Antarctica: Gondwana's Frozen Heart EARTM100

This micro-credential explores Antarctica's geology, its role in Gondwana breakup, and its impact on oceans and climate. Antarctica's unique location at the core of Gondwana and its later isolation at the South Pole, is key to the development of today's oceans and climate. In this micro-credential, students will learn from world-leading Antarctic geoscientists about the challenges of probing beneath the ice. Students will investigate the geological and geophysical record of Antarctica's evolution from Gondwana times to the modern day. Students will learn about techniques for understanding geology beneath ice, the process of Gondwana breakup and its impact on modern oceans and climate, and how rocks and sediments are used

to understand past geological and climatic events. Students will explore the role of Antarctica for our future Earth evolving under changing climate.

Upon successful completion of this micro-credential, you'll receive:

  • Two PD Points
  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • A UWA Professional Development Transcript, listing all successfully completed micro-credentials

Delivery mode

Online with required on-campus activity
Course dates

  Term 3: 15 July 2024 - 25 August 2024

Applications close

  Term 3: 14 June 2024

5 weeks
Total effort
55 hours
Academic lead:  Dr Naomi Tucker


UWA Starter fees for 2024 –

$247.50 (inc GST) per micro-credential for students from participating partner schools

$55 (inc GST) per micro-credential for students from participating UWA Broadway Schools

$495 (inc GST) per micro-credential for students from non-partner schools

Critical information summary
 EARTM100 Antarctica: Gondwana's Frozen Heart (241KB)



What you'll learn

By completing the course, participants will:

Demonstrate knowledge of how Antarctica's subglacial landscape and geology is studied.

Analyse the Gondwana breakup process and evaluate how it has impacted global ocean and climate evolution.

Demonstrate knowledge of how rocks and sediments from Antarctica reveal past geological and climatic events.

Communicate an awareness of Antarctica's role in future Earth under changing climate.

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Why study this course?

This micro-credential is ideal for year 11 and 12 students who have an interest in our planet and in particular the enigmatic Antarctic continent.  Focusing on a unique and poorly understood part of the Earth system and its importance in a changing climate, students will engage with world-leading Antarctic geoscientists about the challenges of probing beneath the ice.

How does it work?

This micro credential will involve:

  • Online learning with a one-day on-campus 'Be an Antarctic Geoscientist' workshop in the fourth week.
  • 55 hours of learning over 5 weeks.
  • 5 week timetable - each week has approximately 1 hour of online engagement, with videos and exercises, a 45 minute live scheduled online workshop, and self-directed reading and study time and completing assessments

What's next after this course?

Future study
Students who successfully complete this micro-credential will: 
  • Receive a UWA Professional Development Transcript at the end of your studies, listing all completed UWA micro-credentials – great for uni entry and your resume!
  • Earn 2  stackable  PD Points -  complete two more UWA Starter micro-credentials to earn 6 PD Points and gain credit for one unit towards selected UWA bachelor degrees.
  • Gain points that can contribute towards admission to UWA via Experience-based entry.

Students will gain the skills and knowledge to support science majors at UWA including Integrated Earth And Marine Sciences.



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