body (PDF 1.2MB)

Electricity in the Body (DOC 3.4MB)

Pacemaker (PDF 687KB)

Pacemaker (DOC 1.2MB)

Platypus Electroreception (PDF 803KB)

Platypus Electroreception (DOC 1.5MB)

Food and Energy

Sequence Overview

Food and Energy Overview (PDF 225KB)

Food and Energy Overview (DOC 347KB)

The Honey Possum

Teacher's Guide

The Honey Possum (PDF 340KB)

The Honey Possum (DOC 238KB)


Features of the Honey Possum Factsheet (PDF 1.2MB)

Features of the Honey Possum Factsheet (DOC 915KB)


Teacher's Guide

Pollen (PDF 373KB)

Pollen (DOC 1.7B)

Background Sheet:

What is Pollen? (PDF 678KB)

What is Pollen? (DOC 1.9MB)


Exploring Pollen (PDF 1.6MB)

Exploring Pollen (DOC 5MB)


Pollen Worksheet (PDF 238KB)

Pollen Worksheet (DOC 331KB)

Classifying Pollen

Teacher's Guide

Classifying Pollen (PDF 248KB)

Classifying Pollen (DOC 1.7MB)


Forensic Palynology Factsheet (PDF 403KB)

Forensic Palynology Factsheet (DOC 1.2MB)

Procedure Sheet:

Looking at Pollen Activity (PDF 122KB)

Looking at Pollen Activity (DOC 242KB)


Classifying Pollen Worksheet (PDF 227KB)

Classifying Pollen Worksheet (DOC 201KB)

Fauna Surveys

Teacher's Guide

Fauna Surveys (PDF 261KB)

Fauna Surveys (DOC 383KB)


Pitfall Trapping Factsheet (PDF 1.1MB)

Pitfall Trapping Factsheet (DOC 980KB)


Fauna Surveys Presentation (PDF 1.1MB)

Fauna Surveys Presentation (DOC 11.8MB)


An Ecological Problem Worksheet (PDF 125KB)

An Ecological Problem Worksheet (DOC 108KB)

Honey Possum Respiration

Teacher's Guide

Honey Possum Respiration (PDF 380KB)

Honey Possum Respiration (DOC 862KB)


Measuring Metabolism Factsheet (PDF 573KB)

Measuring Metabolism Factsheet (DOC 1.2MB)


Investigating Energy Intake Worksheet (PDF 3.7MB)

Investigating Energy Intake Worksheet (DOC 2.4MB)

Worksheet Answers:

Investigating Energy Intake Answers (PDF 371KB)

Investigating Energy Intake Answers (DOC 38KB)

Animal Release

Teacher's Guide

Animal Release (PDF 302KB)

Animal Release (DOC 519KB)


Species Reintroduction Factsheet (PDF 893KB)

Species Reintroduction Factsheet (DOC 1.6MB)


Honey Possum Challenge Worksheet (PDF 126KB)

Honey Possum Challenge Worksheet (DOC 150KB)

Gene Expression

Sequence Overview

Gene Expression (PDF 377KB)

Gene Expression (DOC 268KB)

Melanoma Risk Factors

Teacher's Guide

Melanoma Risk Factors (PDF 213KB)

Melanoma Risk Factors (DOC 218KB)

Background Sheet:

All About Melanoma (PDF 348B)

All About Melanoma (DOC 524KB)

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Teacher's Guide

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PDF 455KB)

Polymerase Chain Reaction (DOC 391KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Rules of the Challenge Activity (PDF 127KB)

Rules of the Challenge Activity (DOC 112KB)

Workbook 1:

PCR and Melanoma Mutations (PDF 985KB)

PCR and Melanoma Mutations (DOC 697KB)

Workbook 2:

Searching for Mutations with PCR (PDF 1.7MB)

Searching for Mutations with PCR (DOC 1.7MB)

Measuring Gene Expression

Teacher's Guide

Measuring Gene Expression (PDF 272KB)

Measuring Gene Expression (DOC 132KB)


Introducing Microarray (PDF 4.9MB)

Introducing Microarray (DOC 7MB)


Microarray Workbook (PDF 5.9MB)

Microarray Workbook (DOC 804KB)

Regulating Gene Expression

Teacher's Guide

Regulating Gene Expression (PDF 255KB)

Regulating Gene Expression (DOC 188KB)

