Year 7-10

The following resources were designed and developed by the Graduate School of Education (SPICE program) and UWA.
Unfortunately due to the software platform no longer being supported, the Learning Objects in the resources below are NOT available.

Science Resources for Year 7-8

Energy Transformations

Comparing Cars

Teacher's Guide

Comparing Cars (PDF 175KB)

Comparing Cars (DOC 473KB)

Investigating Energy

Teacher's Guide

Investigating Energy (PDF 347KB)

Investigating Energy (DOC 260KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Junk Cars Activity (PDF 198KB)

Junk Cars Activity (DOC 122KB)


Waste Energy Worksheet (PDF 124KB)

Waste Energy Worksheet (DOC 107KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Waste Energy Answers (PDF 142KB)

Waste Energy Answers (DOC 109KB)

Analysing Energy


Teacher's Guide

Analysing Energy (PDF 7.7MB)

Analysing Energy (DOC 543KB)


Renewable Energy Vehicle (PDF 458KB)

Renewable Energy Vehicle (DOC 657KB)


Tracking Energy Use Worksheet (PDF 213KB)

Tracking Energy Use Worksheet (DOC 466KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Tracking Energy Use Answers (PDF 174KB)

Tracking Energy Use Answers (DOC 349KB)

Vehicle Specs

Teacher's Guide

Car Choices (PDF 183KB)

Car Choices (DOC 276KB)

Data Sheet:

Vehicle Specs (PDF 174KB)

Vehicle Specs (DOC 50KB)


Which Vehicle Worksheet (PDF 138KB)

Which Vehicle Worksheet (DOC 106KB)

Feeding Relationships

Animal Interactions


Teacher's Guide

Animal Interactions (PDF 487KB)

Animal Interactions (DOC 571KB)

Background Sheet:

Cane Toads (PDF 105KB)

Cane Toads (DOC 162KB)


Toad Rage Worksheet (PDF 541KB)

Toad Rage Worksheet (DOC 832KB)

Predators and Prey

Teacher's Guide

Predators and Prey (PDF 7.7MB)

Predators and Prey (DOC 3.2MB)

Card Game:

Predator or Prey Game Cards (PDF 10.9MB)

Predator or Prey Game Board (DOC 51KB)

Worksheet 1:

Predator or Prey Worksheet (PDF 125KB)

Predator or Prey Worksheet (DOC 85KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Predator or Prey Answers (PDF 128KB)

Predator or Prey Answers (DOC 100KB)

Worksheet 2:

Feeding Frenzy Worksheet (PDF 174KB)

Feeding Frenzy Worksheet (DOC 406KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Feeding Frenzy Answers (PDF 129KB)

Feeding Frenzy Answers (DOC 395KB)

Food Webs

Teacher's Guide

Food Webs (PDF 223KB)

Food Webs (DOC 556KB)

Background Sheets:

Explaining Feeding Relationships (PDF 369KB)

Explaining Feeding Relationships (DOC 1.3MB)

Cottesloe Reef (PDF 444KB)

Cottesloe Reef (DOC 926KB)


All About Food Webs (PDF 716KB)

All About Food Webs (DOC 489KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Making Food Webs Activity (PDF 1.5MB)

Making Food Webs Activity (DOC 1.5MB)


Looking at Food Webs Worksheet (PDF 141KB)

Looking at Food Webs Worksheet (DOC 104KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Looking at Food Webs Answers (PDF 151KB)

Looking at Food Webs Answers (DOC 104KB)

Impact of Cane Toads

Teacher's Guide

Impact of Cane Toads (PDF 179KB)

Impact of Cane Toads (DOC 452KB)


Thinking About Cane Toads Worksheet (PDF 179KB)

Thinking About Cane Toads Worksheet (DOC 534KB)

Managing Cane Toads

Teacher's Guide

Managing Cane Toads (PDF 265KB)

Managing Cane Toads (DOC 197KB)


Cane Toad Control Worksheet (PDF 1.1MB)

Cane Toad Control Worksheet (DOC 2.3MB)

