Are you finding the lingo around Early Offers confusing? We've put together a glossary of the most used terms to help you navigate through the application process. Don't forget – our friendly Future Students team are on hand to answer any questions you might have along the way.

Early Offer – Applying early (before your final ATAR results are released) through TISC Online for a place in your chosen course at UWA. This is available for current Year 12 students in WA, and you can submit up to 6 preferences for an Early Offer. You can receive an early offer for your first preference in TISC. We use your Predicted ATAR from your Year 11 reports.

Predicted ATAR – This is calculated by TISC based on your Year 11 results to estimate your final ATAR. By predicting your results, we have a rough idea of where you’ll sit at the end of Year 12 so we can process your application early. Please note, a standardised model is used for equity amongst all WA students and may differ from your school predicted ATAR calculation.

Experience-based entry – If you’re not taking enough ATAR subjects for university entry (or not taking ATAR at all), you may be eligible to study at UWA through Experience-based entry. We will assess your qualifications and life experiences using a point system, where points will be awarded for each item submitted, and the total number of points will determine your eligibility for your chosen course.

STAT Entry – If you’re not taking enough ATAR subjects for university entry (or not taking ATAR at all), or you’re completing VET qualifications, you can still apply for UWA through a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). This is a national test designed to assess aptitude for undertaking an undergraduate degree. If you do not meet the minimum entry requirements for UWA, and you feel confident in your ability to succeed in an undergraduate degree, then you may wish to consider taking this test.

TISC Application – You will apply for an Early Offer for UWA through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC). TISC Online applications can be submitted for multiple WA universities using preferences.

Conditional Offer – All Early offers are conditional. This means, you will need to successfully achieve WACE, meet English Language Competency, meet any subject prerequisites and in some cases, achieve a specific final ATAR for your chosen course. Alternatively, you may be eligible to meet the course requirements through Experience-based entry or through the STAT. Ensure you read your offer letter carefully for a full explanation of your offer conditions.


What is the benefit of applying for a UWA Early Offer?
UWA’s Early Offer program take some of the stress off Year 12s. Knowing that there is a place available for you in your chosen course in advance, can provide you with a clearer direction and help you set manageable goals throughout your final year. Plus, getting the administrative processes underway earlier in the year means you will be connected with UWA and we can set you up for a smoother transition from high school to university.
Am I able to schedule an appointment with a Future Students adviser?

Yes, you can book an appointment online.

You can also submit a question through AskUWA, call us on 131 UWA (131 892) or visit us on campus at Student Central.

Live chat is also available Monday to Friday from 2 – 4pm AWST.

Can I defer my Early Offer?
Yes, Early Offers can be deferred up to one year.
After you have deferred your Early Offer, you'll hear more from us after ATAR results are released in December. If you have met the conditions of your Early Offer, you will receive a new offer before the commencement of your course. If you have deferred your offer, you'll hear from us around May next year.


Am I eligible to apply for an Early Offer?
You are eligible to apply if you are a current Year 12 student in WA.

A predicted ATAR calculator is used for Early Offers.

To be eligible for a UWA Early Offer students must achieve a predicted ATAR of at least 80.00, or 78.00 for students who are eligible for Broadway, Fairway, First in Family or Indigenous pathways.

Students who do not achieve the predicted ATAR required for their course, may be made a conditional offer using Experience-based entry, the STAT pathway or based on final ATAR results.

Year 12 students from other Australian states outside of WA are encouraged to apply direct to UWA for a conditional offer based on their final ATAR results.

Do students need to achieve WACE (i.e. school graduation)?
Yes, all students who successfully obtain a UWA Early Offer will be required to complete WACE and satisfy UWA’s English Language Competence requirement. Students completing IB at a WA school are also eligible for an Early Offer.
How can I meet UWA’s English Language Competency (ELC)?

You can achieve the ELC requirements for UWA by obtaining a final scaled mark of 50 or more in WACE ATAR English, Literature or EALD, through completion of a recognised test of English or by completing a communications unit at UWA in your first semester.

Are international students eligible for an Early Offer?
Yes, Early Offers are available to International students who are completing WACE at a school in Western Australia. International students completing WACE overseas can apply direct to UWA to be considered for a standard offer. 
Will my Early Offer still stand if I choose to take a gap year?

Yes, if you have been granted a place at UWA, then you would need to follow UWA's deferral guide. This means that students planning to take a gap year are still able to do so by applying and deferring their offer.

Note that all Early Offers will require students to complete WACE and satisfy UWA’s English requirements.

Does UWA have a particular method to calculate predicted ATAR or will the school’s method suffice?
The predicted ATAR calculator considers every stage of the process used by TISC to ensure the process of calculating a predicted ATAR is as accurate and equitable as possible.