Background Sheet:

How is Gene Expression Regulated? (PDF 520KB)

How is Gene Expression Regulated? (DOC 312KB)


RNA and Gene Regulation (PDF 388KB)

RNA and Gene Regulation (DOC 375KB)

Gene Glossary (PDF 139KB)

Gene Glossary (DOC 122KB)


Gene Expression and Regulation (PDF 520KB)

Gene Expression and Regulation (DOC 312KB)

Personalised Medicine

Teacher's Guide

Personalised Medicine (PDF 187KB)

Personalised Medicine (DOC 134KB)

Background Sheet:

Cancer and the Cell Cycle (PDF 564KB)

Cancer and the Cell Cycle (DOC 701KB)


Treating Melanoma Worksheet (PDF 1.8MB)

Treating Melanoma Worksheet (DOC 702KB)

Geothermal Energy

Sequence Overview

Geothermal Energy (PDF 242KB)

Geothermal Energy (DOC 281KB)

Heat Beneath Your Feet


Teacher's Guide

Heat Beneath Your Feet (PDF 245KB)

Heat Beneath Your Feet (DOC 416KB)

Specific Heat Capacity

Teacher's Guide

Specific Heat Capacity (PDF 111KB)

Specific Heat Capacity (DOC 612KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Comparing Specific Heat Capacity Activity (PDF 143KB)

Comparing Specific Heat Capacity Activity (DOC 131KB)


Specific Heat Worksheet (PDF 111KB)

Specific Heat Worksheet (DOC 612KB)

Heating a Pool


Swimming Pool Explorer (PDF 145KB)

Swimming Pool Explorer (DOC 130KB)

Sustainable Energy Sources

Teacher's Guide

Sustainable Energy Sources (PDF 585KB)

Sustainable Energy Sources (DOC 2.8MB)

Worksheet 1:

Comparing Energy Sources Worksheet (PDF 238KB)

Comparing Energy Sources Worksheet (DOC 389KB)

Worksheet 2:

Siting a Pool Worksheet (PDF 343KB)

Siting a Pool Worksheet (DOC 2.6MB)

Latent Heat

Teacher's Guide

Latent Heat (PDF 201KB)

Latent Heat (DOC 622KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Investigating Latent Heat Activity (PDF 138KB)

Investigating Latent Heat Activity (DOC 158KB)


Latent Heat Problems Worksheet (PDF 108KB)

Latent Heat Problems Worksheet (DOC 622KB)

Using Geothermal Energy

Teacher's Guide

Using Geothermal Energy (PDF 925KB)

Using Geothermal Energy (DOC 3.1MB)


Three Devices Worksheet (PDF 138KB)

Three Devices Worksheet (DOC 121KB)

The Geothermal Alternative

Teacher's Guide

The Geothermal Alternative (PDF 214KB)

The Geothermal Alternative (DOC 380KB)


Cooling the Campus Worksheet (PDF 691KB)

Cooling the Campus Worksheet (DOC 2.2MB)

Hydrocarbon Chemistry

Sequence Overview

Hydrocarbon Chemistry Overview (PDF 413KB)

Hydrocarbon Chemistry Overview (DOC 72KB)

Coconut Oil


Teacher's Guide

Coconut Oil (PDF 220KB)

Coconut Oil (DOC 661KB)

Background Sheet:

What is Biodiesel (PDF 424KB)

What is Biodiesel (DOC 601KB)


Biodiesel Dilemma (PDF 530KB)

Biodiesel Dilemma (DOC 981KB)


Thinking About Biodiesel (PDF 137KB)

Thinking About Biodiesel (DOC 136KB)


Teacher's Guide

Biodiesel (PDF 212KB)

Biodiesel (DOC 509KB)

Procedure Sheets:

Making Biodiesel Activity (PDF 241KB)

Making Biodiesel Activity (DOC 190KB)

Comparing Fuels Worksheet (PDF 209KB)

Comparing Fuels Worksheet (DOC 182KB)

Naming Hydrocarbons

Teacher's Guide

Naming Hydrocarbons (PDF 277KB)

Naming Hydrocarbons (DOC 157KB)


How to Name Hydrocarbons (PDF 166KB)

How to Name Hydrocarbons (DOC 88KB)


Hydrocarbon Models Worksheet (PDF 138KB)

