UWA Learning Centres

UWA Learning Centres – China

UWA Learning Centres cater to students in China who are enrolled in an eligible UWA undergraduate or postgraduate degree course.

Students attending a UWA Learning Centre will receive additional support including academic tutoring, peer support and a dedicated student experience program to keep them connected to the UWA community until they join us at our Perth campus.

In Semester 1, 2023 we will continue supporting our current enrolled students in China through the provision of Learning Centres. Through UWA’s strong collaboration and partnerships with universities in China, the dedicated Learning Centre is available for students enrolled at UWA:

  • UWA Study Centre @ Soochow University, Suzhou

Students on international academic pathway (articulation) programs from select partner university will have exclusive access to a UWA Learning Centre at the following campus:

  • Southwest University, Beibei Campus, Chongqing

A message from the Vice-Chancellor

At The University of Western Australia, our priority is to support our students wherever they are.

I am pleased to advise that the UWA Learning Centres established in China in 2020 will continue in Semester 1, 2023.

At the UWA Learning Centres our students will feel a sense of belonging to the UWA community. Our Learning Centres will support students and UWA will be ready to welcome them to Perth once they can join us.


UWA Vice Chancellor 

Benefits of attending a UWA Learning Centre

Complimentary academic support

University campus experience

Student ambassador program

group of students at UWA

About UWA Learning Centres

Find out more about each Learning Centre, its location and the main highlights.

UWA Study Centre @ Soochow University (SUDA)

Students Day Tour to Suzhou Museum

The UWA Study Centre @ SUDA, located on SUDA’s main Tiancizhuang Campus was the first Centre established exclusively for UWA students. Access to shopping and transport is very close and accommodation costs RMB4000 per semester for twin ensuite rooms. This centre provides access to 17 dedicated classrooms for UWA students and a comprehensive student ambassador program.

Download the UWA Study Centre @ SUDA brochure

Watch a video about SUDA on Tencent

This is what some of our students have said about their experience attending the UWA Study Centre @ SUDA

Yuge GuResident teachers at SUDA are dedicated and practical, conscientious and responsible, careful and rigorous. I was most impressed that on my first day they were standing at the entrance of the university to welcome us and help us with the luggage.

YIYI HUANGThe academic support activity is an important part of the Learning Centre and it is the main reason for me coming to OLC. One of our lecturers and also our tutor, Dr Frank Liu, has come to SUDA. He was my lecturer in Semester 1, 2020 and my tutor in Semester 1, 2021. I felt lucky to have the chance to see him in person. He gave us lots of support and help in study.

UWA Offshore Learning Centre @ Southwest University (SWU)

Students at SWU

Located on Southwest University’s main Beibei Campus in Chongqing, this Learning Centre is located in very close proximity to shopping and transport facilities. Accommodation is available on-campus in twin rooms. There are two dedicated classrooms for UWA students use and a range of other shared classrooms and facilities. The OLC @ SWU is available only to UWA students enrolled in an international academic pathway (articulation) program from Southwest University, including Westa College.

Download the UWA Offshore Learning Centre @ SWU brochure


This is what some of our students have said about their experience attending the UWA OLC @ SWU

I am Heyang Zhong, a Biotechnology major and minor in Psychology. Now I am on Beibei Campus, Southwest University. Studying at UWA OLC means students are given access to three massive libraries and many study rooms at Southwest University. We can use the sports field and cafeteria. As a student who is unable to return to UWA at the moment, I can have a campus (experience) here instead. After all, it’s inside the university, and the atmosphere is essential.

In the class BIOC 3002: Structural & Functional Biochemistry, the learning facilitators are very responsible and helped me a lot. They also taught us some extracurricular knowledge. In addition to this, other relevant professional courses are highly beneficial. In my finance class this semester, the learning facilitator of international finance gave us a lot of ideas and advice on our mid-term assignment. 


Tuition, Fees and Scholarships

Will I still be eligible for the Global Excellence Scholarship if I am enrolled remotely at a UWA Learning Centre? 

