Access UWA: Assessed

Update your knowledge, gain a competitive edge or try out a potential area of further study.

Single-unit enrolment (AccessUWA)

With AccessUWA you can study the individual units of your choice at UWA without having to enrol in a degree course.

UWA offers a variety of professional development opportunities, including courses, workshops and seminars for those in the resources, legal, health, education, business and public sectors.

How it works

AccessUWA provides two options for continuing professional development:

  • Assessed (Continuing Education): You study units at UWA just as if you were studying a degree – you attend lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratory sessions, have full access to UWA libraries and all online resources, and undertake assessments throughout the semester and participate in final examinations.
  • Non-assessed (Audit): This stream allows you to attend lectures in person without participating in tutorials, assignments or examinations. Non-assessed students do not have access to online lectures, online resources, including Course Materials Online (CMO); however, you are eligible to apply for community membership at the UWA Library. This membership provides limited access to some library resources.

AccessUWA is open to Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and holders of permanent humanitarian visas.

AccessUWA is also available to international visitors on a temporary resident visa or another category of visa that allows you to study in Australia for the length of time of your selected unit.

Selecting your unit

Not sure what unit to choose? The UWA Handbook contains all the unit descriptions, unit codes and any prerequisites. We recommend you contact the school staff who can assist with the choice of units, prerequisites and the possibility of crediting of units to a degree.

Please note that certain units in some professionally accredited postgraduate courses are not available via AccessUWA.

To check if your unit is run on a suitable day and time, visit the timetable link on the individual unit page of the UWA Handbook or check with the relevant school.

Most units currently offered may be undertaken with assessment through AccessUWA. This includes intensive short courses, such as Summer Sessions, Summer Schools, Summer Studios and Summer Programs.

Some units, such as those with a substantial laboratory or tutorial component, are unavailable for Non-assessed (Audit) study.

Applications and approvals

Once you've chosen your units and spoken with a relevant Student Adviser, you're ready to submit an AccessUWA application.

When you've successfully submitted your application online, you'll receive a confirmation email that includes a request for payment of your tuition fees and asks you to provide evidence of your citizenship (using a passport, birth certificate or Australian citizenship certificate).

If you have studied at another university other than UWA or did not complete your high school studies in Australia, you may be required to provide a hard copy original of your academic transcript.

Once we have received your AccessUWA application, tuition fees and sighted your ID, we will facilitate the approval of your application by the relevant school. The approval process may take up to seven working days.

As an AccessUWA applicant you are required to meet the same prerequisites and requirements as degree students and are subject to the same UWA statutes and regulations as other UWA students.

All AccessUWA applications are sent to a Student Adviser in the relevant school for approval and are subject to the availability of places and unit selection.

You may need to produce supporting documentation for units that have prerequisites. When we have received approval for your chosen units, we will finalise your enrolment.

Assessed students will be advised how to complete the enrolment process including obtaining your campus card, activating your university IT account and selecting your tutorials.

Non-assessed students will be advised by mail that your application is complete and how to find information on timetable and venue information.

Take note of the important academic dates for withdrawing and adding units.

Fees and charges

The fees for AccessUWA vary and are dependent on the option you choose (Assessed or Non-assessed), the subjects you choose and whether the unit is undergraduate or postgraduate. Tuition fees are payable in full with your application by the relevant semester closing date.

AccessUWA enrolments do not qualify for HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP.

Tuition fees

AccessUWA tuition fees are determined based on the unit/s you have selected. You will be quoted on application submission.

Late fees and withdrawals

All withdrawal requests for AccessUWA enrolments must be advised in writing by email to Admissions and will incur a $125 per unit administration fee.

A non-refundable $125 late fee is applicable to all applications received after the specified application closing date.