Student email and collaboration tools

All students have access to a comprehensive suite of communications and collaboration tools including University email and file storage.

All students with an active Pheme account are automatically assigned an email address. It is important that you check this email address regularly as it will be used by the University for official correspondence with you, including:

  • information about your fees and enrolment
  • exam information
  • notices from the Library including overdue books and fines
  • communications from lecturers and tutors
  • many other miscellaneous purposes

System access

Student collaboration tools

Student collaboration tools allow students to communicate with peers, organise events and meetings, create and co-author documents, spreadsheets and presentations, share files, meet virtually and more.

In addition to email, you are also provided with a full student subscription to Office 365 software for your devices, 1TB of file storage in your Student Drive (more available on request) and enabled for Student Teaming for online chat. Other related technology will be gradually made available as the University enhances its services.

Access the Student collaboration tools

  1. Sign in to the Student Office 365 Portal using your Uni-ID.
  2. Select the "Install" option to download and install Office 365 Pro+ on your devices.  If installing on an iOS or Android device, visit the App Store or Google Play respectively to download and install.
To use these services online, simply access the service from the portal by selecting any of the main applications form the top of the page, or directly via these links:



Student Calendaring (Outlook & Office 365)

Student Calendaring is a way to manage your schedule and tasks, import your class times and organise meetings with friends and classmates as well as teaching staff that make themselves available to you.

With Student Calendaring you can create one-off and recurring events, set yourself reminders, share your calendar with others and subscribe to calendars to keep track of classes and UWA events.


  • Create one-off and recurring meetings or events.
  • Invite classmates or study peers.
  • Set reminders.
  • Attach files.
  • Create multiple calendars.
  • Share calendars with others.
  • Schedule and check off tasks.

Further information on how to use Student Calendaring features is available online.

Student Drive (OneDrive for Business)

Student Drive is a place to store, edit, share and create documents, files and folders.

With Student Drive you can upload most types of files, create text documents, spreadsheets and slide presentations, and you can then share and collaboratively edit these files with anyone.

Use Student Drive to work on individual and  group assignments or share your data or notes for exams and projects. Student Drive is recommended over and separate to your network storage drive on the UWA network; it has more capacity and can be used collaboratively. 

You are strongly encouraged to move your personal work-related files from the H: drive to the OneDrive Service. UWA recommends you do not use your Student Drive for personal files.  

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Student Teams (Microsoft Teams)

Student Teams is a way to aggregate the way you collaborate with your peers and staff.

With Student Teams, you can Chat online with others at UWA in a fun and modern way, share content from your OneDrive and have calls or virtual meetings with groups of people.

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Note: In the near future, Teams will also support Groups and Sites (SharePoint) that allow more capability and persistent collaboration not tied to an individual. In the Teams information online, not all features are turned on. UWA is rolling out this capability soon so stay tuned and thanks for being patient.

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