If you're interested in finding out more about living at a residential college, many of the questions you have may be answered below.

Applying to live at residential college

Who should apply via the UWA Residential Colleges Application Portal?

The UWA Residential Colleges Application Portal is available for new applications from students who have not previously lived at a UWA residential college. 

Please note that the colleges offer rooms on a single-occupancy basis, so if you require accommodation suitable for couples or families, you may wish to consider alternative options such as UWA-owned off-campus student accommodation

I am already living at a UWA residential college. Should I lodge my application to reapply for the next academic term via the UWA Residential Colleges Application Portal?
No. If you wish to reapply to your current residential college, contact that college directly to submit your application as a returning resident.
I am currently living at one of the residential colleges, but I would like to apply to live at another college. Do I apply through the UWA Residential Colleges Application Portal?
No. This is arranged directly with your home college - contact your current college's Admissions team and ask for a Change of College Form.
When should I apply?
Applications open 12 months before the start of the academic term. It is advisable to apply as early as possible to ensure the best chance of receiving an offer of residency.
I need accommodation for two semesters across different years. Do I need to submit two applications?

No. You should only ever submit one application. If you require accommodation from the start of Semester 2 (July intake) into the following year, choose Semester 2 as your academic term. You will then apply directly to your college of residence for accommodation in Semester 1 (February intake) the next year.

If you require accommodation for both Semester 1 and Semester 2 within the one calendar year, you should choose Full Year as your academic term.

Why do I have to rank the residential colleges?

The order of preferences will determine the order in which the colleges receive your application. You are essentially applying for five colleges at once, therefore increasing your chances of securing residency. If your first preference college makes you an offer of residency, your application will not be considered by any other college. However, if your application is not successful at your first preference college, it will be transferred to your next preference college for assessment. This process continues until you are either made an offer by a college or, having exhausted all five preferences, are placed on the central waitlist.

To help make an informed decision about your preferences, you are encouraged to explore the individual college websites - or (if possible) visit them in person - to work out which one(s) best suit your requirements.

Do I need to have a UWA offer to be eligible to apply?
No. Applicants are encouraged to apply before they receive their UWA offer to secure a place at their chosen college.
I would like to stay at one of the colleges for a short time and not a full semester/full year. Should I apply for short-term accommodation via the UWA Residential Colleges Application Portal?
No. If you require accommodation for a term of less than three months, refer to the UWA Short Stays website for options and contact details.
My course commences outside the standard semester dates. Should I apply for accommodation via the UWA Residential Colleges Application Portal?

If you are a postgraduate student whose course commences in January, you can still apply for the 'Full Year' term but we recommend advising your first preference college of your start dates via email in advance so they are aware.

For all other cases, depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to arrange alternative dates for your accommodation; however, availability is strictly limited and conditions may apply. Email the Admissions Officer or phone (+61 8) 9488 0500 for details before applying.

Following application submission

How do the colleges decide which applications are successful?

The success of your application is subject to availability and suitability based on the information that you provide during the online application process. If you have any queries about the application, please contact the Admissions team via email or call UWA Accommodation on +61 8 9488 0500.

Please note some colleges may request an interview and you could be asked to provide referee reports and/or a statement of academic results.

Why was my application unsuccessful?
In most situations an application is unsuccessful at a college because they have no suitable rooms available; however, if you require further clarification please contact the relevant college.
What happens if I am not offered residency at any of the colleges?

Your application will be placed on the central waitlist to be considered in the event that another applicant defers, withdraws or does not accept their offer of a room.

We strongly recommend that you have a plan for alternative accommodation. Furthermore, please note residential colleges offer accommodation suitable for single occupancy only. As a result, you may wish to consider off-campus accommodation, including UWA-owned student accommodation adjacent to the University, or UWA-endorsed purpose-built student accommodation in the city. Contact UWA Accommodation if you need further assistance.

Is the AUD$125 registration fee refundable if I do not receive an offer of residency or decide not to study at UWA?
The application fee is charged for the administration and processing of your application and is therefore non-refundable.
Can I defer an offer of accommodation?

Yes. If you are made an offer of a place at a residential colleges, but your circumstances change - for example, you intend to take a 'Gap Year',  or you're unable to arrive in Perth in time to commence your studies at UWA - you can choose to defer your offer.

This can be arranged directly with your college at the time an offer is made; they'll confirm the steps required to take up your offer again at a later stage.

I have a question not covered in the FAQs. Who should I contact?

Please get in touch with UWA Residential Colleges via [email protected] or call + 61 8 9488 0500 during business hours.