Short courses

UWA offers options for those interested in undertaking short course or not-for-degree study.

UWA Plus

Short courses that focus on the skills that are in high demand by employers and industry, and give you the flexibility to pick and choose what works for you. Update, upskill or reskill, complete a one-off course or combine multiple micro-credentials that can be converted to academic credit toward an undergraduate or postgraduate course – the choice is yours.

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Access UWA

AccessUWA is open to everyone and enables you to study individual units without being enrolled in a degree course at UWA.

Audit students (non-assessed)

If you want to study at UWA but don't want the stress of assignments and exams, this option allows you to attend university lectures without participating in tutorials or fulfilling any practical requirements, including assignments or examinations.

Single-unit enrolment (assessed)

If you need a supplementary unit to complement your existing qualifications or wish to study individual units of your choice at UWA without having to enrol in a full degree course, this option allows you to attend lectures, tutorials, seminars, and laboratory sessions and undertake assessment throughout the semester.

School-leavers and undergraduates (assessed)

AccessUWA provides you with an opportunity to enrol in units at UWA without being formally admitted to a degree course. Upon successful completion of a minimum number of units, you can apply for undergraduate admission based on your AccessUWA results.

In some cases, upon completion you may be eligible to apply for undergraduate admission based on your Continuing Education (assessed) results. Check the requirements or discuss your options with the Future Students Office before applying.

Coding boot camp

Stretch your knowledge to new limits at UWA’s first ever Coding Boot Camp.

In just 24 immersive weeks, this part-time course equips you with the fundamental skills needed to become a full stack web developer building dynamic end-to-end web applications.

The sharp, new curriculum not only covers the basics of coding, algorithms and data structure, but takes you through intensive training in JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java and more. In addition to engaging classroom instruction, you’ll spend 20 hours a week on outside projects and experiential learning activities so you can build a comprehensive, professional portfolio to showcase your abilities and hone your competitive edge in the job market!

Ready to shift gears in your career – or accelerate it? Visit the Coding Boot Camp at or call +61 8 6255 5512 to learn more.

Tuesday, Thursday 6.30–9.30pm

Saturday 10am–2pm
Faye Gale Studio

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