Printing, copying and scanning in the Library

Printing, scanning and copying are easy at UWA as all libraries and general purpose computer labs offer the same type of multifunction printer (MFP). The MFP does it all – print, scan or copy, in colour and a range of sizes – and you simply tap your Campus Card to begin. Details on costs and instructions are on this page, and our friendly Library staff can help you if you run into any difficulties.


The document sent to be printed, the print job, is held for 12 hours in the print queue to be printed at any Library MFP using a campus card. There are two steps in printing your document:

  1. sending your job to the print queue
  2. using the Library print stations.


All libraries have facilities for UWA students and staff to scan to email using an MFP. USB scanners can be used by everyone, but are only available in:

  • Barry J Marshall Library
  • Education, Fine Arts and Architecture Library
  • Reid Library


You can copy documents using the MFPs in libraries using a UWA campus card. Members of the public can purchase a guest printing card from an autoloader.

  1. Tag your campus card on the panel below the display, over the words TAG YOUR UWA CAMPUS CARD HERE or log in by entering your Pheme credentials via the touchscreen. If you have print jobs waiting, select Use Copier. Select OK to confirm your balance.
  2. Place the document into the autofeeder (on top of unit) or onto the flatbed. If your document is double-sided (autofeeder only), select the Duplex/Combine option on the bottom of the screen to select options.
  3. Press the Start button on the photocopier to start the copy.
  4. Press ACCESS and select Yes to end your session.

If using the flatbed, ensure all A4 documents are in portrait orientation.

Wide format printing

Wide format printers (WFP) are available in Reid and Barry J Marshall Libraries. These printers can print out high-quality prints on paper over 800mm wide and of almost any length.

The devices also perform colour scanning at no charge, so if you have scanning needs the standard printers can’t cater for, these large format devices are ideal.

Wide format printer 


You will need to have value on a Campus Card to print or copy using MFPs. You can add value via autoloaders or online.

There is no charge for scanning documents.

Add value to a Campus Card – autoloader

Autoloaders are recharge machines you use to add credit to your Campus Card for printing and photocopying services. All UWA autoloaders accept EFTPOS and credit cards, and selected autoloaders also accept gold coins.

To add print value, tag your Campus Card on the autoloader and follow the on-screen prompts.

Add value to a Campus Card – online

You can only use a credit card to add print value online.

  1. Go to
  2. From the left-hand side select Online Account.
  3. Log in using your Pheme credentials.
  4. Ensure pop-ups are not blocked.
  5. From the left-hand side select Add Value to My Account.
  6. Follow the prompts.


  • Autoloaders do not give change!
  • Members of the public can purchase a guest Campus Card from an autoloader.
  • If you've forgotten your Campus Card or do not wish to purchase one, go to an information desk to borrow one.

MFP costs

Cost per copy/print on multifunction printers:

  • 5¢ per mono A4 side
  • 10¢ per colour A4 side
  • 10¢ per mono A3 side
  • 20¢ per colour A3 side

WFP costs

Cost per print on wide format printers

  • $4 per mono square metre
  • $8 per colour square metre


How to guides

Guides for printing your document successfully

The following tips may help if your document fails or takes a long time to print:

  • If possible, it is strongly recommended that you convert your documents to an Adobe PDF before printing it. This can avoid certain visual elements such as graphs and images not printing correctly.
  • Most importantly, the file size should be under 250MB.
  • You should only print a maximum of 100 pages
  • You should only make a maximum of 100 copies
  • You cannot print directly from Photoshop or Indesign.
  • Keep images within the margins of the document.
  • Set up documents to either A4 or A3.
  • If you’re using image editing software, make sure to always flatten layers.
  • Make sure your software is up to date to ensure the best compatibility.
  • Split files up, especially for theses and PowerPoint slides. Remember, printing more than one slide to a page still requires that each slide be rendered separately. There will be delays when printing more than one slide to a page.

Library printer, scanner and autoloader locations

All multifunction printers (MFPs) print and copy in both mono and colour, and can scan to email.

Wide format printers print in both mono and colour, and can scan to email and USB.


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