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Postgraduate research travel award application form

File upload

Please attach:

1. Synopsis of your original project outline (200 words max).

2. Dates and description of the travel and research activities that you propose to fund with the PGRTA, explaining how they are in addition to, or an extension of, your original project (500 words max).

3. Statement on how the proposed research will benefit the University and outside community (200 words max).

4. Statement on how the proposed travel and research will benefit you (200 words max).

5. Itemised budget including, for example, cost of travel, accommodation, fees.

6. A copy of your student record from this or other tertiary institution (please provide an official translation of your student record if it is not in English).

7. Letters of support from the Head of School and your Principal Supervisor, verifying that the proposed travel will lead to developments in the research which are in addition to your original research proposal.

8. A curriculum vitae providing information on personal details and academic qualifications (maximum length two pages).


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