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Local area WHS induction

In addition to the mandatory UWA non-staff safety and health induction, managers/supervisors must ensure that a local area WHS induction is completed for all new starters.

A local area induction will be required for all staff including:

  • Professional, academic and research;
  • Adjuncts, honorary staff;
  • Visiting academics, researchers or research students; and
  • Volunteers.

Visitors must be provided with relevant safety information by their UWA contact person/host reflective of the risks associated with their site visit. If it is deemed as necessary, the local area manager/supervisor may use the local area WHS induction template to provide relevant safety information.

A local area induction will be required for students including:

  • Higher Degree by Research (HDR) student;
  • Honours and masters research project students;
  • Intern/placement and work integrated learning students; and
  • Students given access to laboratories, workshops, field stations or farms.

Contractors, subcontractors and their employees are required to:

Local area WHS induction template

The local WHS induction template has been designed to assist managers/supervisors in creating a fit for purpose induction for persons entering their work area and to raise the awareness of hazards and risks.

Managers/supervisors must refer to the ‘Conduct a local area WHS induction’ page for the local area WHS induction template and complete a template for each new starter.

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