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Honorary Degrees and Chancellor's Medals

The awarding of honorary degrees and the Chancellor's Medal is governed by the Honorary Degrees and Chancellor's Medal Policy.

This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Honorary Degrees and Chancellor's Medal Procedure.

Honorary Degrees 

The primary purpose of conferring honorary degrees is to give public recognition to individuals for outstanding achievements in any recognised field of endeavour with strategic connection or relevance to the University, either at the State level or beyond. 

Honorary degrees are awarded in one or more of the following five categories:

  • contribution to the community;
  • contribution to the public sector;
  • contribution to the private sector;
  • achievement in internationalism; and
  • academic achievement

Honorary Doctorate Nomination Form [DOCX 57.1 kb]
Updated 22 May 2023

Chancellor's Medal

The Chancellor's Medal is awarded to recognise people who have made an outstanding contribution, or sustained contributions, to the University such as to enable the University to discharge its teaching, research and community responsibilities more effectively, but for one reason or another have not received adequate recognition in other appropriate ways.

Chancellor's Medal Nomination Form [DOCX 52.8 kb]
Updated 18 May 2023

  • Master of Arts
    Lewis, Sir Neil 1932
    Munns, Herbert G. 1969
    Vanzetti, Francis 1962
  • Doctor of Architecture
    Feilman, Margaret A. 1989
    Ferguson, Ronald J. 2000
    Hill, W. Kerry 2008
  • Doctor of Laws
    Ashby, Sir Eric 1973
    Astor, J. J. 1925
    Battye, James S. 1943
    Beasley, Emeritus Professor Frank R. 1974
    Beshar, Sarah E. 2015
    Blackburn, Sir Charles 1963
    Brand, The Hon. Sir David 1963
    Burnham, Viscount 1925
    Burt, The Hon. Sir Francis 1987
    Chaney, Michael A. 2002
    Clews, Emeritus Professor Charles J. B. 1972
    Coleman, Shalom 2000
    Court, The Hon. Sir Charles 1969
    Cowen, Sir Zelman 1981
    Dean, Sir Arthur 1963
    Eddington, Roderick I. 2000
    Forrest, The Right Hon. Lord 1916
    French AC, The Hon. Chief Justice Robert S. 2011
    Griffith, Joseph 1968
    Hackett, General Sir John 1963
    Hackett, The Hon. Sir John Winthrop 1914
    Hackett-Moulden, Lady 1932
    Haile Selassie I, His Imperial Majesty Emperor 1968
    Higgins, His Excellency Michael D. 2017
    Hobbs, Lieut.-General Sir Talbot 1921
    Hotchin, Sir Claude 1974
    Howarth, Anthony J. 2003
    Jackson, The Hon. Sir Lawrence 1982
    James, The Hon. Sir Walter 1936
    Jull, Roberta H. M. 1943
    Kendrew, Major-General Sir Douglas 1969
    Kennedy, Geoffrey Alexander 1999
    Krasnostein, Jacob J. 1991
    Kyle, Air Chief Marshall Sir Wallace H. 1980
    Le Souef, Leslie E. 1977
    Ligertwood, The Hon. Sir George 1963
    Malcolm AC QC KCSJ, Professor The Hon. David K. 2008
    Martin, Sir Leslie 1963
    McCusker AO QC, Malcolm J. 2008
    McDonald, Sir Robert 1961
    Murray, Sir Keith 1963
    Owen, The Hon. Neville J. 2011
    Prescott, Sir Stanley 1970
    Reichel, Sir Harry 1914
    Reid, His Excellency Emeritus Professor Gordon S. 1988
    Reynolds, John H. 1963
    Riley, The Most Reverend Charles O. L. 1922
    Robertson, Thomas L. 1968
    Ross, Emeritus Professor Alexander D. 1963
    Rushton, Sir Reginald 1977
    Somerville, William 1941
    Stephenson, Emeritus Professor Gordon 1977
    Townsing, Sir Kenneth 1971
    Wardle, Sir Thomas 1973
    Wheeler, The Hon. Justice Christine A. 2007
    Wilson, The Hon. Sir Ronald D. 1980
    Winch, Marie Joan 1999
    Winterton, Professor George G. 2007
  • Doctor of Letters
    Alexander, Professor Frederick 1963
    Andrews, Cecil R. 1929
    Bailey, Sir Harold 1963
    Beazley, Kim E. 1980
    Bendat, Jack M. 2006
    Berndt, Catherine H. 1983
    Berndt, Emeritus Professor Ronald M. 1987
    Blenkinsop, George David 1999
    Bourne, Gregory D. 2005
    Bowen AM, Bernard K. 2016
