OrgMind: Wellness Blueprint to Mastering Work-Life Harmony PSYCM102

‘OrgMind: Wellness Blueprint' is a micro-credential designed to increase awareness and assist students in engaging in behaviours that promote positive well-being in all domains of life. Work-life harmony is a balancing act, requiring individuals to continuously reflect and readjust their priorities, and this micro-credential will help students explore strategies for a balanced student life and career. Over a span of 10 weeks, this fully online experience will equip you with invaluable skills in managing stress, burnout, work-life balance, how to be money smart, and more.

This is the second micro-credential released in the OrgMind series. Like the first, this micro-credential offers students something unique with key features including a personal wellbeing and regulation focus with a practical approach to using psychological principals to guide personal development. Led by science and focused on developing the early career professionals – ‘OrgMind: Wellness Blueprint' empowers you to not only navigate, but thrive in the dynamic landscape of work and life.

Upon successful completion of this micro-credential, you'll receive:

  • Two PD Points
  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • A UWA Professional Development Transcript, listing all successfully completed micro-credentials

Delivery mode

Fully online
Course dates
15 July 2024 - 20 September 2024
Applications close
14 June 2024
10 weeks
Total effort
55 hours
Academic lead:  Liz Pritchard


UWA Starter fees  –

$247.50 (inc GST) per micro-credential for students from participating partner schools

$55 (inc GST) per micro-credential for students from participating UWA Broadway Schools

$495 (inc GST) per micro-credential for students from non-partner schools

Critical information summary
PSYCM102 OrgMind: Wellness blueprint to master work-life harmony (PDF 244KB)

What you'll learn

By completing the course, participants will:

Develop awareness of key factors contributing to personal thriving, wellbeing and work-life balance.

Demonstrate strategies for improving personal mastery, agility and proactivity.

Develop strategies for managing interpersonal communication, developing self awareness, and building effective and supportive networks.

Develop skills in setting personal and development goals.

two girls reading a document 

Why study this course?

  • Explore strategies for a balanced student life and career.
  • Use psychological principals to guide personal development.

How does it work?

This micro credential will involve four 15minute lectures per week outside of school hours, private study, and two assessments worth 50% each.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Work-life balance
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Burnout
  • Self-identity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Relationship management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial literacy
  • Enjoying your work

What's next after this course?

Future study
Students who successfully complete this micro-credential will: 
  • Receive a UWA Professional Development Transcript at the end of your studies, listing all completed UWA micro-credentials – great for uni entry and your resume!
  • Earn 2  stackable  PD Points -  complete two more UWA Starter micro-credentials to earn 6 PD Points and gain credit for one unit towards selected UWA bachelor degrees.
  • Gain points that can contribute towards admission to UWA via Experience-based entry.


Study: Psychology

Study: Organisational psychology

Study: Master of Business psychology

Study: Graduate Certificate in Business Psychology



Contact your secondary school for more information or to register for UWA Starter micro-credentials.