Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship

We believe you're capable of creating positive change in Australia – and potentially the world. Ready to take the next step in your journey? Apply now for a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship.

Applications are now open and close on Thursday 29 August 2024 at 5pm (AEST).  

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The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship is one of five scholarship programs offered by Westpac Scholars, with 17 scholarships on offer each year.

Whether your focus is Asia, new technology, or social change, the scholarships offers financial assistance for postgraduate study for talented individuals at Australia's leading universities. You'll be chosen for your potential to make a difference to Australia's future in one of four focus areas:

  • Technology and innovation
  • Strengthening Australia-Asia ties
  • Enabling positive social change
  • Building a sustainable future

About the program

Westpac Future Leaders Scholarships are among the most powerful development scholarships in Australia. As well as investing up to $120,000 over two to three years into your postgraduate studies, the scholarship will also shape your leadership skills far beyond your expectations.

Leadership program

The scholarship supports individuals undertaking postgraduate study that will ultimately make a difference to Australia in one of three areas; technology and innovation, fostering Australian-Asian ties, and enabling positive social change. As well as your studies, the scholarship provides a nine-month Leadership Development Program to build on your personal strengths and give you the insights, learning and inspiration you need to make your mark on the world.

Global experience

You'll be encouraged to open up your mind to new experiences by heading overseas for up to six months to study. Whether it be at a world class university, or with a non-government or private organisation, you're guaranteed to make valuable international connections and discover new insights to bring your vision to life.

Scholars network

As a Westpac Future Leaders Scholar, you'll also become a part of the Westpac 100 Scholars Network. Lifelong membership to this network gives you access to one of Australia's most diverse meetings of like minds. Drawing on this network's strong sense of purpose and desire to collaborate, it's designed to be inspiring, influential and to provide a lifelong learning experience.


If you're passionate about strengthening Australia's ties with Asia, driving technology and innovation or enabling positive social change, apply now. 

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Hear from some of our scholars



“The support I’ve received from Westpac for my PhD has allowed me the freedom to fully immerse myself in my research and connect with other incredibly talented young researchers from a variety of disciplines.”

Peter Panizza
2024 Westpac Scholar


"If you're wanting to apply but have reservations, just do it! There's nothing to lose and everything to gain. It's an amazing experience that opens countless doors. Through the process of applying and certainly during the program you'll learn a lot about yourself and others."

Elliott Fourie
2023 Westpac Scholar



"If you have a passion, if you love volunteering, if you love doing internships and research, if you're doing mentoring – anything that shows how you're participating in your community and how much you love to go out to do things to help people, then you're a really good candidate for the Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship and I would definitely recommend that you apply. It's such an amazing opportunity."

Kelly MacKinnon
2021 Westpac Scholar


"Being a Westpac Scholar means that I am connected to an incredible and growing network of ambitious, passionate and innovative change-makers. The opportunity to reach out for support or to discuss a new idea is met with meaningful assistance and encouragement. The other Westpac Scholars want to see you succeed and will be in your corner the whole way through your academic journey."

Cam Thorn
2019 Westpac Scholar



To be eligible to apply, applicants are required to: 

  1. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Have completed your first undergraduate degree from 2019, or will complete your degree by 31 December 2024.
  3. Have achieved, or are on track to achieve, an average result of H1 or H2A equivalent or approximately 75 WAM.
  4. Have chosen to undertake a full-time Masters by Coursework or Research or a PhD at one of our participating university partners.
  5. Must commence study in 2025. Current postgraduate students are not eligible. MD and Juris Doctor programs or any Masters by Coursework program longer than 2 years are also excluded.
  6. Study in an area that will contribute to the future of Australia in one of the Trust’s priority funding areas: Australia in Asia, Thriving Tech Sector, An Inclusive Australia and Sustainable Futures.
  7. Include in your proposed program of study international opportunities which will develop your leadership skills and global networks, such as study tours for the purpose of research, attending a short course or conference, a period of internship or volunteering.
  8. Have a worthy and viable post-study plan that benefits Australia.
  9. Supply two letters of reference, one academic reference and one personal reference (templates will be available via our website when applications open on 4 July).
  10. Be able to attend the National Assessment Centre in Sydney on 4-5 December 2024.
  11. Be able to attend the Future Leaders Scholars Leadership Development Program in Sydney in mid-February and another date, to be confirmed, in August.
  12. Be able to attend the Westpac Scholars Summit on 7-8 April 2025.