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Diving and boating are inherently hazardous and highly specialised fieldwork activities which require thorough planning and preparation. There are standard requirements and approval processes covering all types of fieldwork which apply to everyone who takes part in research or a recognised program of study at the University including undergraduate, postgraduate studies and collaboration with outside agencies. All fieldwork participants must be suitably trained, informed, instructed and supervised and are to ensure that equipment used is fit for purpose, maintained, inspected and used in accordance with recommended requirements. Please refer to the service directory entry Plan fieldwork activities (for staff) which must be read and understood as part of the planning process for diving and boating activities.

The documents on this page, provide details supporting reciprocity in training and certification with other scientific institutions. The following flowchart and forms comprise an integrated system of working which addresses registration of participants, planning of diving and boating activities and the recording of related data.

Freo hyperbaric chamber relocated to Fiona Stanley Hospital. Call (08) 6152 5222 (08:00 to 15:30) or (08) 6152 2222 (24 hours).

UWA Vessel Operation Safety Management System (SMS)

The University of Western Australia's Vessel SMS is the primary operational document and is to be used in conjunction with:

  • Fieldwork Planning Process Flowchart and therefore Registration forms, Planning Forms and Fieldwork forms from sections below
  • Incidents Reporting:
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