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International Sponsored Students

UWA has a vision to develop and nurture strong and deep partnerships internationally, and is keen to embrace an increased diversity within the student body in order to benefit from a wide range of viewpoints, cultures, expertise and knowledge. International Sponsored Students are an integral and valued part of the UWA community, and include international students who are funded either by the Australian government, international agencies or overseas governments. The University is a destination of choice for sponsored students looking to study at across a large of disciplines at Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD levels.

Australia Awards/ACIAR Scholarships

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) support a wide and inclusive scholarship program, which provide Australia Awards and ACIAR Scholarships for citizens of many countries around the world.

Further information is available on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Information for Australia Awards Students currently enrolled at UWA is available on our website.

Sponsor organisations

UWA welcomes partnerships with sponsor organisations around the world. These partnerships allow sponsorship bodies to pay the tuition fees on behalf of the student directly to UWA. No formal agreement between UWA and sponsor organisations is required unless there are specific conditions to be recorded.

List of sponsors by country

If you wish to check if a specific sponsor organisation already has a relationship with UWA, or you are a representative from a sponsor organisation looking to establish a partnership, we invite you to contact Global Engagement.

Sponsor agreements or financial guarantees

UWA will accept a Letter of Financial Guarantee in place of the UWA Sponsor Agreement. The Letter of Financial Guarantee must include:

  • student’s name
  • UWA student number
  • course(s) of study
  • commencement period
  • the duration of sponsorship
  • expenses covered by the sponsorship (including living allowance arrangements)
  • confirm if UWA to send tuition fee invoices to the sponsor or directly to the student
  • confirm if the sponsor will pay the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the student OR the student and family

Any fee issues should be directed to the Fees team via askUWA.

Student information

International Students who are seeking a sponsorship

Sponsor organisations often require students to have received an offer of a program from UWA prior to finalisation of their scholarship. UWA recommends that you check all the the conditions associated with your particular scholarship with the relevant sponsor organisation from your country. If you identify a sponsor organisation which is not listed above, please advise UWA of the details, and we will assist you with the arrangements.

Sponsored International Students currently enrolled at UWA

International Sponsored Students (ISS) is available to meet with sponsored students if they require assistance with their studies at the University of Western Australia.

Please make any enquiries to AskUWA.

ISS can provide:

  • End of semester academic reports
  • Information and support for students whose children will be attending school
  • A response to any issues that are of concern to sponsors or sponsored students.

Sponsorship extensions

Sponsored students must liaise with their sponsor directly if they have issues with their visa and sponsorship extension. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their sponsorship is valid. For an extension you will need a further Financial Guarantee from your sponsor to secure an extension to visa. If the sponsorship lapses then the student is responsible for any incurred fees and expenses.

Change of course

If a sponsored student wishes to change the agreed course then the student will need to apply for the new course and organise a new Financial Guarantee or Sponsor Agreement from their sponsor.

It is important that the Sponsor Guarantee Letter Form (PDF 102KB) form is completed and returned when accepting the offer and when there is a change to your enrolment.

UWA Scholarship Opportunities

Explore what Scholarship Opportunities UWA has to offer.

Prospective students

Sponsored students can also choose to study at UWA via one of the following pathways:

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