Kimberley Creations

Teacher's Guide

Kimberley Creations (PDF 208KB)

Kimberley Creations (DOC 226KB)


Stories in Aboriginal Art Factsheet (PDF 152KB)

Stories in Aboriginal Art Factsheet (DOC 202KB)


Imagine Plan Create Worksheet (PDF 424KB)

Imagine Plane Create Worksheet (DOC 324KB)


Introduction to Force

Teacher's Guide

Introduction to Force (PDF 515KB)

Introduction to Force (DOC 719KB)


Thinking About Force Presentation (PDF 494KB)

Thinking About Force Presentation (DOC 6.3MB)

Background Sheet:

Newton Explained (PDF 267KB)

Newton Explained (DOC 149KB)

Force Investigation

Teacher's Guide

Investigating Forces (PDF 384KB)

Investigating Forces (DOC 979KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Force Investigation Activity (PDF 144KB)

Force Investigation Activity (DOC 536KB)

Balanced and Unbalanced

Teacher's Guide

Balanced and Unbalanced (PDF 253KB)

Balanced and Unbalanced (DOC 110KB)


Finding Balance Worksheet (PDF 177KB)

Finding Balance Worksheet (DOC 535KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Finding Balance Answers (PDF 149KB)

Finding Balance Answers (DOC 114KB)

Forces in the Human Body

Teacher's Guide

Forces in the Human Body (PDF 340KB)

Forces in the Human Body (DOC 338KB)

Soft Drink Science

Soft Drink Fountain

Teacher's Guide

Soft Drink Fountain (PDF 264KB)

Soft Drink Fountain (DOC 200KB)

Investigating Soft Drink

Teacher's Guide

Investigating Soft Drink (PDF 343KB)

Investigating Soft Drink (DOC 338KB)

Worksheet 1:

Whats in a Soft Drink Activity (PDF 157KB)

Whats in a Soft Drink Activity (DOC 150KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Whats in a Soft Drink Answers (PDF 165KB)

Whats in a Soft Drink Answers (DOC 156KB)

Worksheet 2:

Comparing Properties Worksheet (PDF 157KB)

Comparing Properties Worksheet (DOC 150KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Comparing Properties Answers (PDF 146KB)

Comparing Properties Answers (DOC 147KB)

States of Matter

Teacher's Guide

States of Matter (PDF 277KB)

States of Matter (DOC 349KB)

Background Sheet:

Three States of Matter (PDF 233KB)

Three States of Matter (DOC 572KB)


Solids Liquids and Gases Worksheet (PDF 132KB)

Solids Liquids and Gases Worksheet (DOC 120KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Solids Liquids and Gases Answers (PDF 166KB)

Solids Liquids and Gases Answers (DOC 274KB)

Making Soft Drink

Teacher's Guide

Making Soft Drink (PDF 288KB)

Making Soft Drink (DOC 344KB)

Worksheet 1:

Investigating Solutions Worksheet (PDF 138KB)

Investigating Solutions Worksheet (DOC 133KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Investigating Solutions Answers (PDF 138KB)

Investigating Solutions Answers (DOC 138KB)

Worksheet 2:

Mix Your Own Soft Drink Activity (PDF 130KB)

Mix Your Own Soft Drink Activity (DOC 144KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Mix Your Own Soft Drink Answers (PDF 123KB)

Mix Your Own Soft Drink Answers (DOC 125KB)

Separation Techniques


Teacher's Guide

Separation Techniques (PDF 289KB)

Separation Techniques (DOC 220KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Which Fruit Has The Most Vitamin C? (PDF 126KB)

Which Fruit Has The Most Vitamin C? (DOC 134KB)


Investigation Scaffold Worksheet (PDF 119KB)

Investigation Scaffold Worksheet (DOC 109KB)

Water Monitoring

Sequence Overview

Teacher's Guide

Water Monitoring (PDF 19.2MB)

Water Monitoring (DOC 22.7MB)

Clean Water

Procedure Sheet:

How Much Fresh Water? (PDF 148KB)

How Much Fresh Water? (DOC 113KB)

Sources of Water

Procedure Sheets:

Build a Model Aquifer Activity (PDF 558KB)

Build a Model Aquifer Activity (DOC 1MB)

Build an Edible Aquifer Activity (PDF 836KB)

Build an Edible Aquifer Activity (DOC 918KB)


Where Does Water Come From? (PDF 880KB)

Where Does Water Come From? (PPT 4MB)

Is it safe to drink?