Hydrocarbon Models Worksheet (DOC 133KB)

Hydrocarbon Economies

Teacher's Guide

Hydrocarbon Economy (PDF 136KB)

Hydrocarbon Economy (DOC 301KB)

Background Sheet:

How is Crude Oil Processed? (PDF 150KB)

How is Crude Oil Processed? (DOC 61KB)


Crude Oil Distillation (PDF 302KB)

Crude Oil Distillation (DOC 308KB)

Hydrocarbon Glossary (PDF 333KB)

Hydrocarbon Glossary (DOC 743KB)


Hydrocarbons in Australia Worksheet (PDF 150KB)

Hydrocarbons in Australia Worksheet (DOC 144KB)

Matter and Relativity

Sequence Overview

Matter and Relativity (PDF 167KB)

Matter and Relativity (DOC 333KB)


Teacher's Guide

Quarks (PDF 331KB)

Quarks (DOC 395KB)


The Large Hadron Collider (PDF 520KB)

The Large Hadron Collider (DOC 752KB)


The Story of Quarks (PDF 1.3MB)

The Story of Quarks (DOC 11MB)

Introduction to Relativity

Teacher's Guide

Introduction to Relativity (PDF 406KB)

Introduction to Relativity (DOC 226KB)


Relative Motion Presentation (PDF 469KB)

Relative Motion Presentation (DOC 4.9MB)

Theories of Relativity (PDF 1.2MB)

Theories of Relativity (DOC 7.6MB)


Exercises in Relativity Worksheet (PDF 185KB)

Exercises in Relativity Worksheet (DOC 208KB)

Measuring Time

Teacher's Guide

Measuring Time (PDF 181KB)

Measuring Time (DOC 384KB)

Background Sheet:

The Physics Behind Measuring Time (PDF 139KB)

The Physics Behind Measuring Time (DOC 365KB)

Mechanical Waves

Sequence Overview

Mechanical Waves (PDF 284KB)

Mechanical Waves (DOC 333KB)

The Physics of Tsunamis


Teacher's Guide

The Physics of Tsunamis (PDF 187KB)

The Physics of Tsunamis (DOC 297KB)


Tsunami Physics Factsheet (PDF 111KB)

Tsunami Physics Factsheet (DOC 278KB)

Background Sheet:

Dangerous Waves Background Sheet (PDF 322KB)

Dangerous Waves Background Sheet (DOC 607KB)

Wave Properties

Teacher's Guide

Wave Properties (PDF 367KB)

Wave Properties (DOC 634KB)


Waves Worksheet (PDF 182KB)

Waves Worksheet (DOC 139KB)

Graphing Waves

Teacher's Guide

Graphing Waves (PDF 244KB)

Graphing Waves (DOC 587KB)

Tsunami Problems

Teacher's Guide

Tsunami Problems (PDF 417KB)

Tsunami Problems (DOC 317KB)


Waves of Destruction Factsheet (PDF 349KB)

Waves of Destruction Factsheet (DOC 1.2MB)


Tsunami Problems Worksheet (PDF 560KB)

Tsunami Problems Worksheet (DOC 3.5MB)

The Physics of Whale Stranding

Teacher's Guide

The Physics of Whale Stranding (PDF 241KB)

The Physics of Whale Stranding (DOC 275KB)


A Whale of a Time Factsheet (PDF 326KB)

A Whale of a Time Factsheet (DOC 661KB)

Background Sheet:

Whales and Microwaves (PDF 461KB)

Whales and Microwaves (DOC 329KB)


Metapopulation Ecology


Explore the parameters of movement between two populations that affect the rate of disease spread.

Download the Wolfram player demonstration mode free to your desktop, and open this simulation:

Download Wolfram Player Demo

You will see that there are a number of parameters you can manipulate: the population of the two cities, the number of daily travellers between them, the number of individuals initially infected in each city, the chance of infection on contact, and some others.

  • Manipulate these parameters and look at the different outcomes when you run the simulation.
  • What parameters are most sensitive to change? As in, when you change these parameters, they are the ones that have a very large effect on the number of infected individuals.
  • What ones are least sensitive to change? Think about what this tells you about the parameters that our leaders must focus on when facing the spread of an infectious disease.
  • In terms of metapopulations - what impact does the level of connectivity have?

