Associate Professor Andrew R Timming

Started at UWA: 2017

A leading organisational psychologist and researcher exploring how to improve the population’s working lives

I enjoy students’ discoveries because they remind me of when I was learning those same concepts for the first time. There is beauty in seeing the world through a new lens.Andrew R Timming

Associate Professor Andrew R Timming is an organisational, experimental, and evolutionary psychologist (with sociological leanings) at the UWA Business School’s Management and Organisations department. His research centres around the optimisation of human resource management systems in relation to selection and assessment, employee voice, and health and well-being at work.

Associate Professor Timming has studied and worked at universities across the globe, including in the United States of America, Argentina, Chile, England, Scotland, and Australia. His research is regularly featured in international news and media publications, and the ABC, The Independent UK, SMH, Harvard Business Review and Allure magazine have all recently featured his research on the perception of tattoos in the workplace.


As we spend so much time at work, Associate Professor Timming’s research attempts to understand how our animal instincts influence the decisions we make in workplaces and interactions with our colleagues. He hopes to expand on this work by investigating employment discrimination as a function of our experiences in the ancestral environment, with a primary focus on health discrimination.

BA (summa cum laude), MA, PhD (Cambridge), Academic FCIPD, FCAHR

External positions:
Visiting Professor of Management, Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam


Supervisor opportunities

Associate Professor Timming has been supervising PhD students for over a decade, covering topics such as job motivation among civil servants in Malaysia, the impact of marketisation on the embodied labour process in aged care work, and pathways to managing diverse teams. 

He welcomes expressions of interest from prospective postgraduate students interested in workplace health and safety including both physical health and mental health.

Contact Associate Professor Timming via his contact details to discuss further.


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We are an amazing group of scholars. We support each other, mentor each other, and are especially nurturing of younger academics. We regularly meet up at each other’s houses and the whole family is welcomed to join in.  Andrew R Timming

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