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Discover services which can support you to successfully learn online, use your own device at UWA and utilise UWA systems and software.

Getting help with UWA IT

The University Library is the first stop for IT support for undergraduate, postgraduate and overseas students at UWA. You can contact us over a range of channels or visit us, seven days a week during semester, including evenings and weekends. We are able to troubleshoot around 80% of student IT issues, and if we can’t solve your issue we will escalate to the experts in the UWA IT team.

If you require urgent assistance for complex IT issues related to your studies at UWA, Barry J Marshall Library offers a TechDesk drop-in service for advanced student IT support, which operates from the ground floor 9am-4pm Monday-Friday during O-week and semester.

HDR students should contact IT Service Desk for support.

Using your personal devices at UWA

UWA IT systems are compatible with a range of operating systems and devices. Follow our step by step guides and tools to get your personal laptops, tablets and smartphones connected to UWA systems such as wifi and other applications. If you’re having issues, contact us or bring in your device to any Library Information Desk.

Short-term loan laptops are available for UWA students via self-service lockers on the ground floor of Barry J Marshall and Reid Libraries. Other libraries offer staff assisted short-term loans. Longer-term loan laptops are available for eligible students who are in financial need and unable to access a device.

Printing, copying and scanning

Whether you need to print lecture notes, photocopy a book chapter or scan and send a sketch, the Library offers a range of facilities to help you do this.

More about printing, copying and scanning

Library computers

There are more than 550 computers available across Library locations on campus. You can work on documents using a USB storage device and, if you’re a UWA student or staff member, you can access your Student Drive. Selected computers also offer specialised software as well as productivity software, such as Microsoft Office, which is on all computers.

Current computer availability in libraries and general computer labs is shown below.  Using this useful resource you can check if a computer is available prior to commuting to a library or computer lab, saving you time and possible frustration.

Use a Library computer as a second monitor for your laptop

Most Library computers are equipped with a KVM (Keyboard, video and mouse) switch, a device which allows you to connect your laptop and use a Library computer's monitor and/or keyboard and mouse. You can use the Library computer's monitor as a second monitor or simply mirror and enlarge your laptop's display .

Library computers with a KVM can be identified by a button attached to the base of the monitor. Follow the instructions below to connect your laptop or visit the Information Desk for assistance.

  1. Locate the three bundled KVM cables, there will be one HDMI cable (black plug) and two USB cables (black and purple plugs)
  2. Connect the black HDMI cable into the HDMI socket of your device (this will provide display/video output from your device)
  3. Connect only the purple USB cable into the USB socket of your device (this will connect the Library computer's keyboard and mouse which you can use to control your device if you wish)
  4. Press the black button on the base of the Library computer's monitor. If you do not see your laptop display appearing on the Library computer's monitor, you may need to adjust your display settings on your device to output accordingly. If you have a Windows laptop, by default the computer monitor will be a mirror of your laptop monitor.  If you wish to set this up as a second independent monitor you will need to 'extend' the display.  This can be done by pressing the Windows logo key + P and selecting the 'Extend' option.  More information is available for configuring and extending displays for Windows and Mac.
  5. When you have finished, unplug the cables and please press the black button to reset the display, mouse and keyboard back to the Library computer for the next user.
Access to computers

Computer access relies on authentication. Staff and students should log on using their UWA Pheme number and password. Guest accounts are provided for users other than UWA staff and students.

Library computers use the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.  Computers can read/write to USB storage devices. You must save all documents to your own student network storage or a USB storage device.

Software available on computers

Visitors to the Library can login to computers using the 'All other patrons' option. There is access to selected software which includes:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser* 
  • Microsoft Internet Edge web browser*
  • Google Chrome*
  • Java
  • Mendeley Desktop 1.19.8
  • EndNote 20
  • Microsoft Office 2021
  • VLC Media Player 3.0.16
  • Handbrake 1.6.0
  • Notepad++
  • R Studio 2022
  • Gimp 2.10.32
  • Windows Media Player
* Internet access is restricted to certain websites for visitors.

