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Academic promotions

The constitution and membership of the Academic Promotions Committee.


Position of the committee within The University of Western Australia

The Academic Promotions Committee is an advisory committee to the Vice-Chancellor.


The role of the Academic Promotions Committee is to advise the Vice-Chancellor in connection with applications for the promotion and tenure, subject to review, of the academic staff.


The committee comprises:

1. Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, or nominee, as Chair

2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) (or nominee)

3. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) (or nominee)

4. Nine members of the academic staff at the level of Level E Professor, of whom;

(i) four members are nominated by the Academic Board

(ii) four member are appointed and are Heads of School

(ii) one member is nominated by the Academic Staff Association.

The Executive Officer (Human Resources) to the committee attends all meetings and views all documentation.

If the Chair is absent, the committee will nominate another member to take on that role for the relevant period.

If the Chair is absent for an extended period of time, either the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor or the Vice-Chancellor will nominate an alternate Chair.

Terms of office

The terms of office of members appointed following nomination under 4 (i) is two years.

The term of office of members appointed or selected under 4 (ii) and (iii) is one year.

Eligibility for a second or subsequent term of office

At the end of a term of office, appointed and elected members are eligible to be reappointed or re-elected as appropriate.


All applications that come before the committee are decided by a majority of the members present and voting

If a member is unable to attend a meeting, they are invited to submit written comments on the agenda items for consideration by the committee. 

In the absence of a quorum, all business which should have been transacted at the meeting must be either deferred until the next meeting, at which it must take precedence, or be dealt with by circulation.

More Information

For UWA Academic Staff looking for further information, please visit the Service Directory

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