Fairway UWA

Fairway UWA is an academic support program for Year 12 students who are high achievers and aiming for university. Open to eligible students from any Broadway identified school across WA or who are experiencing financial disadvantage, the Fairway UWA program offers WACE revision classes and study skills help while also familiarising them with the UWA campus and the courses on offer. This is a great opportunity for students to become part of a supportive community, meeting other high school students as well as current UWA students who will provide insightful mentoring about their own university experience.

What does Fairway provide Year 12 students?

By applying to Fairway UWA, students will be given guidance and support through their Year 12 studies including:

  • WACE revision classes to help with a student’s ATAR results
  • Development of academic skills needed for university success
  • Activities and workshops that give an insight into UWA degrees
  • Motivation and encouragement through fun social events and team building activities
  • Mentoring from current UWA students
  • Guidance in UWA applications and scholarship support
  • On campus experiences to provide an understanding of what UWA is like
  • Financial assistance for school supplies


Fairway UWA means understanding how university life works and having a deeper understanding of choosing a university course"Fairway Year 12 student, 2022


Successful graduates of the Fairway program will receive:

  • Access to a range of UWA scholarships
  • Ongoing academic and social support throughout their degree


All costs associated (including travel) are covered by the Fairway program.


For students accepted in the Fairway program, important events take place during the school holidays. The cohort meet the Fairway ambassadors - current UWA students - who provide motivational support and encouragement. WACE revision classes are held by experienced experts, and presentations provide an understanding of what they can study at university, how the application process works, and details of scholarships available. Short assessments are also set to prepare Fairway students for studying at a university level such as referencing and essay planning.


Key Events

  • January school holidays: Summer School residential camp at UWA January 10 - 13
  • Term 1, 2 and 3: Ongoing academic and social support
  • July school holidays: Winter School camp at UWA



Year 11 students who meet the below criteria are eligible for the program:

  • Have Australian citizenship, permanent residency in Australia, New Zealand citizenship or an Australian Humanitarian visa
  • A predicted ATAR of 85 or higher
  • Currently studying at a Broadway UWA School or facing financial disadvantage
  • Are experiencing educational disadvantages including:
  • Living in a regional or remote area
  • An unsupportive study environment
  • Excess family responsibilities that impact negatively on their studies
  • Experience of a disrupted migrant passage to Australia
  • A disability or medical condition that hinders their studies
  • Being in a care situation or ward of the state, or
  • Any other circumstances that might have been challenging

Please note: If you are 20 years old or more, UWA’s MAP (Mature-age Access Program) may be a more suitable pathway for you.

Fairway is a valuable chance to start Year 12 with the things you need, motivation, belief and diligence. An opportunity to connect with other people and improve as a human being" Fairway Year 12 student, 2022

Connect with us

Fairway offers a range of fun activities and workshops, advice in applying for uni, online tutoring, as well as opportunities to make new friends, meet inspiring student mentors and learn more about the future courses you could study at UWA.

Fairway Information Webinar

Fairway hosted an Information Webinar that covered further details about the program, applications and eligibility.

If you are an interested student, teacher or parent/guardian, you can watch the video below:


Fairway means meeting new friends, getting help with school, and having new experiences.”Fairway university student

Contact the Fairway team

Phone: +618 6488 7213

Mobile: 0419 475 322