Unit Readings

Unit Readings provides students access to their essential and recommended readings, both online and in High Demand.

Students can access Unit Readings directly through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Unit Coordinators can create and manage readings lists within the Unit Readings platform.

 Log in to Unit Readings

Your Unit Readings checklist

  1. Log in to Unit Readings
  2. Reuse an existing reading list or create a new one
  3. Add or remove resources
  4. Tag your unit's essential textbooks 'Essential textbook - students advised to purchase'
  5. Tag book chapters and journal articles for digitisation
  6. Send List to submit the list for Library processing. Resend the list to the Library each time you make a change


Essential textbooks are a core component of the unit, are integrated into the learning, used frequently for the duration of the unit, and linked to assessments.

Tagging essential textbooks in Unit Readings publishes the textbook information to Unit Outlines, makes it available to students and flags it for the Library to order. 

Essential textbooks must be available for the Library to purchase online with institutional access. Some online textbooks are only available for purchase by individuals. Contact the Library for advice on selecting online textbooks.

Recommended textbooks are supplementary to the unit learning materials and students are not required to access this content to successfully complete the assessments.

The Library will buy an online copy of a recommended textbook, or a print copy where online is not available.

Textbooks need to be added to a Unit Readings list at least six weeks before the start of semester. It can take several weeks for the Library to obtain both online and print textbooks.



Unit Readings FAQs



Quick Start Guide [PDF 280KB]

Why should I use Unit Readings?

  • Provide students with easy access to essential readings, including direct links to online resources
  • Improve your students' experience by ensuring all their readings are in one place
  • It ensures your reading lists are copyright compliant
  • Add a wide range of resources at any time including YouTube videos and websites
  • Arrange your list into sections to suit your teaching
  • Ensure the Library holds the resources your students need
  • Use citation views for an insight into what your students are reading

Quick guide

The Library can help you get started with Unit Readings. Please contact staffsupport-lib@uwa.edu.au.

Student help and access

All your Unit Readings for each unit you’re enrolled in are listed in one place. Access your reading list for each unit from the LMS.

You can view online journal articles, websites and videos with a click. Visit a UWA library to borrow items from a High Demand collection.

Unit Readings include useful features like marking what you've read and adding your own notes to items.

Ask your Unit Coordinator or a Library staff member for help if you’re having any trouble with the Unit Readings system.

Stay in touch

Contact us to receive help and support from our friendly, knowledgeable staff. You can also share your feedback or make a suggestion and follow the UWA Library on social media to receive helpful tips and up-to-date information about our services.