We help international students to adjust to their research program at UWA through FIRSTatUWA.

FIRSTatUWA stands for Facilitating International Research Students at UWA and the program provides support for the first year of candidature through an induction meeting and ongoing contact by email.

FIRSTatUWA was implemented in recognition of the unique pressures and challenges faced by international postgraduate research students. Domestic students new to UWA are also welcome to book an induction interview by contacting a Graduate Education Officer from the Graduate Research School.

Induction with a Graduate Education Officer

New international research students are encouraged book an induction meeting with a Graduate Education Officer during their first month at UWA. During this induction, students will be advised about the support and resources that they can access from the Graduate Research Schooland other areas of the university. The inductions are very informal and students are welcome to ask questions about any aspect of their studies.

Ongoing contact

In addition to the initial induction meeting, the Graduate Education Officers will email international postgraduate research students:

  • prior to submission of the research proposal to outline the support available for proposal preparation and submission
  • prior to submission of the first annual report to offer support for preparation of this paperwork
  • post approval of the first annual report to offer ongoing support

All FIRSTatUWA emails are copied to the coordinating supervisor.

At any stage of candidature, the Graduate Education Officers are available to meet individually with students to discuss the support available for any aspect of candidature.


FIRSTatUWA was endorsed by the Board of the Graduate Research School in 2006 to assist with timely completion and early identification of potential problems, especially with writing.

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