Introduction to Medical Neurology NEURM502

This micro-credential provides an introduction to the key features of diagnosis and management of neurological conditions. Neurological diagnosis is based on taking a history of the problem, a physical examination, and the conduct of tests that might assist diagnosis. The unit introduces the main signs and symptoms of neurological conditions and provides a summary of the main tests used to assist diagnosis. The unit offers a summary of the features of the major types of neurological conditions and the treatments that are most commonly used.

Upon successful completion of this micro-credential, you'll receive:

  • Two PD Points
  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • A UWA Plus Professional Development Transcript, listing all successfully completed micro-credentials
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Course dates
22 July - 18 October 2024

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15 July 2024

12 weeks
A total of 50 hours composed of self-study (24 hours), 20 lectures, Question and Answer (Q&A) tutorials.
Academic lead
Jennifer Rodger and Charles Watson
$660 inc. GST
Critical information summary
Introduction to Medical Neurology NEURM502 [PDF 243KB]
image of person viewing medical scans of a brain

What you'll learn

Participants will be able to:

Understand the process of clinical diagnosis

Identifythe specific signs associated with specific neurological disorders

Understand the links between of specific aspects of nervous system biology and symptoms of neurological disorders

Apply observation skills to the world around them


Why study this course?

This micro-credential provides in depth information on the steps and process of clinical diagnosis of neurological conditions. The micro-credential first covers in detail the techniques and tools involved in clinical diagnosis, and then considers key features that are commonly found in neurological disorders and that may aid or confuse diagnosis. Finally, specific neurological conditions are considered in detail to provide solid links between the neurological features and outwards symptoms. The course is taught by an expert neurologist. Students are assessed by brief written responses and case studies and are supported through live online Q&A sessions.

Who should study this course?

This micro-credential is suitable for neurological nurses or other professionals working in health or allied health, who seek to increase their understanding of neurological disorders.

What's next after this course?

This 2 Professional Development Point micro-credential is a partner micro-credential to NEURM501: Neurological disorders. Students with appropriate qualifications who seek additional skills and knowledge in the area of neuroscience and neurological conditions may be encouraged to enrol in a Masters in Biomedical Science (Neuroscience specialisation). 


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