AccessUWA: Non-assessed

Studying through AccessUWA as a non-assessed student is an ideal way to experience university life and follow your interests.

Want to study at UWA but don't want the stress of assignments and exams? Studying through AccessUWA could be your answer.


We recommend that you choose first year units, but if you speak with a student adviser you might be able to apply for second and third year units. Not all units are available through this option.

Studying subjects in Language Other Than English (LOTE) units are not generally available as non-assessed study through AccessUWA because participation in grammar classes and tutorials are essential to complete the course of study.

Selecting your unit

Not sure what unit to choose? The UWA Handbook contains all the unit descriptions, unit codes and any prerequisites.

Alternatively, you can contact the respective school staff who can assist with choice of units and whether you need to meet any prerequisites. Be aware that non-assessed students do not have access to lecture recordings or online course materials but they are eligible to apply to register for Community Membership at the UWA Library. This membership provides limited access to library resources, but does not give access to Unit Readings.

Please note that certain units in some professionally accredited postgraduate courses are not available via AccessUWA.

To check if your unit is run on a suitable day and time, visit Venue and Timetabling or contact the relevant school.

Applications and approvals
After choosing your units and speaking with a relevant student adviser, you are ready to submit an AccessUWA application.

Once you have successfully submitted your application online, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a request for payment of your tuition fees and asks you to provide evidence of your citizenship (using a passport, birth certificate or Australian citizenship certificate).

Approval is not guaranteed and is subject to the availability of places, the decision of the relevant school, and the statutes and regulations of UWA. Approval is not granted to students directly by individual professors, and enrolment is based on formal acceptance from the relevant school, which has to be completed through the AccessUWA program.

If your application is successful you'll receive an email indicating that you can attend lectures for your chosen unit or units. This email will include information on how to find information on your timetable and venue.

Should you have any questions about submitting an AccessUWA application, email Admissions.

Also take note of the important academic dates for withdrawing and adding units.

Fees and charges

As you will be studying non-assessed units through AccessUWA outside of a formal degree, HECS-HELP/FEE-HELP is not available, and units need to be paid for up-front and in full.

Tuition fees must be paid prior to the relevant application closing date.

For details of all fees, email Admissions.

Late fees and withdrawals

All requests for transfers and withdrawals for AccessUWA enrolments must be advised in writing by emailing [email protected] and will incur a $125 administration fee. A non-refundable $125 late fee is applicable to all applications received after the specified application closing date.