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A Chancellor's Medal may be awarded for an outstanding contribution, or sustained contributions, to the University, such as to enable the University to discharge its teaching, research and community responsibilities more effectively.

Those eligible for the award are:

  • staff or former staff of the University
  • any other individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the University.

The Chancellor's Medal is a prestigious award and will not be given lightly. Medals will be awarded in accordance with the guidelines appended to Statute No. 14: Granting and Conferring of Degrees and Diplomas.

  • Medal awards
    Cala, Professor Lesley A.  2023
    Paganin, Mark A.  2023
    Pesich, Dr Fran P.  2023
    Ungar, Tim M. 2023
    Calcutt AM SC, Greg
    Gregory AM, Emerita Professor Jennifer
    Wilson, Jimmy J. 2022
    McArthur, Emeritus Professor Ian N.
    Trevelyan, Emeritus Professor James P. 2021
    None awarded 2020
    Campbell, Jeffrey J. 2019
    Donaldson OAM, Neil  2019
    Ellis, Lynley M. 2019
    None awarded 2018
    Munslow-Davies, Lyall 2017
    Webb, Professor Steven 2017
    Holman, Emeritus Professor C. D'Arcy J. 2016
    Izan, Emeritus Professor H. Y. Izan 2015
    von Bergheim, Harvey 2014
    Reid, Adjunct Professor Ian 2014
    Ingham, Rosemary 2014
    Belbin, Jillian 2013
    Brearley, Anne 2013
    Ford, Emeritus Professor William J. 2013
    Plowman, Winthrop Professor David H. J. 2013
    Wildy, Jennifer 2013
    Atkins, Emeritus Professor Craig A. 2012
    Dickinson, Roger 2012
    Flett, Adjunct Professor Peter T. 2012
    Tang, Catherine L. 2012
    Turner, Winthrop Professor Neil C. 2012
    Hopkins, Sherry 2011
    Vaughan AM, Clinical Professor Richard 2011
    Baker, Suzanne K. 2010
    Dixon, Professor Kingsley W. 2010
    Maschmedt, Lance 2010
    Smith, Kerry 2010
    Brockway, David 2009
    Eveline, Joan 2009
    Manning, Bruce W. 2009
    Skelton, Brian W. 2009
    Werner, Terrence L. 2009
    White, Allan H. 2009
    Zuks, Len 2009
    Noris, Mrs Wendy 2008
    Oxnard, Emeritus Professor Charles E. 2008
    Shellam, Professor Geoffrey R. 2008
    Crawford, Emeritus Professor Patricia M. 2007
    Foster OAM, Daryl H. 2007
    Morton AM, Emeritus Professor Alan R. 2007
    Penrose, Sandra 2007
    Schultz, Adjunct Associate Professor Phillip 2007
    Spillman, John 2007
    Brodie-Hall AM, Lady Jean 2006
    Cocks, Emeritus Professor Philip S. 2006
    Cullity AM, Ann 2006
    Gibbs, Anthony L. 2006
    Hale, Barbara 2006
    Pope OAM, Joan 2006
    Wise, Wendy 2006
    Cruthers, Lady Sheila 2005
    Grant, Adjunct Professor Mike P. 2005
    Griffith, Martin L. 2005
    Hill, Daniel 2005
    Knight AM, Annette 2005
    Purser, D. Barrie 2005
    Goerke, Annette M. 2004
    Glover, J. John E. 2004
    Greenway, Hank 2004
    McGurk OAM, Molly 2004
    Orr, Malcolm R. 2004
    Prider, Emeritus Professor Rex T. 2004
    Stewart, Jan M. 2004
    Treloar, David W. G. 2004
    Abercromby, Keith 2003
    Agostini, Adjunct Professor M. David 2003
    Dickson, Thomas J. 2003
    Freedman, Leonard 2003
    Jones AM, The Hon. Peter V. 2003
    Montgomery OAM, Frank M. 2003
    Partis, Michael T. 2003
    Simpson, Peter G. 2003
    Blanksby, Jeanette P. 2002
    Blanksby, Professor Brian A. 2002
    Kaldor, Susan 2001
    Brash, J. Iain W. 2001
    Ross, James R. H. 2001
    Arkeveld, Hans 2000
    Constable AO, Professor Ian J. 2000
    Robins, Joan 2000
    Franklin, Bruce 1999
    Robins, John L. 1999
    Beesley, John R. 1998
    Pike, Frederick B. 1998
    Budge, John 1997
    Hamilton, Barbara M. 1997
    Ransom OAM, Dorothy Ellen (Inaugural medal) 1996
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