UWA First in Family Program

Our First in Family program is designed to support students in achieving their goals to attend university.

If you have received an ATAR of 70-79.95 and will be the first in your family to attend university, you may still be eligible for a place at UWA. You’ll then be able to join our community and study one of our four undergraduate degrees.


You are eligible if:

  • neither of your parents/guardians have completed a university-level degree (siblings currently studying or planning to study at university do not make you ineligible)
  • you scored an ATAR of 70–79.95
  • you satisfy the University’s English language requirements
  • you selected UWA as your first preference in TISCor have applied direct to UWA for an Early Offer
  • you have not been offered a place at UWA (Broadway or other pathway)

How to apply

Early Offer

If you’ve applied or are thinking applying for an Early Offer through UWA, contact our admissions team to let them know you are the First in Family – they’ll assess your eligibility with your application.


If applying through TISC current WACE school leavers can indicate their eligibility through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre

Note: Your TISC advice letter will not show your automatic adjustment; however, rest assured our Admissions team will be aware of your status and you will be made an offer if you retain UWA as your first preference.

Interstate school leavers can email admissions for information.

Our courses

The following courses are available through the First in Family Program.

*Subject on meeting the course’s prerequisite requirements.

Course Code Course ATAR
BH011 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 80
BP001 Bachelor of Arts 75
BP002 Bachelor of Commerce 80
BP004 Bachelor of Science 75
BP006 Bachelor of Biomedical Science 80
BP008 Bachelor of Music 75
BP009 Bachelor of Business 75
BP011 Bachelor of Environmental Design 75
BP019 Bachelor of Agricultural Science 80
BP020 Bachelor of Agribusiness 80
BP022 Bachelor of Environmental Science 80
BP023 Bachelor of Marine Science 80
BP025 Bachelor of Biological Science 80
BP026 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Sciences 80
BP027 Bachelor of Chemistry 80
BP028 Bachelor of Molecular Sciences 80
BP029 Bachelor of Earth Sciences 80
BP030 Bachelor of Psychology 80
BP031 Bachelor of Human Sciences 80

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