Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

An inspiring and research-oriented four-year degree for high-achieving students.

Majors available

Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing

Understanding the origins and strategies for more equitable health and wellbeing for Aboriginal communities is the key to improving Aboriginal health in Australia.


Speak the language of business as you learn to summarise, analyse and interpret financial information for shareholders, managers and other stakeholders.


Agribusiness encompasses the entire food production process, from business activities involved in production, financing and processing to marketing of food and fibre in order to feed a growing population.

Agribusiness and Agricultural Science (Extended Major)

Combine practical business skills with your interests in agriculture to tackle the global challenge of creating a sustainable food future.

Agricultural Science

Australia's agricultural industry is a key part of the world's food supply system. Agricultural Science provides the technology and research for sustainable, profitable and ethical food production worldwide.

Agricultural Science and Technology (Extended Major)

This extended major will prepare you to meet the needs of an agricultural industry rapidly being transformed by technology and digital disruption.

Agricultural Technology

Agricultural technology is transforming the agricultural sector. This data-intensive technology has the potential to significantly increase food production, effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

Anatomy and Human Biology

The Anatomy and Human Biology major lets you discover how your body works, why it works that way, where people come from and how we are related to one another.


Anthropology is understanding cultural diversity in a globalised world

Applied Human Geography

Get equipped with conceptual and practical tools to build a future of sustainable, vibrant and just societies and economies.


Archaeology is the only discipline to study more than three million years of human history in all its facets.


Architecture is the conceptualisation and design of built forms in response to social, economic, environmental and technological needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Equip yourself with the knowledge of the future with an advanced degree in AI.

Asian Studies

Take Asian Studies and prepare yourself for a world of new experiences, opportunities and discovery in our region.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Studying this major provides a deep understanding of the molecular functions of all living things, and opens up opportunities in biotechnology, food production, medical diagnostics and public health.

Biochemistry of Nutrition (Extended Major)

Are you interested in how nutrition saves lives, reduces morbidity and improves health? This extended major will prepare you for a career as a nutritional consultant, food technologist, dietician, biochemist or healthcare professional.

Biodiversity and Evolution (Extended Major)


Botanists investigate plant evolution and diversity as well as the effects of environmental and biological factors on the structure, functioning and ecology of plants.

Business Analytics

Combine knowledge in statistics and programming with practical applications to inform real-world business and economic decisions.

Business Law

Business Law is an ideal major for anyone planning a career in the business or government sectors. This major also lays the foundations for a successful postgraduate studies in law.


Chemistry is the study of reactions and interactions between atoms, compounds and ions. It provides the foundation for jobs in nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biotech, materials science, energy and resources, the environment, and agriculture.

Chinese Studies

More than one billion people globally speak Chinese (Mandarin), making it the most widely-spoken language in the world. Study Chinese and open up doors to an exciting international career.

Classics and Ancient History

Explore the ancient Greek and Roman worlds at the only university in WA that offers Classics and Ancient History.

Communication and Media Studies

Communication and Media Studies is one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving areas of study in today's media-driven world.

Computer Science

From search engines to smartphones, computer science involves the theory and design behind the intelligent systems and computers that transform the way we live, work and communicate.

Computing and Data Science

The knowledge and practical skills in data science technologies for data collection, cleaning, conversion, analysis, visualisation, interpretation, storage, search, synthesis and cloud management.

Conservation Biology

Learn how to manage and research threatened species and ecological communities with a major in Conservation Biology.

Contemporary Popular Music

Engage with the popular music industry to develop your artistry and knowledge.


Are you fascinated by crime and the human mind? Crime, psychology, ethics and law are just some of the areas you will explore as you seek to better understand people and the criminal justice system.


With a major in Cybersecurity from UWA, you’ll be ready for a range of specialist cybersecurity roles.

Data Science

As one of the most rapidly growing fields in information technology, Data Science unearths value and meaning from data to help businesses and organisations across the globe.


Economics provides you with a concentrated program of study in economics and is ideal for anyone planning a career as an economic analyst or forecaster.

English and Literary Studies

English and Literary Studies gives you a unique opportunity to develop your reading, writing and thinking skills through the study of literature, film and television, and through producing your own creative writing.

Environmental Management

If you want to make a real and meaningful difference in protecting our environment this major will be for you.

Environmental Science

Studying Environmental Science will provide you with a strong research basis for solving environmental problems.

