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About us

Our history

The Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Centre (CERC) at The University of Western Australia, founded in 2023, continues over 30 years of pioneering research by the Cardiovascular Research Group. Professors Michael Hobbs and Konrad Jamrozik, its founding directors, were instrumental in establishing CERC as a leading centre in cardiovascular epidemiology, contributing significantly to the World Health Organization's MONICA project.

Emeritus Professor Michael Hobbs played a crucial role in developing the Western Australian Data Linkage System, bolstering CERC's expertise in linked data for cardiovascular research. The centre remains at the forefront of this field, fuelled by a history of innovation.

Former director Professor Tom Briffa significantly shaped CERC's path with his 25-year commitment to cardiovascular disease research, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. His contributions have been vital to CERC's ongoing success, both in Australia and internationally.

Our people

Dr Siobhan Hickling

As a Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of CERC at UWA, Dr Hickling offers over two decades of experience in nutritional and cardiovascular epidemiology research and teaching. Her research ranges from small and qualitative studies to much larger quantitative projects such as the VITATOPS study and TropED.

Dr Lee Nedkoff

A Senior Research Fellow and Co-Director of the CERC, Dr Nedkoff excels in population-based cardiovascular disease studies, focusing on age-and sex-specific trends in acute coronary syndromes. Honoured with the CAPHIA PhD Excellence in Public Health Award, she has secured substantial research funding and holds a National Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship.

Our Research

The Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Centre (CERC) boasts a dedicated team of researchers, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, lecturers, senior administrators, and health practitioners. Together, they drive innovation and excellence in cardiovascular health research, collaborating on projects that influence clinical care, health policy, and our understanding of cardiovascular diseases. At CERC, our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach is key to advancing global cardiovascular health.

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