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Sample preparation 

As part of our services, we are able to prepare your samples before they undergo analysis.


We can process your samples from their raw state. However, additional costs will be incurred for drying, grinding and weighing into tin/silver cups.

If you intend to weigh your own samples before submission please contact us to discuss required sample weights. Samples need to be sent in separate trays if requiring separate analysis. Do not mix enriched and natural abundance samples in one tray.

Please ensure trays are very well secured to ensure no shifting of samples between wells while in transit.


Please send your liquid samples in sealed, airtight glass vials that are without head space.

There are no costs for the transfer of your sample to our system, but if your sample needs to be filtered you will incur an additional cost. Please ensure samples are kept cold during transit. Your courier must be informed that samples must be refrigerated or kept cold with ice packs at all times.

If your water samples are likely to contain a significant amount of organics (for example, metabolic waters, plant/soil extracts), please contact us before submitting samples.

Cryogenic distillations

Plant samples need to be fully wrapped in clingfilm or parafilm and kept cold. Soil samples need to be sent in well-sealed vials and kept cold.

Samples may be frozen but please ensure that your courier does not allow them to thaw in transit.

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