Try and model the two extremes:

  • What level do you have to set the parameters at to achieve NO INFECTION of City B by City A?
  • Similarly, how do you achieve FULL INFECTION of City B by City A? 

Change the scenario so that these two cities are isolated: they are not part of a metapopulation. Both cities have at least one infected individual. Look at the spread of the disease within the cities without metapopulation exchange of individuals.

Now, keep all parameters the same, except change to a metapopulation: movement between cities. Look at how being a metapopulation has changed the spread of disease while all other parameters have been held constant.

Molecular Evidence for Evolution

Sequence Overview

Molecular Evidence for Evolution (PDF 266KB)

Molecular Evidence for Evolution (DOC 422KB)

Mammal Evolution

Teacher's Guide

Mammal Evolution (PDF 6MB)

Mammal Evolution (DOC 2.8MB)

Background Sheet:

Phylogenetics (PDF 378KB)

Phylogenetics (DOC 424KB)

Mammalian Clades (PDF 527B)

Mammalian Clades (DOC 69KB)

Card Game:

Game Cards (PDF 4.2MB)

Game Cards (DOC 2.2MB)

Game Rules (PDF 1.2MB)

Game Rules (DOC 1MB)


Introducing Clades Presentation (PDF 5.1MB)

Introducing Clades Presentation (DOC 15.7MB)


Teacher's Guide

Primates (PDF 602KB)

Primates (DOC 1MB)


Primate Relations Worksheet (PDF 376KB)

Primate Relations Worksheet (DOC 952KB)

Evolutionary Trees

Teacher's Guide

Evolutionary Trees (PDF 475KB)

Evolutionary Trees (DOC 877KB)


What is Molecular Evidence? (PDF 782KB)

What is Molecular Evidence? (DOC 1.3MB)


All About Evolution Worksheet (PDF 976KB)

All About Evolution Worksheet (DOC 2.1MB)

Viral Evolution

Teacher's Guide

Viral Evolution (PDF 292KB)

Viral Evolution (DOC 375KB)

Background Sheet:

Influenza (PDF 537KB)

Influenza (DOC 580KB)

Investigating Influenza (PDF 856KB)

Investigating Influenza (DOC 537KB)


Fighting the Flu Factsheet (PDF 1.7MB)

Fighting the Flu Factsheet (DOC 2.1MB)


Influenza and Evolving Problem Worksheet (PDF 4.9MB)

Influenza and Evolving Problem Worksheet (DOC 2.5MB)

Nuclear Reactions

Sequence Overview

Nuclear Reactions (PDF 444KB)

Nuclear Reactions (DOC 609KB)

Mines to Medicine

Teacher's Guide

Mines to Medicine (PDF 235KB)

Mines to Medicine (DOC 357KB)

Background Sheet:

Australia's Nuclear Industry (PDF 360KB)

Australia's Nuclear Industry (DOC 45KB)


Nuclear Issues Worksheet (PDF 119KB)

Nuclear Issues Worksheet (DOC 131KB)

Nuclear Radiation

Teacher's Guide

Nuclear Radiation (PDF 187KB)

Nuclear Radiation (DOC 331KB)

Background Sheet:

What is Nuclear Radiation (PDF 216KB)

What is Nuclear Radiation (DOC 190KB)


Investigating Nuclear Radiation Worksheet 1 (PDF 128KB)

Investigating Nuclear Radiation Worksheet 1 (DOC 144KB)

Investigating Nuclear Radiation Worksheet 2 (PDF 156KB)

Investigating Nuclear Radiation Worksheet 2 (DOC 261KB)

Investigating Nuclear Radiation Worksheet 3 (PDF 144KB)

Investigating Nuclear Radiation Worksheet 3 (DOC 133KB)

Nuclear Decay

Teacher's Guide

Nuclear Decay (PDF 346KB)

Nuclear Decay (DOC 442KB)


Isotopes Factsheet (PDF 588KB)

Isotopes Factsheet (DOC 614KB)


Investigating Nuclear Decay Worksheet (PDF 181KB)

Investigating Nuclear Decay Worksheet (DOC 560KB)

Decay with Dice (PDF 132KB)

Decay with Dice (DOC 331KB)

Decay Chains

Teacher's Guide

Decay Chains (PDF 685KB)

Decay Chains (DOC 538KB)


Investigating Decay Chains Worksheet (PDF 203KB)