UWA staff and students have access to the software available to visitors, plus the following popular software. A full list of software installed and accessible to UWA staff and students is available online.

  • 3DS Max 2023
  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.2
  • Audacity 3.2.1
  • AutoCAD 2023
  • Blender 3.31
  • IBM SPSS 29
  • Mathematica 13.2
  • Matlab 2022B
  • Navisworks Manage 2023
  • Nitro PDF Pro
  • Nvivo
  • R Studio 2022
  • Revit 2023
  • SAS 9.4
  • Sketchup Pro 2022
  • Solidworks 2021
  • SpaceGass 14

Note: This list is subject to change without prior notice.

Conditions of use

This Code of Practice supplements the UWA IT Regulations and the UWA Offensive Electronic Material Policy.

General disclaimer of liability

By accessing its IT services you accept and agree that The University of Western Australia Library provides IT services with reasonable care and skill. However, insofar as the Law permits, the University makes or implies no warranty as to the quality, continuity, life or wear of any materials or services supplied, or that they will be suitable for any particular purpose or for use under any specific conditions. Nor does the University and its staff accept any responsibility for the use which you make of advice or information which they give, of opinions which they express, or of materials, services, certificates or documents which they supply.

Conditions of use of the Library website

The Library endeavours to ensure that information provided on its website, including links to other systems, are accurate and up to date. The Library undertakes to correct mistakes that are brought to its attention as soon as possible, but cannot make any guarantees about the accuracy or quality of information.

Access to Library computers

The use of Library computers is restricted to authorised users of the Library. Authorised users of the Library are defined in the Library rules as:

  • students enrolled at the University for the current semester
  • members of the University staff
  • members of the University Senate
  • other persons or members of bodies approved by the University Librarian
  • students and staff of Murdoch University, Curtin University of Technology and Edith Cowan University who are endorsed by the Librarian of these institutions

Users of UWA computers shall be required to produce their UWA Campus Card when requested by Library staff.

Conditions of use of Library computers

  • Users of Library computers shall not access, display or print material which could reasonably cause offence to other Library users or is prohibited by law.
  • Access to resources on the internet through Library facilities is provided on the understanding that users are conducting University-related duties or studies.
  • Courtesy and commonsense dictate that users should not monopolise Library computers in busy periods.
  • Users must not use more than one Library computer at a time unless authorised by the University Librarian.
  • When accessing networks outside the University, users must abide by the policies of those systems.
  • Users shall not infringe any copyright or licence agreements. Users should note that material obtained from the internet may also be protected by copyright laws.
  • The connection of computing equipment to, or the installation, copying, running or removal of software on Library computers is forbidden except by permission of the University Librarian.
  • Users shall not attempt to use Library computers for any purpose other than the options provided on the system.
  • Users shall not attempt to tamper with any facility in any way, physically or via electronic means which might alter or impede its use by others.
  • Users who enter into financial transactions while using Library computers do so at their own risk and cost. Due to the open nature of the internet, we strongly advise you against placing your credit card details onto internet systems.
  • No liquids of any description shall be placed on or near Library computers. 

In addition to these rules, the University Library reserves the right to:

  • collect payment for the use of facilities
  • deny users access to Library computers if any of these conditions are breached
  • provide various levels of access for clients
  • retain any rights, including possible copyright, for the information contained on the Library website
  • deny responsibility for the contents of any off site files accessed from these computers
  • deny responsibility for any damage which may result from the use of information accessed through the use of this system or from other systems accessed through links provided by this system
  • disclaim all warranties included in any file or material accessed through the use of this system or through the use of other systems accessed through links provided by this system

Other IT Services

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Network storage

Store and access your work without the hassle of USB devices. Access your Student Drive on Library computers

Network storage
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Remote access

Connect to the UWA network remotely to access on-campus resources such as online journals

Remote access

Virtual desktop

The virtual desktop can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, both on campus and off.

Virtual desktop


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