Special Tertiary Admissions Test Pathway

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test is a national test that provides a pathway to tertiary study for those who do not have the formal entry requirements.

How it works

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is a national test designed to assess aptitude for undertaking an undergraduate degree. If you do not meet the minimum entry requirements for UWA, and you feel confident in your ability to succeed in an undergraduate degree, then you may wish to consider taking this test.

The STAT is comprised of two sections:

STAT Multiple Choice

An aptitude test that assesses both verbal and quantitative skills.

Written English

A written test that requires the candidate to write two short essays on two different topics. Prepare for the Written English component of the STAT test here.


If you're a domestic mature-aged student (aged 20 years or older on 1 March, for Semester 1 entry, or 1 August for Semester 2 entry), you can use the STAT to meet admission requirements for undergraduate courses which require UWA’s minimum entry requirements.

If you are not mature-aged, you can request permission to sit the STAT by emailing UWA Admissions at admissions@uwa.edu.au. Please provide your UWA student number within your email (you will receive a UWA student number once you submit an application to commence at the University).

The minimum scores required for admission to UWA based on STAT results alone are:

Test sat during 2010 testing year, or after:

For the Bachelor of Biomedical Science or Commerce - at least 140 in either the Quantitative or Verbal Multiple-choice section; and at least 160 in the Written English essay section.

For the Bachelor of Arts, Business, Environmental Design, Music or Science - At least 140 in either the Quantitative or Verbal Multiple-choice section; and at least 150 in the Written English essay section.

Note: The above results are the minimum scores to be eligible to UWA. Some courses may have higher score requirements, and/or additional requirements such a prerequisite subjects or an audition. Gaining these marks does not guarantee that you will obtain a place.


How to apply

Refer to the TISC website for details on booking your Special Tertiary Admissions Test.

For all the information you need about applying to study an undergraduate degree at UWA, visit the How to Apply page.

Once you obtain your STAT results, it’s a good idea to contact UWA Admissions on 131 UWA (option 3) to confirm they have been received.

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