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Our six unique campus libraries ensure you can access conveniently located services and comfortable spaces for study and collaboration whenever you are spending time on campus.


Friends of the Library talk Tuesday 9th July 2019 with Terri-ann White on UWA Publishing
Mon, 17 Jun 2019

University press publishing is an unusual beast these days and very different to its twentieth century model. But universities have changed, too.

Book publishing on a broader scale is a complex business. At a time when library books, public and private, are relegated to landfill, and information once locked away is available to everyone in a matter of seconds, what is the future for books and reading?

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Friends of the Library talk Tuesday 11th June 2019 with Susan Midalia on “Politics and the Novel”
Mon, 3 Jun 2019

Susan Midalia presents “Politics and the Novel”

The nineteenth-century French writer Stendhal famously observed that “politics in a literary work is like a gun shot in the middle of a concert: it’s something vulgar and coarse, which is also impossible to ignore.” Stendhal’s analogy highlights the challenge for a creative writer intent on exploring overtly political issues: how to avoid being ideologically dogmatic or morally self-righteous; how not to insult the intelligence of the reader, regardless of their political beliefs.

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National survey data indicate increased student engagement and satisfaction with Library services
Tue, 7 May 2019

Results from two national student surveys released last month indicate increased student satisfaction with Library services. This positively reflects the investment and improvements to UWA libraries over a number of years, and underpins the significant increase in visits to the physical libraries and expansion of digital resources during this time.

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