Worksheet 1:

Measuring pH Worksheet (PDF 147KB)

Measuring pH Worksheet (DOC 242KB)

Worksheet 2:

Measuring Salinity Worksheet (PDF 165KB)

Measuring Salinity Worksheet (DOC 523KB)

Worksheet 3:

Measuring Temperature Worksheet (PDF 174KB)

Measuring Temperature Worksheet (DOC 898KB)

Worksheet 4:

Measuring Turbidity Worksheet (PDF 172KB)

Measuring Turbidity Worksheet (DOC 489KB)


Why Monitor Water? (PDF 2.9MB)

Why Monitor Water? (DOC 5.7MB)

Field Trip

Procedure Sheet:

Field Protocols (PDF 6MB)

Field Protocols (DOC 484KB)

Worksheet 1:

Which Critter Did You Catch Identification Key (PDF 452KB)

Which Critter Did You Catch Identification Key (DOC 971KB)

Worksheet 2:

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Key (PDF 717KB)

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Key (DOC 666KB)

Worksheet 3:

Data Record (PDF 200KB)

Data Record (DOC 260KB)

Putting it Together

Field Report:

Field Report (PDF 69KB)

Field Report (DOC 61KB)


Interpreting Your Results (PDF 1.3MB)

Interpreting Your Results (DOC 1.1MB)

Worksheet 1:

Water Quality 1 (PDF 928KB)

Water Quality 1 (DOC 3.8MB)

Worksheet 2:

Water Quality 2 (PDF 717KB)

Water Quality 2 (DOC 3.6MB)

Worksheet 3:

Water Quality 3 (PDF 1.4MB)

Water Quality 3 (DOC 4MB)

Science Resources for Year 9-10


Ecology of the Amazon Rainforest


Teacher's Guide - The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest (PDF 169KB)

The Amazon Rainforest (DOC 360KB)


Factors Affecting Ecosystems Worksheet (PDF 123KB)

Factors Affecting Ecosystems Worksheet (DOC 103KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Factors Affecting Ecosystems Answers (PDF 146KB)

Factors Affecting Ecosystems Answers (DOC 103KB)

Human Impact on the Amazon


Teacher Guide's - Humans and the Amazon

Humans and the Amazon (PDF 169KB)

Humans and the Amazon (DOC 360KB)


Human Impact Worksheet (PDF 122KB)

Human Impact Worksheet (DOC 102KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Human Impact Answers (PDF 144KB)

Human Impact Answers (DOC 104KB)

Atoms and Elements


Atoms and Elements Overview (PDF 233KB)

Atoms and Elements Overview (DOC 464KB)

Element Fingertips

Teacher's Guide

Element Fingertips (PDF 586KB)

Element Fingertips (DOC 2.1MB)


Forgeries Fakes and Fingerprinting (PDF 3.1MB)

Forgeries Fakes and Fingerprinting (DOC 1.6MB)

Elementary Forensics


Teacher's Guide

Elementary Forensics (PDF 209KB)

Elementary Forensics (DOC 274KB)

Bushfire Science

Fiery Failures


Teacher's Guide

Fiery Failures (PDF 157KB)

Fiery Failures (DOC 400KB)

Exploring Environments

Teacher's Guide

Exploring Ecosystems (PDF 213KB)

Exploring Ecosystems (DOC 516KB)


Teacher's Guide

Oxidation (PDF 267KB)

Oxidation (DOC 436KB)


Exploring Combustion Worksheet (PDF 150KB)

Exploring Combustion Worksheet (DOC 111KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Exploring Combustion Answers (PDF 147KB)

