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All graduates of the University of Western Australia become Members of the Convocation of UWA Graduates upon admission to their degrees.

People who aren't graduates can also apply, provided they can demonstrate an ongoing interest in the wellbeing and advancement of the University as covered by the provisions outlined in Statue 4 of the UWA Act: Applications for Admission to Convocation Under Section 17(1)(c).

All Convocation Members are eligible to become Subscribing Members of Convocation. These members support and assist the work of Convocation by contributing to the finances of the association by way of an annual subscription.

Membership benefits

Uniview Magazine

All Members of Convocation are sent the Uniview magazine two times each year. The magazine features stories on graduates, events and research at the University.

Members will also receive Election and Meeting Papers for the First Ordinary Meeting of Convocation each year along with their Uniview magazine. If you are not receiving your Uniview magazine, please contact the Office of Convocation to update your contact details.

Digital editions of past Uniview magazines.

Getting Involved

All Members of Convocation can participate in Convocation and the University community by:

  • Standing for election to the positions of Warden and Deputy Warden, to the Council of Convocation, or as Convocation-elected members of the University Senate,
  • Voting in all Convocation elections,
  • Volunteering to assist in Convocation activities

Please contact the Office of Convocation for more details.

UWA Alumni

Convocation Council works closely with UWA’s Development and Alumni Relations through the Chancellor’s Joint Committee to support our joint endeavours. Visit the UWA Alumni website for more information.

Other Memberships and Discounts

All Members of Convocation are eligible for full membership at the University Club.

University Library membership is free for all UWA graduates. Alumni membership includes borrowing rights to the print collections, and remote access to a selection of online databases. For more information refer to the Using the Library - Visitors and alumni web page.

All Members are eligible for 20% off the list price of books from UWA Publishing. The discount code is CONVOCATION20.

Become a Contributing Member

Contributing to Convocation is a practical way of supporting our University, and keeping a lively and informed interest in the institution and its people. It also provides a basis for improving the services offered by Convocation. Contributing Membership of Convocation is charged on an annual contribution basis. To become a Contributing Member, please download and print the form below, or visit the Office of Convocation. Forms may be returned via email, fax or post.

Contribution period Rate
One year $33.00
Three years $88.00
Ten years $275.00

Download the Convocation Contribution Form [PDF 3.05 MB]

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