Investigating Decay Chains Worksheet (DOC 222KB)

Fission and Fusion

Teacher's Guide

Fission and Fusion (PDF 144KB)

Fission and Fusion (DOC 212KB)


The ITER project (PDF 1.4MB)

The ITER project (DOC 4.6MB)


Fission Worksheet (PDF 205KB)

Fission Worksheet (DOC 257KB)

Fusion Worksheet (PDF 176KB)

Fusion Worksheet (DOC 196KB)

Nuclear Medicine

Teacher's Guide

Nuclear Medicine (PDF 308KB)

Nuclear Medicine (DOC 269KB)


Medical Uses of Radioisotopes Worksheet (PDF 180KB)

Medical Uses of Radioisotopes Worksheet (DOC 1.1MB)

Radioisotopes in Research

Teacher's Guide

Radioisotopes in Research (PDF 201KB)

Radioisotopes in Research (DOC 505KB)


Dynamic Dunnarts (PDF 323KB)

Dynamic Dunnarts (DOC 885KB)

Protein Pathways (PDF 432KB)

Protein Pathways (DOC 875KB)

Supersensitive Plants (PDF 311KB)

Supersensitive Plants (DOC 869KB)


Sequence Overview

Proteins Overview (PDF 432KB)

Proteins Overview (DOC 1.3MB)

The Importance of Proteins

Teacher's Guide

The Importance of Proteins (PDF 354KB)

The Importance of Proteins (DOC 2.8MB)

Looking at Proteins

Teacher's Guide

Looking at Proteins (PDF 485KB)

Looking at Proteins (DOC 221KB)


Protein Visualisation (PDF 719KB)

Protein Visualisation (DOC 2.1MB)

Procedure Sheet:

Protein Electrophoresis Activity (PDF 618KB)

Protein Electrophoresis Activity (DOC 914KB)

Protein Molecules

Teacher's Guide

Protein Molecules (PDF 381KB)

Protein Molecules (DOC 141KB)


Exploring Proteins Worksheet (PDF 129KB)

Exploring Proteins Worksheet (DOC 131KB)

Data Sheet:

Data Genetic Code (PDF 196KB)

Data Genetic Code (DOC 58KB)

Making Proteins

Teacher's Guide

Making Proteins (PDF 279KB)

Making Proteins (DOC 176KB)


Protein Synthesis Summary (PDF 547KB)

Protein Synthesis Summary (DOC 1MB)


Protein Synthesis Worksheet (PDF 119KB)

Protein Synthesis Worksheet (DOC 110KB)

Defective Proteins

Teacher's Guide

Defective Proteins (PDF 278KB)

Defective Proteins (DOC 212KB)


Kuru Case Study - Cannibalism Causes Fatal Heart Disease (PDF 889KB)

Kuru Case Study - Cannibalism Causes Fatal Heart Disease (DOC 1MB)

Protein Folding (PDF 1.4MB)

Protein Folding (DOC 1.5MB)


Problems with Proteins Worksheet (PDF 119KB)

Problems with Proteins Worksheet (DOC 106KB)


Effectiveness of the law and justice system from a psychological perspective

UWA Lies Notebaert

2 hour YouTube playlist which explores the effectiveness of the law and justice system from a psychological perspective.
The playlist uses material developed for a MOOC by the University of Queensland.

Material covered:

  • Understand that memory reliability is substantially lower than what we expect it to be, and that that low memory reliability can be explained by wrong time slice error and narrative construction
  • Understand what hypnosis does to our memory, and how does it present a problem for criminal justice when eyewitnesses are hypnotised
  • What the relationship is between eyewitness memory confidence and accuracy, and what the factors are that influence eyewitness memory confidence levels
  • Understand the individual difference factors and contextual factors that have been shown to contribute to false confessions
  • Understand how schemas and stereotypes influence jurors’ attitudes, according to the Story Model and Dual Process models
  • Understand how the characteristics of the defendant influence jurors' decisions, and the role of stereotypes, expectations, and the stereotypical link between a defendant's social category and the crime
  • Understand how the order in which jurors are asked to consider verdicts influences juror decision making, and the role of confirmation bias in this
  • Understand the impact of different jury decision rules (unanimous or majority) and jury size (6 or 12 person) on how juries deliberate
  • Understand the Persuasive Arguments Theory, Social Comparison Theory, and Self-categorisation Theory to explain group polarisation in the context of jury deliberations.

