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At UWA, our policies recognise our diversity and are developed to be inclusive. All policies in this library apply to the entire University Community, regardless of identity, including but not limited to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, the LGBTIQA+ community, people living with disabilities and people of all genders.

The glossary below contains all of the definitions for all of the terms used in all of the policies.


UWA Policy Library Glossary 

Policy Stakeholder Engagement

If you would like to take part in stakeholder engagement in policy projects for 2024, please email [email protected] and you’ll be granted access to the Policy Project Schedule for 2024 site. You can browse all the projects available to join, and sign up to as many or as few as you like. No obligation.
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Code of Conduct

Students and University Officials are responsible for their own behaviour and obliged to conduct themselves in keeping with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.  When you become a member of the University Community either as a Student or as a University Official, you need to acknowledge that you've read and understood our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct below.

University Behaviour

This section provides policies for the management of interpersonal behaviours.  

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

These policies support our commitment to representing and supporting our diverse staff and student communities, removing systemic barriers, and fostering an inclusive environment.


These policies are about ensuring integrity, quality and standardisation across the University's frameworks, systems and decision making.

Communication and Official Information

These policies support confidentiality, reduced improper use of and transmission of official information, and protect the rights of the official information produced by members of the University Community. 

Fraud and Corruption

These policies support our committed to complying with all applicable laws and standards, and encourages the reporting of corrupt practices, breaches of the law and matters detrimental to the University or its reputation.

Conflicts of Interest

These policies are about reducing the improper influence and perceived improper influence, of University Officers in the performance of their official University duties.


This section supports our obligation to create and keep records which properly and adequately record the performance of the University's functions.
  • Information Retention ( 1 policy )
    • Information Retention Policy Number: UP23/10

      This Policy is about the collection, management and retention of University Information and Records in accordance with the University's statutory and business requirements.

      Approved by Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor

      Endorsed by Director Governance and General Counsel

      Administrator — Manager Information Governance

      Archival Record, Information Retention, Metadata, Non-record, Open Data, Physical Record, Record, Record Disposal Authority, Recordkeeping, Recordkeeping Awareness Training, Record Management, Records Disposal, Records in Place, Restricted Access Archive, System of Record, University Archives, University Information Management System, University Record, Vital Records


This section upholds the rights, and in some cases the responsibilities, of Students, University Officers and members of the public who may wish to make a complaint or lodge a report.

Student Administration

These policies are student focused.  They deal with aspects for managing student administrative matters ranging from admission to graduation.  They also deal with structures to support students' academic life.

Teaching and Research Training

Teaching and research training is the core business activity of the University.  Policies relating to this category deal with course management, learning and teaching and research training for HDR students.  They deal with aspects relating to curriculum design, structures to support the management of UWA courses, delivery of teaching and the provision of research training.

Academic Management

These policies deal with infrastructure to support employees to deliver the University's core business activity.


These policies are for managing employment practices not covered under the employment agreement.




Arts and Culture

Facilities and Services


Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Corporate Social Responsibility ( 1 policy )
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Number: UP22/13

      The policy is aligned to the University's sustainable environments enabling plan of the UWA Strategic Plan and establishes our Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

      Approved by Senate

      Endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor

      Administrator — Chair of the Sustainability Committee


      Corporate Social Responsibility, Modern Slavery, Procurement

School Protocols

Policy suggestions

If you would like to suggest a new policy or an amendment to an existing policy, please do so by clicking on the Suggestion Form button below.

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