Exploring Combustion Answers (DOC 108KB)

Fire in Western Australia

Teacher's Guide

Fire in Western Australia (PDF 199KB)

Fire in Western Australia (DOC 464KB)


Effects of Fire Worksheet (PDF 281KB)

Effects of Fire Worksheet (DOC 577KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Effects of Fire Answers (PDF 161KB)

Effects of Fire Answers (DOC 115KB)

Fire Stories

Teacher's Guide

Fire Case Studies (PDF 306KB)

Fire Case Studies (DOC 189KB)

Carbon Cycle

Carbon Ocean

Teacher's Guide

Carbon Ocean (PDF 212KB)

Carbon Ocean (DOC 211KB)


Carbon Cycle Diagram (PDF 6.5MB)

Carbon Cycle Diagram (DOC 347KB)


Investigating Carbon Worksheet (PDF 974KB)

Investigating Carbon Worksheet (DOC 8.4MB)

Workbook Answers:

Investigating Carbon Answers (PDF 598KB)

Investigating Carbon Answers (DOC 3.6MB)

Carbon Feedback Loops

Teacher's Guide

Feedback Loops (PDF 200KB)

Carbon Cycle Feedbacks (PDF 516KB)

Carbon Cycle Cards (PDF 116KB)

Going Carbon Neutral


Teacher's Guide

Carbon Neutral (PDF 166KB)

Carbon Neutral (DOC 188KB)


Carbon Audit Worksheet (PDF 134KB)

Carbon Audit Worksheet (DOC 107KB)

Changing Earth

Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp

SPICE’s first interactive eBook for iPad is now available, for free, from the iTunes Store.

Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp tells the story of the Darling Scarp, a 2.5 billion year old geological feature, and backdrop to the modern city of Perth, Western Australia. Key geological processes that led to the Darling Scarp’s formation are investigated, allowing readers to relate present day landscapes to events of the past.

Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp is designed to explore key concepts relating to the Year 9 Australian Science Curriculum, Earth and Space Sciences, this geological journey begins with the formation of Earth, and explores past, present, and future continental movement. It explains the geological processes that formed features in both local and global landscapes, including granite intrusions, dolerite dykes, and sand-dune formations.

Utilising a format rich with imagery, video, and animation, Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp provides an interactive and engaging experience for all readers.

Download now, for free, from the iTunes Store. Requires iPad or Apple Mac running OS 10.9 or later.


Download from iTunes Store


Sequence Overview

Cyclones Sequence Overview (PDF 317KB)

Cyclones Sequence Overview (PDF 327KB)

Looking at Cyclones


Teacher's Guide

Looking at Cyclones (PDF 306KB)

Looking at Cyclones (DOC 189KB)


Wild Weather Presentation (PDF 1.3MB)

Wild Weather Presentation (PPT 4.9MB)

How do cyclones work?

Teacher's Guide

Exploring Tropical Cyclones (PDF 354KB)

Exploring Tropical Cyclones (DOC 60KB)


How do cyclones work fact sheet (PDF 1.4MB)

How do cyclones work fact sheet (DOC 1MB)


Cyclone Origins Worksheet (PDF 131KB)

Cyclone Origins Worksheet (DOC 123KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Cyclone Origins Answers (PDF 152KB)

Cyclone Origins Answers (DOC 125KB)

Predicting Tropical Cyclones

Teacher's Guide

Predicting Tropical Cyclones (PDF 403KB)

Predicting Tropical Cyclones (DOC 351KB)

Worksheet 1:

Predicting Cyclones Worksheet 1 (PDF 285KB)

Predicting Cyclones Worksheet 1 (DOC 794KB)

Worksheet 2:

Predicting Cyclones Worksheet 2 (PDF 305KB)

Predicting Cyclones Worksheet 2 (DOC 804KB)

Cyclone Data:

Cyclone Data Spreadsheet (XLS 28KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Predicting Cyclones Answers (PDF 350KB)

Predicting Cyclones Answers (DOC 527KB)

