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Constitution of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Operations Committee.

Name of Committee

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery (LWAG) Operations Committee

1. Position

The LWAG Operations Committee is a standing committee of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Advisory Board.

2. Role statement

The role of the Committee is to -

  • oversee operations planning for the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, including collections management, exhibitions planning and engagement programs;
  • recommend acquisitions and donations to the UWA Art Collection over $10,000 value;
  • make decisions about acquisitions and donations under $10,000

3. Membership details

The committee comprises:

  • the Associate Director, Education Strategy as Chair;
  • the Curator (UWA Art Collection);
  • the Registrar (UWA Collections);
  • the Curator (Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art); and
  • the Curator, Academic & Public Programs

4. Quorum

The quorum is half the membership plus one.

5. Decisions

  1. All decisions should be reached by consensus in the first instance.
  2. In the event that decision can’t be reached by consensus decisions will be by a majority of the members present and voting.
  3. The Chair has an ordinary vote and a casting vote.

6. Frequency of meetings

The Committee meets monthly from February to December.

7. Delegation

The Committee may establish working parties, and may refer matters to other bodies for advice and recommendation

Approving Body

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery Advisory Board

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