Einsteinian Science for School Teachers IV: Modern Science in the Real World - PHYSM414

This micro-credential will go beyond the based curriculum discussed in  Einsteinian Science for School Teachers I:  Atoms, Light, Space and Climate (PHYSM411) ; Einsteinian Science for School Teachers II:  Gravity, Energy and Quantum Mechanics (PHYSM412) and Einsteinian Science for School Teachers III:  From Climate to Cosmology (PHYSM413) and explore a variety of examples and applications of Einsteinian science in the real world and at the cutting edge of modern research. You will learn about applications of quantum science including exotic matter and quantum computing, the incredible technologies used in modern telescopes and gravitational wave detectors, and the underlying connections between different fields of science. You will also become proficient in a variety of very simple calculations and processes across quantum mechanics, relativity, and astronomy.

This micro-credential course was developed with the support of the Australian Government’s Micro-credentials Pilot in Higher Education.

Upon successful completion, you'll receive:

  • Three (3) PD Points
  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • A UWA Plus Professional Development Transcript, listing all successfully completed micro-credentials
Delivery mode
This micro-credential will be delivered online, with pre-recorded lectures and scheduled online tutorials and workshops.
Course date
16 September 2024 - 11 November 2024 [MC-3H 2024]
6 weeks
75 hours
Academic lead
Professor Li Ju
$500 incl. GST
Critical information summary
PHYSM414 - Critical information summary (PDF, 245KB)

What you'll learn

Identify the applications of Einsteinian science to the modern world

Explain the basics of quantum computing and quantum technology

Identify the underlying principles which connect modern fields of science

Teach the key topics in modern physics at the appropriate school level using simple models and analogies

Notebook and a workspace 

Why study this course?

  • Gain an understanding of how to adopt in-class activities which elucidate Einsteinian concepts and can be fitted into modified elaborations that are consistent with the modern curriculum.
  • Become equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt and develop Einsteinian physics lesson plans for school classrooms.

Who should study this course?

This micro-credential is ideal for all primary school teachers and secondary school science and technology teachers and other educators.

Recommended prior knowledge:
A teaching qualification.  No further prior study is required but for those wanting a head-start, we recommend the books and research papers listed on www.einsteinianphysics.com

How does it work?

This micro-credential will consist of online lectures, live tutorials, and training videos. The course will also incorporate fortnightly two-hour interactive online workshop sessions with demonstrators running through the activities live with active audience participation. This course will require a weekly commitment of 3-5 hours per week. All sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

What's next after this course?

This 3 point micro-credential can contribute to future study credit for a Physics Major as part of a Bachelor of Science.

This unit will provide opportunities for school science teachers to upskill to higher level science teaching.


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