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SafeZone App 

The free SafeZone app connects staff and students with UWA’s Security team during a first aid or emergency situation. Download it today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Features at your fingertips 

  • Emergency assistance: In a critical situation, quickly alert UWA Security with your location details. They will dispatch the appropriate resources to assist you. 
  • First aid assistance: Need immediate medical attention? The app allows you to directly request first aid assistance for yourself or someone nearby. 
  • Non-urgent help: Encounter a non-emergency situation requiring security assistance or a Security escort? The help function connects you directly to UWA Security. 
  • Wellbeing support: SafeZone provides links to valuable support services, such as Lifeline, for your overall wellbeing. 
  • Check-in timer: Inform security if studying alone at night, and they will keep an eye on you. 
  • Safety updates: Receive timely notifications regarding campus safety issues.  
  • Campus navigation: Easily find your way around with the integrated Crawley campus map. 

Get Started

You can download the SafeZone app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Install the app and run through the sign-up procedure to set your location as the Crawley campus or site you attend. 

View the UWA SafeZone video. 

Peace of mind, on the go 

The SafeZone app allows you to take an active role in your safety and wellbeing while on campus. Download it today and enjoy the peace of mind of having immediate access to help whenever you need it. 

Frequently asked questions 

  • What information will I be asked to provide?

    Email address: You must use your UWA email address. Personal emails will not work.

    Password: Create a password (do not use your UWA password). If you forget your password, you can easily reset it.  

    Name: Use your real name, this helps to ensure UWA Security can identify you.  

    Phone number: Provide your mobile number.  

    Picture (optional): This will be helpful when UWA Security receives your alert and needs to identify you. 

  • What happens if I raise an alert?
    When you activate an emergency, first aid, or help alert, UWA Security will be immediately contacted. You can then communicate with them directly through the app or by phone. Your location will be automatically transmitted, allowing for a swift response and appropriate assistance. 
  • Which locations are covered by SafeZone? 
    • Crawley campus including colleges 
    • UWA Health Campus 
    • Claremont campus 
    • McGillivray Oval – Sports Park 
    • Shenton Park 
    • Albany campus 
  • What does the check-in feature do
    If you are studying or working late or alone on campus, SafeZone has a Check-in and Check-in Timer feature which allows you to share your location with UWA Security. When using the timer, an alert is automatically sent on your behalf if you fail to extend or cancel it; ideal if you are in areas of increased risk and want additional peace of mind. 
  • What if I accidentally raise an alert
    If you accidentally press a SafeZone alert button, you can simply tap it again during the countdown timer to cancel the call. If the alert is already sent, you can still cancel it through the app. Security may also reach out to confirm your wellbeing. Please respond to their message or call to let them know you're safe. 
  • When should I use the first aid button
    Use the green first aid button if you, or someone nearby requires medical attention. A qualified first aid officer will be dispatched to your location to assist. 
  • When should I use the non-urgent button

    The non-urgent help button is there for various situations where you might need security assistance. Here are some examples: 

    • Requesting a safety escort after dark 
    • Reporting a potential security concern 
    • Feeling uncomfortable making an emergency alert 
    • Any other scenario where you need to contact Security 
  • Who will answer my call or alert me
    UWA Security will be notified and respond to your alerts. 
  • How is my privacy protected
    SafeZone prioritises your privacy. Your location information is only shared when you send an alert, use check-in features, or submit a location-tagged tip report. Federal and State Privacy Laws protect all user data collected through SafeZone. Read about SafeZone’s privacy provisions or check out the protecting your privacy video
  • Will the app drain my battery
    SafeZone incorporates features to optimise battery life. Motion detection minimises location updates (subject to your device permission settings). The app offers different activity profiles; "default" is recommended for most users. Remember to minimise background app usage by closing SafeZone when not actively using it. 
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Visit the SafeZone website for more frequently asked questions. 

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