Environmental Science and Ecology (Extended Major)

Apply your knowledge of environmental science, botany and animal science to secure a sustainable future for the planet.

Environmental Science and Management (Extended Major)

Help secure a sustainable future with the Environmental Science and Management extended major.

Exercise and Health

Are you passionate about exercise and health? Do you want to spread the word and educate others about keeping fit and being healthy?


Finance is the lifeblood of the economy. Learn how money and projects come together.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts is the creative exploration of ideas and the formation of concepts within the unique imaginative field of making art.

French Studies

Studying French at UWA is more than simply learning a language. It's an experience which will open your mind to different cultures, enrich you with a knowledge of history and enable you to engage in real world issues.

Gender Studies

Examine thought-provoking issues around gender and sexuality in society today with a major in Gender Studies.


Studying this major conveys profound knowledge on the function and inheritance of genes, preparing you for jobs in biotechnology, medicine, food production and environmental conservation.

Geochemistry (Extended Major)

Geochemistry is the application of chemistry to understand Earth’s systems and processes.

Geographical Sciences

Geographical Sciences is the study of the Earth's landscapes, peoples, places and environments – Geographers use spatial information to solve the World’s big challenges.


Geology is an applied science that aims to understand all aspects of our planet, ranging from the Earth's surface to the deep interior.

German Studies

German is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and, as a result, can open doors to many enriching cultural experiences.


Wars, revolutions, conflicts and diasporas, nations, empires, economies, environments, cultures, emotions and people – in history, there are no no-go areas and no questions off limits.

History of Art

Understanding the history of art enables students to explore in detail the ongoing significance of art as a platform for shaping and interpreting the world in which we live.

Human Resource Management

A major in Human Resource Management provides you with thorough theoretical and practical grounding in the management of people and employment in Australia and overseas.

Human Science and Neuroscience (Extended Major)

Gain a unique insight into how human behaviour is influenced by genetic, developmental, ecological and cultural factors.

Human Sciences (Anatomy and Physiology)

Gain a unique insight into how human form and function have adapted and acclimatised to our changing environment.

Human Sciences and Data Analytics (Extended Major)

This interdisciplinary degree will develop knowledge and skills to tackle complex biological issues that affect human societies.

Humanities in Health and Medicine

To be an effective healthcare professional you need to understand the workings of the body from a scientific perspective and how people and societies function.

Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage

How do Indigenous people view the world? How does Indigenous knowledge inform the world around us?

Indonesian Studies

A major in Indonesian Studies enables you to achieve a high level of fluency in the language and learn about the unique culture and history of the country.

Integrated Earth and Marine Sciences (Extended Major)

Be at the forefront of creating a more sustainable future for our planet by gaining a holistic understanding of Earth and its oceans.

International Cybersecurity

This course prepares you for specialist cybersecurity roles with a global perspective.

Italian Studies

Learn Italian while also exploring the riches of Italy's cultural past and its dynamic present.

Japanese Studies

This major offers you a passport to appreciating one of Asia's foremost economic and cultural powerhouses.

Korean Studies

The Korean Studies major combines learning the language with the study of Korea-related subjects in various disciplines.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is a creative, design-based major primarily concerned with the quality of the environment.

Law and Society

From human rights, crime and justice to Indigenous rights, freedom of expression and religion, the Law and Society major explores the impact of legal and social policy on all areas of our lives.


From sounds and words to how language is used in different societies and cultures, linguistics is the study of language and communication.


Management is the backbone of any organisation, providing organisational, operational, staffing and resourcing expertise that can be applied anywhere, anytime.

Marine and Coastal Processes

Coastlines globally face unprecedented threats from continued development and climate change.

Marine Biology

Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, and their behaviours and interactions with the environment.

Marine Science (Extended Major)

This extended major will expose you to the full breadth of the marine science discipline, allowing deeper understanding of both the physical and biological components through the Marine Biology and Coastal Processes majors.


Discover the real world of marketing that lies behind advertising jingles. Marketing has a central role in understanding what different types of people in different places across the globe want. This major provides you with the knowledge, experience, and skills to become a dynamic marketer in an ever-changing world.


Mathematics is humanity's most powerful tool for comprehending the universe and is essential for many fields of modern endeavour such as science, technology, engineering and finance.

Microbiology and Immunology

Microbiology and Immunology together form the basis of our understanding of human health and disease.

Molecular Life Sciences (Extended Major)

This extended major will help you develop in-depth understanding in biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, preparing you for a career in fields such as biotechnology, health diagnostics, aquaculture and plant breeding.