Yes, if you are receiving a UWA Global Excellence Scholarship, this will continue even if you are attending a UWA Learning Centre.

How much does is cost to enrol at a UWA Learning Centre?

You do not need to pay any additional tuition fees to attend a UWA Learning Centre.

You will be required to pay for your housing and living expenses. Some Centres do have small incidental fees, contact us to find out more.

What is the difference in tuition fees for students who enrol at a UWA Learning Centre and those who don’t?

There is no difference in tuition fees – academic support services at the Learning Centres are complimentary to UWA students in China.

Accommodation Arrangements

Will I get assistance finding accommodation at a UWA Learning Centre?

Yes, accommodation will be offered to you at your own expense. The estimated cost for the semester is approximately between 4,000–7000RMB.

What if I don’t want to live on-campus?

All students who attend a UWA Learning Centre are required to live at the accommodation facilities provided by the partner university.

What is the style of accommodation?

Accommodation is provided in dormitory style rooms in the Universities’ International Colleges, sharing with between two and four people.

Is the accommodation fully furnished, or do we need to bring our own pillow and quilt?

The accommodation features basic furnishings and simple bedding is also provided.

Enrolment and Registration

Which courses are available at each of the Learning Centres?

Through the provision of a broad range of academic and English language support, all Centres will be able to cater to existing students from all UWA undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses that were available online.

What courses are eligible for enrolment if I’m attending a UWA Learning Centre?

Any existing student in China who is enrolled remotely in a UWA undergraduate or postgraduate degree course can attend a Learning Centre. New students, Study Abroad and Exchange students, Research students and students enrolled in UWA’s Centre for English Language Teaching are not eligible to attend a UWA Learning Centre.

How do I know if my units are available online in Semester 1, 2023?

There is a range of units available for online learning in Semester 1, 2023. The UWA Handbook website has been updated so you can check unit availability for Semester 1, 2023.

Can I enrol in a reduced load at a UWA Learning Centre?

No, all existing students enrolled at a UWA Learning Centre are expected to maintain a full-time enrolment.

If you experience challenges or your study plan prevents you from maintaining full-time enrolment, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your situation so we can work with you on a plan that supports you.

If I am a student in China, enrolled remotely at UWA, is it compulsory to attend a UWA Learning Centre?

No, UWA Learning Centres are only available to existing students in 2023. The UWA Learning Centres are an additional support service for existing students who prefer the campus environment to facilitate their learning.

What are the semester dates for the UWA Learning Centres?

The UWA Learning Centres will operate following the same academic calendar as the UWA Perth campus. Classes will commence on Monday 20 February 2022.

Do I need to have a valid Australian student visa to attend a UWA Learning Centre in China?

No, you do not need to have a valid visa to study at a UWA Learning Centre in China, but you will need a valid visa before entering Australia.

Do I have to stay at the Learning Centre for the entire semester, or can I travel to Perth to continue my studies at the UWA campus?

You will need to remain at the Learning Centre until the end of Semester 1, 2023. This is to ensure you receive adequate support for the whole semester.

What is the difference in my enrolment and the learning expectations if I attend a Learning Centre in China compared to those who study from home in China, or those who are still in Perth?

There is no difference. Students attending a Learning Centre will be enrolled at UWA the same as all other students, no matter where they are currently located, and the learning expectations are the same. The Learning Centres are designed to provide additional resources to support your learning and overall university experience, but students are not disadvantaged if they choose not to attend a Learning Centre.

Support and Facilities

Who will be providing the face-to-face academic support at the Learning Centres?

Teaching staff from Chinese Universities will be providing general face-to-face academic support to complement the online learning you are undertaking with your UWA teachers.

Will I have access to Wi-Fi at the Learning Centres?

Yes, all UWA Learning Centres provide unlimited Wi-Fi data. At some Centres a fee is payable.

If I am enrolled at a UWA Learning Centre, will I be able to use the facilities of the host university, for example the library or the gymnasium?

Yes, you will have access to a range of university facilities.

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