Go To YouTube Playlist

Climate Change Denial

UWA Lies Notebaert

A YouTube Playlist on the psychology of climate change denial.
The playlist uses material developed for a MOOC by the University of Queensland.

Material covered:

  • Understanding that there is a consensus/consilience of evidence among climate scientists that climate change and global warming are real, and caused by human activity
  • What adverse impacts our planet faces if we reach 1.5, 2 and 4 degrees surface warming above pre-industrial temperatures
  • What the 5 characteristics of science denial are (FLICC)
  • What types of logical fallacies are used in science denial
  • What are the Dragons or Inaction, or the psychological barriers that prevent people from acting to prevent climate change?
  • The role of vocal minorities, the false consensus effect, pluralistic ignorance, and media coverage in people’s perceptions about climate change
  • How we can use framing to counter the worldview backfire effect that can arise when trying to change climate denialists’ views about climate change
  • How inoculation theory improves science communication about climate change
  • How to structure an effective debunking of a sticky myth.

Go To YouTube Playlist

Reaction Rates

Sequence Overview

Reaction Rates (PDF 260KB)

Reaction Rates (DOC 196KB)

Photochemical Smog

Teacher's Guide

Photochemical Smog (PDF 239KB)

Photochemical Smog (DOC 148KB)

Background Sheet:

Atmospheric Chemistry (PDF 361KB)

Atmospheric Chemistry (DOC 398KB)

Investigating Reaction Rates

Teacher's Guide

Investigating Reaction Rates (PDF 165KB)

Investigating Reaction Rates (DOC 128KB)


Investigation Scaffold Worksheet (PDF 125KB)

Investigation Scaffold Worksheet (DOC 119KB)

Controlling Reactions

Teacher's Guide

Controlling Reactions (PDF 200KB)

Controlling Reactions (DOC 494KB)


Factors Affecting Reactions Worksheet (PDF 228KB)

Factors Affecting Reactions Worksheet (DOC 247KB)


Teacher's Guide

Enzymes (PDF 171KB)

Enzymes (DOC 242KB)


Enzymes in the Body (PDF 573KB)

Enzymes in the Body (DOC 1.1MB)

Procedure Sheet:

Catalyst Experiment Activity (PDF 140KB)

Catalyst Experiment Activity (DOC 135KB)

Redox Reactions

Sequence Overview

Redox Reactions Overview (PDF 226KB)

Redox Reactions Overview (DOC 262KB)

Acid Soils


Teacher's Guide

Acid Soils (PDF 245KB)

Acid Soils (DOC 358KB)

Sulfide Chemistry

Teacher's Guide

Sulfide Chemistry (PDF 577KB)

Sulfide Chemistry (DOC 560KB)

Prodedure Sheet:

Investigating Sulfides Activity (PDF 138KB)

Investigating Sulfides Activity (DOC 197KB)

Acid Soils and Redox

Teacher's Guide

Acid Soils and Redox (PDF 268KB)

Acid Soils and Redox (DOC 353KB)


Acid Sulfate Soils Factsheet (PDF 607KB)

Acid Sulfate Soils Factsheet (DOC 352KB)


Redox Processes Worksheet (PDF 203KB)

Redox Processes Worksheet (DOC 169KB)

Online Link - Redox Process:


Teacher's Guide

Bioremediation (PDF 273KB)

Bioremediation (DOC 550KB)


Solving Acid Soil Problems Worksheet (PDF 461KB)

Solving Acid Soil Problems Worksheet (DOC 1.9MB)

Procedure Sheet:

Repairing with Redox Activity (PDF 147KB)

Repairing with Redox Activity (DOC 396KB)


Sequence Overview

Satellites Overview (PDF 234KB)

Satellites Overview (DOC 146KB)

Orbiting Earth

Teacher's Guide

Orbiting Earth (PDF 251KB)

Orbiting Earth (DOC 412KB)


Looking at Satellites Worksheet (PDF 132KB)

Looking at Satellites Worksheet (DOC 110KB)

Satellite Motion

Teacher's Guide

Satellite Motion (PDF 184KB)

Satellite Motion (DOC 243KB)


Satellites Factsheet (PDF 307KB)>Satellites

Satellites Factsheet (DOC 465KB)


