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Fees – Australian students

All Australian students at UWA are required to pay tuition fees for their programs of study. However, the Federal Government subsidises tuition fees for the majority of Australian students.

Australian citizens, permanent humanitarian visa-holders and New Zealand citizens under a Special Visa Category can pay the rest of the fee, also known as the student contribution, by deferring the whole payment through a HECS-HELP loan or making the whole or partial payment to the University.

For other New Zealand citizens and non-humanitarian permanent residents of Australia, the contribution must be paid in full, directly to the University.

Further information on eligibility criteria for the Special Visa Category is available at Study Assist.

Student contribution

At UWA, courses comprise a number of units. A standard unit is worth six credit points. Full-time students usually study four six-credit-point units in a semester for a total of eight six-credit-point units in a year. Fees are billed on a semester basis.

The table below provides indicative costs for various discipline areas. The amount of an individual's student-contribution each semester depends on the mix of units in which they are enrolled. Full details of costs of units are available on the Fee Calculator.

Student contribution rates for Commonwealth-supported students

Rates are available at the Australian Government's Study Assist website.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

A compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is payable for each year or part year of your study. The fee is used to improve the quality and quantity of services to students. An electronic SSAF Statement of Account notification fee is sent to your UWA student email account each semester following your enrolment.

Fees – International students

All international students at UWA are required to pay tuition fees for their study. Tuition fees are based on the course of study and fees increase annually. UWA offers a number of scholarships to international students to assist with the cost of study.

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Cost of living

Cost of living

Perth is one of Australia’s most affordable capital cities a (Deloitte Access Economics 2022). The annual cost of living in Perth depends on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation you choose. Consider extra funds to cover various items such as airfares and textbooks. There may also be ancillary fees applicable to your course. Tuition fees increase each calendar year and are not fixed for the duration of the chosen program.

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