Available courses

Which courses are available for Early Offers?

To view available courses, click here

Early Offers are not applicable for Assured Pathways to Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatric Medicine, or the Bachelor of Biomedicine (Specialised).

I would like to apply for Medicine, Dental Medicine, Podiatric Medicine or Bachelor of Biomedicine – where do I apply?

Early Offers are not applicable for Assured Pathways to Medicine, Dental Medicine, Podiatric Medicine or to the Bachelor of Biomedicine. If you wish to apply for these courses, you will need to submit an application via TISC and should keep up to date with the latest information on UWA’s Health and Medical Sciences Applications website.

Application process

How do I submit my application?

View the TISC website for information regarding applying online. If you still have questions, you can contact the Future Students Centre directly via askUWA, live chat or call us on 131 UWA (131 892).

Do I apply directly to UWA or through TISC?

For 2025 entry to UWA, all applications for Early Offers are required to be submitted through TISC Online.

If you are applying for our Assured Pathways to Medicine, Dentistry or Podiatry, you must also submit your application via TISC.

If you are an International student completing Year 12 in WA, you should apply directly to UWA.

Can I apply for an Early Offer through TISC for Experience-based entry?

Yes, applications to study at UWA through Experience-based entry can be submitted through TISC.

If you do not meet the predicted ATAR requirements you will receive a conditional offer (conditional on your final ATAR). This will contain information on Experience-based entry and STAT. Students not completing ATAR will be assessed through Experience-based entry and given an offer or provided with a conditional offer.

You can upload the required documents for Experience-based entry through TISC. If you do not upload the relevant documents for Experience-based entry, our Admissions team will contact you for additional information to support your application.

I’ve changed my mind and would like to switch my course. How can I do this?

To be considered for a new course, you can re-arrange your preferences in TISC, however please ensure you aware of TISC closing dates.

Are students applying for the Predicted-ATAR still subject to TISC deadlines?

All students applying for an Early Offer will need to adhere to the TISC dates and deadlines.

Do I need to pay any fees for changing my course preferences after applying?
Once you have applied through TISC, there will be no further charges for changing your preferences.


How does predicted ATAR work with subject prerequisites for majors? Will this extend my degree?

Prerequisites can be satisfied through completion of the relevant Year 12 WACE ATAR subjects or by completing UWA’s bridging units during your first semester.

Bridging units can also be undertaken as part of your course and won't extend the length of your degree.

In some instances, such as with Engineering, if you have not satisfied prerequisite requirements you will need to commence in a Bachelor of Science and complete the required bridging units before transferring to the Bachelor of Engineering.

What UWA subjects will I be required to take in my first semester?
If bridging units are required, this will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the time of enrolment. If you meet prerequisites through relevant WACE subjects, you will be able to select the units you wish to undertake as per current course rules.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) for School Leavers

What courses can I apply for using STAT entry?

Students may use STAT entry to apply for admission into the following UWA comprehensive bachelor’s degrees.

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design
  • Bachelor of Music (Music is a specialist degree but is eligible through STAT subject to audition)
  • Bachelor of Science

The STAT entry is not applicable for our specialised bachelor degrees, combined bachelor’s, CBMs or Assured Pathways.

The STAT is comprised of two sections:

  1. STAT Multiple Choice: An aptitude test that assesses both verbal and quantitative skills.
  2. Written English: A written test that requires the candidate to write two short essays on two different topics. Prepare for the Written English component of the STAT test here.
For the minimum scores required for admission to UWA based on STAT results, refer to the UWA STAT Pathway.

I am not completing 4 ATAR subjects, can I use STAT to gain entry into UWA?
Yes, you can complete the STAT to gain entry if you have completed less than 4 ATAR subjects.
Is the STAT available for home-schooled students?
Yes, the STAT is currently an option for home-schooled students.
I’m younger than 18 because I skipped a year at school - can I still take the STAT?

If you are a current school leaver, then there are no changes to the process based on your age, including for the STAT pathway.

When should I sit the STAT?

STAT can be used in two ways:

  1. To meet UWA entry requirements
  2. To satisfy university English competency requirements

If you are are using the STAT to meet entry requirements, you should first apply for an Early Offer to UWA. The admissions team will issue you with a conditional offer which you will need to provide as part of your STAT application as permission to complete STAT as a school leaver.

For applicants who have not satisfied the English requirements through their Year 12 studies, you will generally be invited to sit the STAT when your ATAR results are released. To satisfy UWA’s English requirements through STAT you require at least 140 in the Verbal Multiple-choice section; and at least 140 in the Written English essay section.

Please note that current Year 12 students can only sit the STAT after WACE examinations. For more information about STAT testing sessions, visit TISC.