Fairway UWA

Fairway UWA is a program that provides students completing Year 12 under challenging circumstances with an admission pathway to UWA.

Fairway UWA is an admission entry pathway and comprehensive support program for students completing Year 12 under challenging circumstances. The program provides academic, financial and personal support, and it is responsive to individual student needs, throughout their final year of secondary school and during their university studies.

How it works

Successful completion of the Fairway UWA program provides an admission entry into any three-year UWA undergraduate course requiring an ATAR of 80 or less.

Fairway focuses on developing academic skills and preparing students for university studies. The program offers:

  • English and maths master classes and workshops on study skills and exam preparation
  • access to WACE revision and online tutoring
  • opportunities to make new friends and meet inspiring student mentors
  • information about the courses you could study at UWA
  • support in transition to UWA and throughout the duration of your studies at UWA
  • an engaging program of activities that provide insight into the UWA experience
  • guidance in applications and study options
  • ongoing mentoring by senior students and Fairway alumni

Fairway is what got me through uni so far, so it means everything. I came into UWA as one of only two from my high school cohort, and Fairway made the transition much easier than expected.”Fairway university student


This program is open to all students from any school in the State who can demonstrate financial hardship. It is available to Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, New Zealand citizens or holders of an Australian humanitarian visa.

Please note: If you were born before 2002, UWA’s MAP (Mature-age Access Program) may be a more suitable pathway for you.

Fairway is my family and I am very proud and very grateful to be a part of such an amazing and supportive group of people. I couldn’t ask for more!”Fairway university student

Selection criteria


You are eligible to apply if:

  • your family receives certain Commonwealth income support payments, or
  • you can demonstrate financial hardship, and
  • you are in Year 11 studying at least four WACE subjects and have a predicted ATAR of 65 or above


Additional reasons you might apply include:

  • an unsupportive study environment
  • excessive family responsibilities that impact negatively on your studies
  • experience of a disrupted migrant passage to Australia
  • a disability or medical condition that impacts upon your studies
  • experience of severely disrupted schooling due to relocation
  • being in a care situation or a ward of the state or other circumstances that might have disadvantaged you

Connect with us

Fairway offers a range of fun activities and workshops, advice in applying for uni, online tutoring, as well as opportunities to make new friends, meet inspiring student mentors and learn more about the future courses you could study at UWA.

Fairway means meeting new friends, getting help with school, and having new experiences.”Fairway university student

Opening new doors

Hear our Fairway students describe what they love about the program, its features and its benefits.


Contact the Fairway team

Dr Tristan Fidler
Project Officer (Fairway)
+618 6488 7213

Dr Chris Buck                               Outreach Officer (Fairway/Aspire)

                        +618 6488 7399

Fairway Office

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