Library spaces

Each UWA library offers a range of study zones; choose the right zone each time you visit. You can study with food and drink but there are some rules to ensure all users can study in comfort. The PAM SMS service allows you to text Library staff to get help without leaving your seat.

Choose your study zone

Collaborative zones

Collaborative zones are for group work and collaboration. They are usually located in high-traffic areas, with PCs, printing and help from staff available. Mobile phones can be used in these zones as long as you do not disturb others.

All group study rooms are collaborative zones, but please be mindful of noise travelling outside the rooms as they are not soundproof.

Quiet zones

Quiet study zones are designed for individual study. Please whisper or speak quietly and silence your devices in these zones.

Silent zones

Silent study zones are designed for silent and serious individual study. Any noise in these areas is likely to disturb others, so please be considerate.

Find the perfect place to study

Help us to maintain an environment in which you and other students can learn and enjoy your time on campus by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Choose the right zone to meet your needs. Make sure you’re not disturbing other people by talking loudly in quiet and silent areas.
  • Within the guidelines of the accepted behaviour in each zone, feel free to respectfully let someone know if they are disturbing you. They may be unaware they’re doing so.
  • Wear noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Make use of our late-night access at busy times of semester.
  • If a persistent noise issue is disturbing your study, alert a Library staff member or security guard.
  • Litter is unpleasant, so respect the Library and other people by clearing away your rubbish and recycling waste where possible.
  • Don't be a desk or couch hog – study and PC space is in very high demand. If you’re leaving for an extended break, take your belongings with you so someone else can use the study space or PC. Your belongings are not secure if you leave them.  Use a locker in any of the libraries.
  • Treat fellow Library users and Library staff with courtesy, respect and consideration at all times.
  • If you are not behaving in an appropriate manner, Library or Security staff will let you know. We may ask you to leave the library building. You may also be liable to further action under the University's disciplinary procedures.

Inclusive spaces

The five UWA libraries include a range of spaces intended to support all UWA students for success, with comfortable facilities and specialist equipment.

Inclusive spaces

Postgraduate spaces

The Library offers two dedicated spaces for current UWA postgraduate and honours students to engage in silent individual study. Access is via campus card, and automatically enabled for students in postgraduate and honours courses, but please contact us if you experience any issues accessing these spaces:

  • Reid Second Floor – approx 150 seats including 11 PCs and 75 lockers
  • Marshall Third Floor – approx 300 seats including 10 PCs and 12 lockers

PAM (Please Assist Me!) – Library SMS service

We understand that sometimes you won’t want to leave your belongings unattended, you might want to report an issue anonymously, or perhaps it’s not that urgent but you want to let Library staff know about a situation. You can SMS the Library staff to let us know about issues relating to noise, food and drink, facilities and equipment. We’ll aim to respond as soon as we can. If the issue is urgent you should call us or speak to staff at the Information Desk. Please do not use PAM for emergencies, complex questions or spam.  Also note that PAM is only monitored during staffed Library hours.

If you are studying in a Library when unstaffed, download the SafeZone app to connect directly with Security.  More information on SafeZone and other Security services available to ensure you stay safe on campus is available here.   

Each Library has a different PAM number– make sure you use the right one so the right staff on the ground can respond. Save these in your phone for easy access to Library help!

Self-service Video Studios

The Self-service Video Studios at EDFAA and J. Robin Warren Libraries are fully automated, self-service recording facilities available to UWA students and staff. Their aim is to provide access to recording equipment and a quiet environment suitable for recording simple videos.

Book a Self-service Video Studio

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