At a time when many students have to work part-time to support themselves while they study, the value of scholarships cannot be overstated.

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Established scholarships

You can donate to several UWA scholarship programs:
Centenary Trust for Women Scholarships Program

Established in 2004, our scholarships program empowers women to achieve their full potential.

We provide financial support to eligible women who cannot afford to begin or continue their studies at UWA. The Trust is proud to make a real difference in women’s lives with a transformative UWA education.

Our scholarships program includes a range of support for women at various stages of their studies across many disciplines, in addition to emergency funds.

Scholarships can be named for a family member, a mentor or an admired woman, and create a tradition of giving and philanthropy for future generations. They are an investment in the women of UWA.

Support a woman to reach her potential today with a scholarship from The Centenary Trust for Women.

CTW Named Scholarships

Scholarship options:

Name of the scholarship:

For example, The UWA Centenary Trust for Women Irene Greenwood Scholarship

Annual named scholarship:

For example, $15,000 for an annual scholarship of $5,000 for three years.
Requirement: Minimum $2,162 a year for one year

Perpetual named scholarship:

For example, a scholarship to the value of the annual income, after capitalisation in accordance with Senate policy, on a capital sum of $100,000 is established and awarded as sufficient income is generated
Requirement: Minimum $100,000 capital investment, of which the interest is awarded

Discipline/field for award:

For example, UWA has nine faculties and 33 schools and the scholarship could be awarded in the Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences in the School of Biomedical and Chemical Sciences.

CTW has awarded 16 scholarships over the past five years. Of these, eight have been awarded to students living in the metro area and eight to students from the country.

Scholarship benefits

  • Honouring a family member or an admired woman in a unique and memorable way.
  • Providing financial assistance to a woman student entering UWA.
  • Tax deductibility for your donation to fund scholarships.
  • Your donation goes to the scholarships award as the University covers the costs of establishing and administering the scholarship, except where the scholarship has to be advertised, for example, in newspapers.
  • Advanced notification and invitations to UWA Centenary Trust for Women events.
  • Acknowledgement in University publications.
  • Creating a tradition of giving and philanthropy for future generations.
UWA Fogarty Foundation City and Regional Scholarships

The Fogarty Foundation in partnership with UWA make available up to 10 scholarships annually to students who show significant academic potential, together with a strong sense of community involvement and responsibility.

The scholarships and awards encourage students from Western Australia to pursue tertiary education at the University and to actively participate and contribute to their local community throughout and on completion of their studies.

Dr Brett and Dr Annie Fogarty, through the Fogarty Foundation, have made a significant contribution to fostering the attainment of excellence in learning and study, and the encouragement of young Western Australians to fulfil their potential.


The UWA Fogarty Foundation City and Regional Scholarships for undergraduate students were established in conjunction with the University to provide senior secondary students, who show significant academic potential together with a strong sense of community involvement and responsibility, with an opportunity to undertake an undergraduate degree of their choice at UWA.


The Fogarty Foundation Success Through Educational Excellence Program provides postgraduate awards for people entering the teaching profession and encourages continuation of knowledge and skills through postgraduate studies.

When the Dean of Medicine, Professor Ian Puddey, said a few years ago, that he would like to see more medical students doing a Bachelor of Medicine Science, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to give back to the University, to repay the favour that had so enriched my life and my career."

The John and Rosemary Pearman Scholarship has already funded three students from UWA's Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences to add a Bachelor of Medical Science to their medical degree.

Establish a new scholarship or prize

You may wish to establish a scholarship or prize, either in your name or in the name of someone you would like to honour:

  • Scholarships are awarded to assist and encourage students to undertake and/or continue tertiary studies, commonly in a particular faculty or specific discipline at the University.
  • Scholarships can provide funds for a variety of purposes including whole or part-payment of fees, books, accommodation (for students from outside the metropolitan area) and other education-related expenses.
  • Prizes are awarded to students for achieving excellence in a subject or course which they have just completed.


While the University needs to ensure that duplication of existing scholarships and prizes is avoided, and certain administrative requirements are met, there is substantial flexibility available for donors within the choice of the:

  • name of the scholarship or prize
  • purpose of the scholarship or prize
  • course units and/or area and level of study (such as first, second and/or subsequent levels, Honours or postgraduate)
  • criteria to be used in selecting the recipient (academic achievement, social disadvantage, disability, particular hardship, ethnic background, gender, community involvement)
  • value of the scholarship or prize
If you are considering establishing a scholarship or prize and would like to explore the many options available, please contact us in the Development and Alumni Relations office on (+61 8) 6488 8000.

Memorial scholarships and prizes

A Memorial Fund can be established by an individual donor or group of donors who are looking for a productive and beneficial way to maintain and continue the memory of someone they have loved and lost, while at the same time, provide a benefit to current and future students. With the family's permission and involvement, an invitation to donate to a memorial scholarship or prize can be extended to family, friends, colleagues and fellow graduates.

Scholarship and prize donations are tax-deductible and all of the donated funds are applied to the scholarship or prize.