Modelling Climate

Teacher's Guide

Modelling Climate (PDF 502KB)

Modelling Climate (DOC 938KB)

Factsheet 1:

Modelling the Future Factsheet 1 (PDF 2.6MB)

Modelling the Future Factsheet 1 (DOC 1.1MB)

Factsheet 2:

The Heat is On Factsheet 2 (PDF 637KB)

The Heat is On Factsheet 2 (DOC 767KB)

Factsheet 3:

Dangerous Days Ahead Factsheet 3 (PDF 440KB)

Dangerous Days Ahead Factsheet 3 (DOC 507KB)

Evolution of the Universe

Sequence Overview

Evolution of the Universe (PDF 284KB)

Evolution of the Universe (DOC 1.1MB)


Teacher's Guide

Galaxies (PDF 237KB)

Galaxies (DOC 414KB)

Background sheet:

Galaxy Classification Background Sheet (PDF 614KB)

Galaxy Classification Background Sheet (DOC 1MB)


A Guide to Stellarium Manual (PDF 5.9MB)

A Guide to Stellarium Manual (DOC 5.3MB)

Quick Guide:

Stellarium Quick Guide (PDF 680KB)

Stellarium Quick Guide (DOC 0543KB)


Looking at Galaxies Worksheet (PDF 197KB)

Looking at Galaxies Worksheet (DOC 381KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Looking at Galaxies Answers (PDF 150KB)

Looking at Galaxies Answers (DOC 124KB)

The SPIRIT Telescope

Teacher's Guide

The SPIRIT Telescopes (PDF 451KB)

The SPIRIT Telescopes (DOC 1.4MB)

Background sheet:

Deep Sky Objects Background Sheet (PDF 551KB)

Deep Sky Objects Background Sheet (DOC 1.3MB)

Quick Guide:

Introduction to SPIRIT Quick Guide (PDF 803KB)


SPIRIT Observation Log Worksheet (PDF 179KB)

SPIRIT Observation Log Worksheet (DOC 227KB)

History of the Universe

Teacher's Guide

History of the Universe (PDF 215KB)

History of the Universe (PDF 291KB)


Evidence for the Big Gang Factsheet (PDF 598KB)

Evidence for the Big Gang Factsheet (PDF 940KB)


The Expanding Universe Worksheet (PDF 128KB)

The Expanding Universe Worksheet (PDF 114KB)

Worksheet Answers:

The Expanding Universe Answers (PDF 160KB)

The Expanding Universe Answers (PDF 124KB)


Teacher's Guide

Stars (PDF 267KB)

Stars (DOC 460KB)

Procedure Sheet 1:

Imaging Star Clusters Activity (PDF 883KB)

Imaging Star Clusters Activity (DOC 2.6MB)

Procedure Sheet 2:

Image Processing Activity (PDF 755KB)

Image Processing Activity (DOC 3.9MB)

Fact Sheet:

Life Cycle of Stars Fact Sheet (PDF 580KB)

Life Cycle of Stars Fact Sheet (DOC 937KB)


Star Colours Worksheet (PDF 129KB)

Star Colours Worksheet (DOC 115KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Star Colours Answers (PDF 161KB)

Star Colours Answers (DOC 126KB)

Life in the Solar System

Sequence Overview

Life in the Solar System (PDF 262KB)

Life in the Solar System (DOC 60KB)

Conditions of Life

Teacher's Guide

Conditions for Life (PDF 131KB)

Conditions for Life (DOC 201KB)


Conditions for Life Presentation (PDF 818KB)

Conditions for Life Presentation (PPT 7.8MB)

Exploring Environments

Teacher's Guide

Exploring Environments (PDF 188KB)

Exploring Environments (DOC 378KB)

Planetary Atmospheres

Teacher's Guide

Planetary Atmospheres (PDF 250KB)

Planetary Atmospheres (DOC 588KB)

Life Under Extreme Environments


Teacher's Guide

Life Under Extreme Conditions (PDF 268KB)

