Course page instructions

Copy and rename the following. Then change the content - you should be able to copy and paste your new content in BUT ensure that you do not copy from Word directly, use notepad of similar to strip out styling and then copy:

  1. Rich text:
    /sitecore/content/UWAFS/site-data/Modules/Rich Text/Templates/Course - DO NOT EDIT - DUPLICATE AND RENAME 
    Item ID:{D9CC4CC9-8696-4300-AB8F-7A87D233C123}
    This folder contains all the rich text items for a course page, duplicate it, rename it to your course and move your copy out of the templates folder into the Course pages rich text folder {70F96902-E378-48E4-8A1C-30A1DF4D0C58}.

    The media library has a folder for FS reno, with subfolder for Course pages. Add them to this subfolder.
    Item ID: 

  2. Study Plans:
    The study plans have been prepared and should be in /sitecore/content/UWAFS/site-data/Modules/Rich Text/Course pages/Study plan tables {E6C42C2D-5E1A-4012-AA58-821C374165A4}
    Once you locate your study plan move it to your courses folder you created in step 1, replacing the study plan example item.
  3. Page:
    /sitecore/content/UWAFS/Home/Courses/Interim course page - DO NOT EDIT - COPY AND RENAME
    Item ID: {D79A1ED9-5397-428A-8AF7-C2AE22A62CBB}
    Copy this page and rename with the course, no need to move your copy this is where it should be.

    It will automatically have the 'never publish' tick box ticked, this will need to be unticked when you are ready to publish.

  4. Go to the page you created in step 3, open the page in Exp. Editor and replace the items with your newly created/copied items.
    Please note, you do not need to replace the global element of Apply now since this the same across the course pages.
    There is an empty rich text element at the bottom of the page, please leave this in place, it contains style data necessary for the tables to appear correct.