Satellite Calculations Worksheet (PDF 268KB)

Satellite Calculations Worksheet (DOC 703KB)

Impact of Satellites

Teacher's Guide

Impact of Satellites (PDF 228KB)

Impact of Satellites (DOC 256KB)


Satellite Facts (PDF 65KB)

Satellite Facts (DOC 62KB)


Impact of Satellites Worksheet (PDF 160KB)

Impact of Satellites Worksheet (DOC 910KB)

Structural Adaptation

Sequence Overview

Structural Adaptation (PDF 966KB)

Structural Adaptation (DOC 1.7MB)

Teeth Tails and Talons

Teacher's Guide

Teeth Tails and Talons (PDF 7.5MB)

Teeth Tails and Talons (DOC 6.2MB)


Game Cards (PDF 19MB)

Game Cards (DOC 34.2MB)

Rules of the Game (PDF 1.3MB)

Rules of the Game (DOC 1.1MB)

Featured Creatures

Teacher's Guide

Featured Creatures (PDF 312KB)

Featured Creatures (DOC 278KB)


Structures for Survival (PDF 1.3MB)

Structures for Survival (DOC 3.7MB)


Featured Creatures Presentation (PDF 6.4MB)

Featured Creatures Presentation (DOC 20.5MB)

Structure and Function


Teacher's Guide

Structure and Function (PDF 1.3MB)

Structure and Function (DOC 3MB)

Worksheet 1:

Rakali Worksheet (PDF 761KB)

Rakali Workshee (DOC 3.8MB)

Worksheet 2:

Waterholding Worksheet (PDF 371KB)

Waterholding Worksheet (DOC 2.6MB)

Worksheet 3:

Seagrass Worksheet (PDF 325KB)

Seagrass Worksheet (DOC 2.6MB)

Researching Adaptations

Teacher's Guide

Researching Adaptations (PDF 253KB)

Researching Adaptations (DOC 390KB)

Structure and Bonding

Sequence Overview

Structure and Bonding (PDF 358KB)

Structure and Bonding (DOC 213KB)

Molecular Structures

Teacher's Guide

Molecular Structures (PDF 282KB)

Molecular Structures (DOC 526KB)

Online link - Build a Molecule:

Exploring Conductivity

Teacher's Guide

Exploring Conductivity (PDF 177KB)

Exploring Conductivity (DOC 292KB)

Chemical Bonds

Teacher's Guide

Chemical Bonds (PDF 191KB)

Chemical Bonds (DOC 156KB)

Online link - Chemical Bonds:

Molecules by Design

Teacher's Guide

Molecules by Design (PDF 161KB)

Molecules by Design (DOC 116KB)


Life from Fire (PDF 672KB)

Life from Fire (DOC 1.3MB)

Engineering Biomaterials (PDF 767KB)

Engineering Biomaterials (DOC 1.7MB)

The Ideal House (PDF 502KB)

The Ideal House (DOC 1MB)

Mesoporous Silica Capsules (PDF 4.7MB)

Mesoporous Silica Capsules (DOC 1MB)

The Standard Model

Sequence Overview

Standard Model Overview (PDF 258KB)

Standard Model Overview (DOC 252KB)

Big Physics

Teacher's Guide

Big Physics (PDF 200KB)

Big Physics (DOC 346KB)

Structure of Matter

Teacher's Guide

Structure of Matter (PDF 362KB)

Structure of Matter (DOC 381KB)

Background Sheet:

Interactions and Forces (PDF 276KB)

Interactions and Forces (DOC 471KB)


Glossary (PDF 266KB)

Glossary (DOC 642KB)

Particle Calculations

Teacher's Guide

Particle Calculations (PDF 144KB)

Particle Calculations (DOC 174KB)

Quantum Approach

Teacher's Guide

Quantum Approach (PDF 431KB)

Quantum Approach (DOC 707KB)

Research at UWA

3 Minute Thesis

Here you will find engaging and dynamic talks from our researchers who took part in the Three Minute Thesis (3MT)™ competition. The competition develops academic and research communication skills with speakers presenting a topic to a non-specialist audience in just 3 minutes.


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Rising Stars

This event is an opportunity to showcase the breadth of research that takes place within science. Each nominee is given three minutes to present their research/thesis, after which guests including donors and science alumni are invited to vote for their favourite presentation.

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