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At UWA, our policies recognise our diversity and are developed to be inclusive.  All policies in this library apply to the entire University Community, regardless of identity, including but not limited to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, the LGBTIQA+ community, people living with disabilities and people of all genders.

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Code of Conduct

Students and University Officials are responsible for their own behaviour and obliged to conduct themselves in keeping with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.  You have to acknowledge that you've read and understood our Codes when you become a member of the University Community either as a Student or as a University Official.

In 2021, our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct will be reviewed.  It was last updated in 2014 and while still current, some of the information need to be updated.  This version corrects this, particularly broken hyperlinks and incorrect position titles.  It also provides up to date contact information.


Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct


  • UP19/1 — This policy expresses your personal security requirements for safeguarding the University’s reputation, its IT Services and IT Assets, as well as protecting your digital identity, security and online experience.

    • Acceptable Use of IT
    • Digital Identity
    • IT Services
    • Regulated Digital Content
  • UP09/12
    • Borrowing Costs
    • Capital Funding
    • Debt Services Costs
    • Debt Service Coverage
    • Endowment Investment Assets
    • Gearing Ratio
    • Identified Restricted Assets
    • Investment Assets
    • Outside Funds
    • Restricted Assets
    • Self-supported Capital Assets
    • University Supported Capital Assets
    • Unrestricted Assets
    • Unrestricted Income
    • Real Property Leasehold Interest
    • Long Term Real Property Leasehold Interests
    • Minimum Level of Unrestricted Funds
  • UP19/2 — The Cyber Security Policy commits the University to preserving the security of its IT Assets and IT Services, and expresses risk-based cyber security practices.
    • Cyber Security
    • Cyber Security Controls
    • Cyber Security Management Framework
    • IT Assets
    • IT Incident
    • IT Resilience
    • Mobile Device
    • University Network
    • Web Application
  • UP07/117
    • Delegation of Authority
  • This policy is currently being developed and is in Phase 3 - Project Plan
  • UP20/1 — The Finance Policy expresses the financial practices of the University that have been put in place to improve how we manage financial commitments, improve our financial performance and safeguard University Funds for the support of research, teaching and community engagement.

    This policy is designed to be read with the financial control documents which can be found on the intranet site (see link below).

    • Asset
    • Attractive Item
    • Expenditure
    • Financial Commitment
    • Intangible Asset
    • Private Travel
    • Revenue
    • Senate Member
    • Student Travel Expenditure
    • Travel
    • Travel Expenditure
    • University Funds
  • UP21/1 

    The guideline and procedure for this policy are currently under development.

  • UP20/2 — This policy provides the definitions, obligations and responsibilities for securing information based on its risk, legal requirements and business value.
    • Business Capability
    • Business System Owner
    • Information Custodian
    • Information Owner
    • Information Power User
    • Information Protection
    • Information Steward
    • Information User
    • University Information
    • University Information Management System
  • UP20/4 — This policy establishes the Policy Framework and expresses the practices for policy development and management.

    This policy is currently being refreshed and is in Phase 3 - Project Plan.

    • Policy
    • Policy Factors
    • Policy Framework
    • Guideline
    • Procedure
    • Policy Approver
    • Policy Steward
    • Policy Custodian
    • Policy Administrator
    • Policy Development
    • Policy Refresh
    • Policy Review
    • Minor Amendment
    • Policy Rescission
    • University Policy Library
  • UP12/1 — This policy is currently being refreshed and is in Phase 6 - Drafting
  • UP21/2 — This policy prohibits the University from receiving direct funding from the Tobacco Industry and replaces UP07/11. 
    • Tobacco Industry
  • UP20/8  The University is committed to freedom of speech and academic freedom as fundamental to the conduct of a democratic society and to the quest for intellectual, moral and material advance in the human condition.  This code is adopted in support of that commitment.
  • UP07/157 — This policy expresses the information retention practices for the University and supports consistency in recordkeeping.

    This policy was previously named Records Management Policy.

    • Archival Record
    • Information Retention
    • Metadata
    • Non-record
    • Open Data
    • Record
    • Record Disposal Authority
    • Recordkeeping
    • Record Management
    • Records in Place
    • Restricted Access Archive
    • System of Record
    • University Archives
    • University Information Management System
    • University Record
    • Vital Records
  • UP12/32 — This policy is currently being reviewed and is in Phase 6 - Drafting
  • This policy is currently being developed and is in Phase 6 - Drafting
  • UP20/10 — This policy upholds our requirement to design, conduct and report on research funding under Public Health Service grants and cooperatives agreements to be free from bias.  

    This policy is provisionally approved and will be submitted to Academic Board in 2021.

    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Financial Conflicts of Interest
    • Significant Financial Interest
    • Investigator
  • UP07/14 — This policy is currently being assessed for rescission as part of the Conflicts and Interest Policy review, which is in Phase 6 - Drafting.

Teaching and Research Training

Teaching and research training is the core business activity of the University.  Policies relating to this category deal with course management, learning and teaching and research training for HDR students.  They deal with aspects relating to curriculum design, structures to support the management of UWA courses, delivery of teaching and the provision of research training.

Student Administration

These policies are student focused.  They deal with aspects for managing student administrative matters ranging from admission to graduation.  They also deal with structures to support students' academic life.

Academic Management

These policies deal with infrastructure to support employees to deliver the University's core business activity.


These policies are for managing employment practices not covered under your employment agreement.



These policies are for managing our cultural collections and heritage, as well as and how we collaborate with our communities and partners.

  • This policy helps to ensure UWA has a transparent, consistent and integrated approach to the solicitation and acceptance of philanthropic gifts, meetings its legal obligations as a Designated Gift Recipient and the governance of philanthropic gifts across the University.

    This policy is currently being developed and is in Phase 6 - Drafting


These policies are about enhancing our social experiences, managing and adapting our facilities and services, and reducing our impact on our environments.