Graduate Studies Choices

UWA has developed the Graduate Studies Choices program in response to a growing need for a multi-disciplinary postgraduate degree.

In the modern world, many professions require knowledge and skills in more than one discipline. With the Graduate Certificate in Studies and a Master of Studies you can select postgraduate units from multiple disciplines which meet your individual professional and personal interests.

I chose a Master of Studies as it gave me the flexibility to study across disciplines. I believe that in this complex world the kind of thinking that will be needed to solve problems will be interdisciplinary and I love that my course sets me up for this kind of world. Amy McDermott, Master of Studies student

Graduate Certificate in Studies (00200)

Course Length: Six months of full-time study (or equivalent part-time) which is equivalent to 24 points of taught study.

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Master of Studies (00500)

After completing four units (24 points) you nominate an area or discipline in which you take a minimum of four ‘core’ units (24 points). This may include a research-based project. Other units may be selected from multiple disciplines to inform study in this area. In total a minimum of 12 units must be completed.

Course Length: Two years of full-time study (or equivalent part-time) which is equivalent to 96 points of taught study. Credit is available for up to 24 points for previous university study.

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Choosing units

Units must be chosen in consultation with a course advisor. Recommended units in all disciplines are available to select from. In special circumstances, other units can be selected, provided you fulfil all the prerequisites.

Admission requirements

A three-year bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Students who hold overseas qualifications must provide evidence of English Language competence equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose any combination of units?

If you are enrolled in a Graduate Certificate in Studies, you can study any combination of Level 4 and Level 5 units. If you are enrolled in a Master of Studies, at least half of the units you study must be at Level 5. You must also complete a set of four ‘core’ units within one discipline to demonstrate depth of knowledge within one area. This discipline area must be chosen together with the course co-ordinator after you have completed four units.

What areas can I study?

The Graduate Studies Choices courses are currently administered through the Faculty of Education; however, you can enrol in units in any faculty. All of the faculties within the University have units available which can be enrolled in.

Which units can I consider?

As these are postgraduate level degrees, you must enrol in units at Level 4 and/or 5. This means the unit code will begin with a 4 or a 5. For example you can enrol in ENGL4107 – Australian Literary Studies or ACCT5432 – Introductory Financial Accounting.

Within the Master of Studies there is room for you to study up to four undergraduate units. This means it is possible to update your knowledge and gain prerequisite units in a particular area you wish to study.

What are the recommended units?

This is a list of units which have been recommended by the faculties as units in which someone with a low level of prior knowledge can enrol in.

Can I enrol in units not on the recommended list?

Provided you can demonstrate the required background knowledge, you can enrol in almost any Level 4 or Level 5 unit. However, you are unable to enrol in units which contribute to a professional qualification, such as a Juris Doctor (JD) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

What if the unit has a prerequisite?

In order to enrol in a unit you must have the required prerequisite or be able to provide evidence of professional experience in that area.

Do I have to choose all of my units at once?

Together with a course co-ordinator you will choose the first four units of your study. You can then consider which further areas you would like to study.

Can I study part-time?

Both of these courses are available as a part-time option; however, there are limits on the completion time of each course. You must complete the Graduate Certificate in Studies within two years, and the Master of Studies within eight years.

Which course should I enrol in?

The Graduate Certificate in Studies is for students who wish to try postgraduate study and update their knowledge in a few areas only. The Graduate Certificate articulates with the Master of Studies so should you wish to continue your studies, the units you have completed count towards your Master’s degree. If there are many areas in which you would like to increase your knowledge, or study in greater depth, then the Master of Studies is for you.

How do I enrol?

You will need to apply first and then once your application has been received you will receive an email within two weeks informing you of the outcome. Your acceptance into the program is provisional on an interview with the course coordinator. Here you will discuss the disciplines in which you would like to study.

Can I receive credit for prior study?

For the Master of Studies you can receive admission credit of up to 24 points for previous study of related undergraduate units. This would mean you must study Level 4 and Level 5 units to the value of 72 points. This usually equates to 12 units. If you have previous postgraduate study, you can also receive recognition of prior learning up to 24 points.

Can I enrol if I am an international student?

Yes, but you must provide evidence of English language competence equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0.


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