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This procedure is to be used in areas where there is no possibility of contact with untreated biological material with consequent microbiological contamination.

  • Container preparation

    A special container must be used. It must be clearly marked "Waste Glass" and must not be used for other purposes. The size of the container will depend upon the expected use.

    A waste glass container should be available in all laboratories in case of breakages.

    The container with a lid should be disposable. Disposable containers with handles and detachable lids are available from the stores for areas with large volumes of glass waste.

  • Laboratory use

    The glass should be discarded into the "Waste Glass" container with care.

    When full, the lid should be placed on the container and the flanges crimped with pliers.

    Do not overfill.

  • Disposal

    The lid should be placed firmly on the container which can then be transported for final disposal by burial or recycling, so obviating the need for transfer or further handling of glass waste.

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