Life Under Extreme Conditions (DOC 260KB)

Fact Sheet:

Extremophiles Fact Sheet (PDF 739KB)

Extremophiles Fact Sheet (DOC 1.9MB)


Extreme Life Worksheet (PDF 218KB)

Extreme Life Worksheet (DOC 212KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Extreme Life Answers (PDF 222KB)

Extreme Life Answers (DOC 132KB)


Measuring the Universe

Transient Astronomy


Teacher's Guide

Transient Astronomy (PDF 334KB)

Distances in the Universe

Teacher's Guide

Distances in the Universe (PDF 347KB)

Distances in the Universe (DOC 96KB)


Measuring Distance Presentation (PDF 2.5MB)

Measuring Distance Presentation (PPT 14.5MB)


Measuring Distance Worksheet (PDF 560KB)

Measuring Distance Worksheet (DOC 543KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Measuring Distance Answers (PDF 170KB)

Measuring Distance Answers (DOC 185KB)

Cosmic Distance Ladder

Teacher's Guide

Cosmic Distance Ladder (PDF 196KB)

Cosmic Distance Ladder (DOC 240KB)

Background Sheet:

Explanation of the Cosmic Distance Ladder (PDF 800KB)

Explanation of the Cosmic Distance Ladder (DOC 649KB)

Factsheet 1:

Climbing the Cosmic Distance Ladder Factsheet (PDF 1.3MB)

Climbing the Cosmic Distance Ladder Factsheet (DOC 2.4MB)

Factsheet 2:

Death of a Star Factsheet (PDF 545KB)

Death of a Star Factsheet (DOC 893KB)


Travelling the Universe Worksheet (PDF 224KB)

Travelling the Universe Worksheet (DOC 905KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Travelling the Universe Answers (PDF 150KB)

Travelling the Universe Answers (DOC 80KB)

Additional Resources:

  • Stellarium Astronomy Software - Stellarium is a planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars. It's easy to use, and free.

Unbalanced Motion

Teacher's Guide

Unbalanced Forces and Motion (PDF 456KB)

Unbalanced Forces and Motion (DOC 819KB)


Looking at Motion Presentation (PDF 1MB)

Looking at Motion Presentation (PPT 2.6MB)


Causes of Motion Worksheet (PDF 1.1MB)

Causes of Motion Worksheet (DOC 1.3MB)

Profile of a Runner


Teacher's Guide

Profile of a Runner (PDF 344KB)

Profile of a Runner (DOC 281KB)


Newtons Laws of Motion Factsheet (PDF 974KB)

Newtons Laws of Motion Factsheet (DOC 1.1MB)


Describing Motion Worksheet (PDF 386KB)

Describing Motion Worksheet (DOC 270KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Describing Motion Answers (PDF 155KB)

Describing Motion Answers (DOC 118KB)

Sporting Injuries

Teacher's Guide

Sporting Injuries (PDF 305KB)

Sporting Injuries (DOC 192KB)


Analysing Sporting Injuries Worksheet (PDF 334KB)

Analysing Sporting Injuries Worksheet (DOC 1.2MB)

Worksheet Answers:

Analysing Sporting Injuries Answers (PDF 157KB)

Analysing Sporting Injuries Answers (DOC 148KB)

Soil Life

Life in the Soil

Teacher's Guide

Life in the Soil (PDF 329KB)

Life in the Soil (DOC 369KB)


Ecosystems Presentation (PDF 1.2MB)

Ecosystems Presentation (PPT 7.5MB)

Exploring Soil

Teacher's Guide

Exploring Soil (PDF 322KB)

Exploring Soil (DOC 389KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Soil Safari Activity (PDF 656KB)

Soil Safari Activity (DOC 2.6MB)


Spotter Guide Worksheet (PDF 4.6MB)

Spotter Guide Worksheet (DOC 1.4MB)

Soil Ecosystem


Teacher's Guide

Soil Ecosystem (PDF 363KB)

Soil Ecosystem (DOC 672KB)


Whats for Dinner Worksheet (PDF 231KB)

