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The Strategic Resources Committee is a standing committee of the Senate and gives the Senate responsibility, among other things, for facilitating and assisting with the resourcing of the University, and for working in partnership with the Vice-Chancellor to ensure the fiscal viability of the institution and has established the Strategic Resources Committee to assist it in this task.

The Strategic Resources Committee monitors the financial welfare of the University, campus planning and advises Senate on major physical developments and within agreed delegations, and provides strategic oversight of people and culture at the University.

It monitors university policy on staffing resources and brings to Senate's attention emerging strategic issues in related to the committee's role.

 Strategic Resources Committee Constitution [72 KB DOCX]

 Strategic Resources Committee Membership [176 KB DOCX]

Meeting Date

Document Submission Date
To: Office of the Vice-Chancellor;


University Secretary

Placeholder Deadline*

*Advise the University Secretary of items
not on the Work Program or Actions
Arising for inclusion in the agenda

5 March 2024

16 February 2024

13 February 2024

6 May 2024

17 April 2024

12 April 2024

22 July 2024

4 July 2024

1 July 2024

21 October 2024

3 October 2024

30 September 2024

25 November 2024

7 November 2024

4 November 2024


Chair: Ms Susan Murphy, AO

Executive Officer: University Secretary, Sue Moore


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