    Boyd, Susan J. D. 2002
    Boyd, William 1937
    Brady, Patricia M. (Sister Veronica) 2009
    Brisbane AM, Katharine E. 2006
    Bruechle, Peter 2021
    Cameron, Meribeth E. 1962
    Carnley, The Most Reverend Dr Peter F. 2000
    Casey, John A. 2006
    Chaney AO, The Hon. Frederick M. 2010
    Cohen, Clinical Professor Alexander K. 2002
    Coles OBE, Alec 2017
    Constable, The Hon. Dr Elizabeth 2013
    Coombs, Herbert C. 1960
    Court AC, The Hon. Richard F. 2015
    Cruthers, Sir James W. 2005
    Cullity AO, Denis M. 2006
    Currie, Sir George 1952
    Davis, Jack L. 1988
    de Laeter AO, Professor John R. 2004
    De Poli, Dino 2001
    Doogue AO, Geraldine F. 2011
    Drewe, Robert 2003
    Duncan, Annie V. 2012
    Durack, Elizabeth 1996
    Edgar, Patricia M. 1994
    Ensor, Beatrice 1937
    Erickson, Frederica L. 1980
    Evans, The Hon. Christopher V. 2014
    Fitzpatrick, Michael C. 2009
    Fogarty, Brettney T. 2008
    Fogarty, E. Anne 2008
    Forrest CitWA, J. Andrew H. 2014
    Forrest, Nicola M. 2014
    Gairdner, Sir Charles 1956
    Gale, Fay 1998
    Gallop AC, The Hon. Dr Geoffrey I. 2012
    Gillett, Eric W. 1956
    Gordon, Susan 2003
    Green, Jeremy N. 2016
    Hancock, Emeritus Professor Sir Keith 1977
    Handa, Haruhisa 2006
    Haskell, Emeritus Professor Dennis J. 2012
    Hasluck AM QC, The Hon. Justice Nicholas P. 2009
    Hasluck, Dame Alexandra 1970
    Hawke, The Hon. Robert J. L. 1984
    Hay AC, Professor John A. 2005
    Hewett, Dorothy 1995
    Holmes a Court, Janet 1997
    Horgan, Joanna E. 2017
    Hume, Lindy 2007
    Irvine AO, David T. 2015
    Jayasuriya AM, Emeritus Professor D. Laksiri 2006
    Juniper, Robert L. 1984
    Kailis AM OBE, Patricia V. 2005
    King AM MBE, Brian N. 2016
    Landau AO, Emeritus Professor Louis I. 2007
    Lourens AM, Emeritus Professor Roy M. C. 2016
    Lucas, Colin R. 2000
    Masters, Professor Colin L. 2008
    McHenry, Dean E. 1963
    McMahon, The Right Rev. John T. 1961
    Menzies, Sir Robert 1964
    Michael AC, His Excellency Dr Kenneth C. 2007
    Miller, Mary Durack 1977
    Minchin, Timothy D. 2013
    Mitchell, Sir William 1932
    Mossenson, David 1991
    Murdoch, Professor Sir Walter 1948
    Nikulinsky AM, Philippa 2019
    Nolan, Sir Sidney 1988
    Noramly, Dato bin Muslim 2005
    Pannell, Nita V. 1990
    Perron AM CitWA, L. Stanley 2009
    Poche, Gregory J. 2014
    Pollak, Hans 1970
    Reid, Ruth 1998
    Robson AO CitWA, Emeritus Professor Alan D. 2015
    Ross AM, Andrew C. 2019
    Sanderson AC, His Excellency Lieutenant General John M. 2004
    Sanderson AO, Kerry G. 2005
    Schenberg, Harold 2000
    Schonell, Professor Sir Fred 1963
    Seares AO, Emeritus Professor Margaret 2010
    Seddon, George 2000
    Seymour, A. 2002
    Smith, Michael 2014
    Smith AO, Richard C. 2004
    Smyth, Erica L. 2008
    Stephen, Ninian M. 1993
    Stewart PSM, Janice M. 2016
    Tannock AM, Peter D'A. 2009
    Tauman, Leon 1971
    Taylor, George W. 2009
    Taylor, Howard H. 1993
    Templeman AM, Ian N. 2007
    Toohey AC, The Hon. Justice John L. 2004
    Van Norton, Kay 2014
    Vedel, Anders 1937
    Venkatesh, Akshay 2019
    Walley OAM, Richard B. 2006
    Webb, Wayne 2021
    Wood AM, Clinical Professor Fiona M. 2004
    Yudhoyono AC, His Excellency Dr Susilo B. 2015
    Zhang, Xinsheng 2008
  • Doctor of Medicine
    Armstrong, Professor Bruce K. 2017
    Bedbrook, Sir George 1973
    Flett AO, Dr Penelope 2021
    Joske, Richard 1997
    King, Emeritus Professor Gordon 1971
    Lefroy, Richard B. 2002
    Mann, Dame Ida 1977
    Marshall, Barry J. 1997
    Nossal, Custav 1996
    Pestell, Richard G. 2008
    Pickering, Professor Sir George 1965
    Saint, Emeritus Professor Eric G. 1981
    Stokes, Professor Bryant A. R. 2016
    Warren, John R. 1997
  • Doctor of Music
    Callaway, Professor Sir Frank 1975
    Davies, Harold E. 1934
    Grandage, Iain A. 2017
    Hammond, Dame Joan 1979
