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The Acceptable Use of IT Policy, in support of the University’s Code of Conduct, details your personal security requirements aiming at safeguarding the University’s reputation, its IT services and assets, as well as protecting your digital identity, security and online experience.

We have a duty of care to manage the various ethical, reputational and security risks that providing access to internet sites of malicious or inappropriate nature presents. Interfering with the values of our Code of Conduct, the Policy refers to such sites as regulated digital content, including:

  • Websites promoting child sexual abuse, paedophilic activity, suicide, torture, pornography, discrimination or hate.
  • Websites promoting to crime or terrorism, malware, phishing or web spam; and
  • Websites providing the ability to download software or other materials in violation of copyright agreements or promoting academic fraud.

The University leverages an internet safety technology, called Cisco Umbrella, adapted by most leading universities, to proactively address above internet threats and protect from accessing websites of such nature.

Umbrella presents no prohibition to legitimate research and academic practices and if you require access to regulated digital content you may simply request it through the IT Service Desk by

We ask you to specify the website or type of regulated content you need to access (e.g. malware, terrorism, pornography) and the timeframe you require it for (from one day to six months).

Please note that IT Service Desk executes your request ASAP and forwards all cases to the University's Human Research Ethics Committee on a monthly basis for assessment.

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