Whats for Dinner Worksheet (DOC 731KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Whats for Dinner Answers (PDF 209KB)

Whats for Dinner Answers (DOC 342KB)

Soil Scientists

Teacher's Guide

Soil Scientists (PDF 236KB)

Soil Scientists (DOC 210KB)


Soil Stories (PDF 883KB)

Soil Stories (DOC 1.2MB)


Soil Scenarios Worksheet (PDF 115KB)

Soil Scenarios Worksheet (DOC 106KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Soil Scenarios Answers (PDF 136KB)

Soil Scenarios Answers (DOC 112KB)


Finding Water

Teacher's Guide

Finding Water (PDF 195KB)

Finding Water (DOC 317KB)

Background Sheet:

Water in WA (PDF 1.1MB)

Water in WA (DOC 1.4MB)

Water Sources

Teacher's Guide

Water Sources (PDF 188KB)

Water Sources (DOC 263KB)


Investigating Water Sources Worksheet (PDF 173KB)

Investigating Water Sources Worksheet (DOC 181KB)

Water Supply

Teacher's Guide

Water Supply (PDF 207KB)

Water Supply (DOC 443KB)

Water Works Game

How to Play (PDF 707KB) Players Sheet (PDF 161KB)

Water Works Board (PDF 6.7MB) Water Works Cards (PDF 2.4MB)


Reflections on Water Works Worksheet (PDF 122KB)

Reflections on Water Works Worksheet (DOC 123KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Reflections on Water Works Answers (PDF 144KB)

Reflections on Water Works Answers (DOC 124KB)

Recycling Water


Teacher's Guide

Recycling Water (PDF 185KB)

Recycling Water (DOC 214KB)

Procedure Sheet:

Water Treatment Activity (PDF 643KB)

Water Treatment Activity (DOC 2.7MB)

Procedure Answers:

Water Treatment Answers (PDF 353KB)

Water Treatment Answers (DOC 356KB)


Student Reporting Sheet (PDF 54KB)

Student Reporting Sheet (DOC 21KB)

Wetlands Chemistry

Sequence Overview

Teacher's Guide

Wetlands Chemistry (PDF 316KB)

Wetlands Chemistry (PDF 433KB)

Wetlands Story


Wetlands Story Activity (PDF 293KB)

Wetlands Story Activity (DOC 4.6MB)

Worksheet 1:

Chemistry Worksheet (PDF 114KB)

Chemistry Worksheet (DOC 109KB)

Worksheet 2:

Water Cycle and Wetlands KWL Worksheet (PDF 119KB)

Water Cycle and Wetlands KWL Worksheet (DOC 108KB)


Wetlands Dilemma Presentation (PDF 799KB)

Wetlands Dilemma Presentation (PPT 9MB)

Wetlands Chemistry

Factsheet 1:

DDT and Heavy Metals (PDF 2.7MB)

DDT and Heavy Metals (DOC 900KB)

Factsheet 2:

Nutrient Enrichment (PDF 896KB)

Nutrient Enrichment (DOC 973KB)

Factsheet 3:

Salinity (PDF 1MB)

Salinity (DOC 2.9MB)

Factsheet 4:

The Water Cycle (PDF 1.3MB)

The Water Cycle (DOC 1.6MB)

Factsheet 5:

Wetlands (PDF 840KB)

Wetlands (PDF 1.4MB)

Worksheet 1:

Wetlands Concept Map Worksheet (PDF 103KB)

Wetlands Concept Map Worksheet (DOC 106KB)

Worksheet 2:

Wetlands Fishbone Organiser Worksheet (PDF 103KB)

Wetlands Fishbone Organiser Worksheet (DOC 111KB)

Environmental Impacts


Environmental Impacts on Wetlands Worksheet (PDF 127KB)

Environmental Impacts on Wetlands Worksheet (DOC 118KB)

Worksheet Answers:

Environmental Impacts on Wetlands Answers (PDF 154KB)

Environmental Impacts on Wetlands Answers (DOC 122KB)

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