    Heinze, Professor Sir Bernard 1949
    Joyce, Eileen 1979
    Macliver, Sara A. 2008
    Tippett, Sir Michael 1990
    Tognetti, Richard 2003
    Tunley, Emeritus Professor David E. 2001
    Vine, Carl E. 2010
    Young AM, Simone M. 2018
  • Doctor of Science
    Anderson, Gunnar 1914
    Arbib, Professor Michael A. 2004
    Barcroft, Professor H. 1963
    Barrett-Lennard, Irwin P. 2002
    Bateson, William 1914
    Bayliss, Professor Noel S. 1968
    Beckwith, Athelstan L. J. 2000
    Bhabha, Professor Homi J. 1954
    Bishop, Dorothy V. M. 2012
    Bloomfield, Emeritus Professor John 2005
    Burnet, Sir MacFarlane 1948
    Campbell, William W. 1922
    Cannon, Jack R. 1994
    Charlesworth, Richard I. 2002
    Cherry, Professor Thomas M. 1963
    Clark, Megan E. 2006
    Clarkson, Professor David T. 2004
    Cockcroft, Sir John 1962
    Cole, Emeritus Professor Andrew R. H. 1992
    Compston, William 1988
    Curnow, David H. 1989
    Debenham, Frank 1937
    Dell CBE, Anne 2010
    Dyson, Sir Frank 1914
    Fitch AM, Adjunct Professor Kenneth D. 2007
    Freeman, Kenneth Charles 1999
    Gates Jr, Sylvester J. 2010
    Gentilli, Joseph 1981
    Groves, Emeritus Professor David I. 2010
    Haddon, Alfred C. 1914
    Hancock, William J. 1924
    Herdman, William A. 1914
    Hopper, Stephen D. 2010
    Huxley, Professor Sir Andrew 1982
    Illingworth, Garth D. 2010
    Lum, Professor Hendrik J. 1954
    Madsen, Sir John 1947
    Main, Professor Albert R. 1987
    McElhinny, Professor Michael W. 2003
    Millot, Professor Jacques H. 1954
    Nahon, Professor Daniel B. 2001
    Nairn, Malcolm E. 1995
    Neumann, Bernhard H. 1995
    Newland, Henry S. 1948
    Ninham, Emeritus Professor Barry W. 2010
    Pate, Emeritus Professor John S. 2005
    Playford, Phillip E. 1993
    Rabbitt, Professor Patrick M. A. 2001
    Richardson, Arnold E. V. 1947
    Rigg, Sir Theodore 1947
    Ross, James R. H. 2008
    Simmonds, Professor Wilfred J. 1986
    Slatyer, Professor Ralph O. 1983
    Speed, Professor Terry P. 2005
    Spence, James C. 1948
    Street, Professor Robert 1988
    Twomey AO, Professor Lance T. 2007
    Waller, Augustus D. 1914
    Walsh, Frank V. 1948
    Walther, Johannes 1914
    Waring, Professor Horace 1970
    Woodall, Roy 1985
  • Doctor of Science in Agriculture
    Campbell, Alexander D. 2009
    Enright, Terence 2008
    Finlay, Keith W. 1979
    Gladstones, John S. 1988
    Jenkins, Clee F. H. 1995
    Moir, Professor Reginald J. 1983
    Norrish, Keith 2002
    Quirk, Emeritus Professor James P. 1991
    Sutton, George L. 1937
    Underwood, Professor Eric J. 1969
  • Doctor of Surgery
    Paton, Robert 2003
  • Doctor of Commerce
    Barnaba, Mark B. 2012
    Choo, Stephen 2019
    Eastwood AM CitWA, Trevor R. 2009
    Fini OAM, Adrian A. 2018
    Goyder, Richard J. B. 2011
    MacKinlay, David B. 2014
    Porter, Richard B. 2014
    Poynton AM, John H. 2008
    Walsh AO CitWA, Samuel M. 2014
    Wilinge, John 2015
  • Doctor of Dental Science
    Henderson, Gilbert D. 1970
    Henry, Patrick J. 2005
    Sutherland, Professor Kenneth J. G. 1982
  • Doctor of Economics
    Boediono 2011
    Fels AO, Professor Allan H. M. 2006
    Griffiths, David C. 2009
    Hewitt AO, Joanna M. 2012
    Kerr AM, Emeritus Professor Alexander McB. 2006
    Smith-Gander, Diane L. 2015
  • Doctor of Education
    Boediono 2011
    Fels AO, Professor Allan H. M. 2006
    Griffiths, David C. 2009
    Hewitt AO, Joanna M. 2012
    Kerr AM, Emeritus Professor Alexander McB. 2006
    Smith-Gander, Diane L. 2015
  • Master of Education
    Stevens, Mary O. 1958
  • Doctor of Engineering
    Aitken, Donald H. 1991
    Chapman, Wilfred D. 1949
    Clough, William H. 1990
    Fam, Michael Y. O. 1988
    Giumelli, James R. 2017
    Gordon, Francis R. 2007
    Lawn, Brian R. 2008
    Loder, Louis F. 1949
    Pang, Peter T. K. 2011
    Ridzuan, Muhammad bin Haji Salleh 1992
    Upton, Thomas H. 1949
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