Music and Society

Develop your skills and expertise in thinking critically about music.

Music Extended Major

Whether you love performing or composing, the extended major equips you with the skills for a career in the music profession.

Music General Studies

Studying Music General Studies allows you to continue your musical journey while pursuing other fields of interest.

Music Studies

Through Music Studies you have the opportunity to innovate, create, and expand your knowledge through performance, composition or musicology.

Music: Electronic Music and Sound Design

Combine your love of music and technology in this creative-focused major.


How do medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, deafness, dementia and depression afflict the brain and nervous system? A Neuoroscience major will give you the answers.

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine can be considered the basis of modern scientific medical knowledge and plays a critical role in evidence-based medicine.


Pharmacology provides a modern understanding of how medicines produce their effects on the body and how such knowledge is used to alleviate suffering caused by disease.


Do the sciences tell us the truth about the world? Does God exist? How can we say what we mean? Philosophy tackles these and other questions about life.


Physics examines the world around us at the most fundamental level, from the origin and fate of the universe to the behaviour of matter on sub-atomic length scales and everything in between.


Learn about the molecular and cellular machinery that makes up your body, how it works in everyday life and what causes disease.

Political Science and International Relations

Gain an understanding of governments and political systems in Australia and internationally and the values and ideologies that have motivated political action in modern society.

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

Psychology is a fascinating and diverse area of study that seeks to answer questions about how and why people behave the way they do.

Psychology (Extended Major)

Psychology is a fascinating and diverse area of study that touches upon many aspects of daily life, seeking to answer questions about how and why people behave the way they do.

Public Health

In Public Health you examine the patterns of health and disease in society, and apply medical research and evidence-based medicine to populations to improve the health of the community.

Quantum Computing

Unlock the future with quantum computing and apply the power of quantum technologies for problem-solving and innovation.

Science and Technology in Society

Philosophical and historical dimensions to science and technology, focusing on their past, present, and future impact on human society.

Spanish Studies

Learn the language and open your mind to the Spanish way of life.

Sport Science

Do you want to work with elite athletes or the general public in the health and fitness sector? The Sport Science major will prepare you thoroughly for a successful career in the sport and recreation industries.

Sport Science, Exercise and Health (Extended Major)

This extended major provides a sound basis in sport and exercise science theory combined with practical, technical and communication skills.


Statistics is the science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analysing, interpreting and presenting empirical data.

Wildlife Conservation (Extended Major)

Focusing on unique Australian fauna, you’ll learn about the processes leading to the exceptional biodiversity that exists today.

Work and Employment Relations

Blend politics, law, sociology, economics, history and more as you investigate and challenge the policies and institutions designed to help both employers and employees get the most out of their relationship.


Zoology focuses on the diversity of animals and how they survive, thrive and persist.

The learning experience

Gaelen Perrone and Simon Thuijs discuss the advantages of a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) degree from UWA.

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Fees and scholarships

Domestic Student Fees

There is no current fee information available for this course. Please visit the fee calculator to browse course fees from a previous year, or other courses.


Scholarships are available to students from a diverse range of backgrounds, including academic achievement, financial need, educational disadvantage, leadership and community service, artistic or sporting achievements, and being from a rural or remote area.

Careers and further study

Bachelor of Philosophy (honours)

Related careers

Bachelor of Philosophy (honours)
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Honours and beyond

Completing honours is an integral part of your Bachelor of Philosophy course. Honours students conduct their own research project, developing valuable skills in advanced problem-solving, critical thinking, independent learning and communication that are highly regarded by employers.

BPhil (Hons) graduates have a wealth of opportunities upon graduation. Graduates may choose further study as a postgraduate, either by coursework and/or research, including courses leading to professional qualifications, or may prefer to enter the workforce directly after completing their undergraduate degree.
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Entry requirements

Entry pathways

Entry to the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is available to school-leaver applicants with an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (or equivalent) of 98 who have not achieved any results in a tertiary-level award course, and current UWA first-year students who have achieved strong results and wish to transfer to the BPhil (Hons).

Summer Residence

Attendance at the Summer Residence is a requirement for all commencing BPhil (Hons) students and will be held mid-February (prior to Orientation Week) at one of the colleges associated with UWA. Further details will be provided in the Letter of Offer for successful BPhil (Hons) applicants.

Admission requirements

To be considered for this course you must: 

  • achieve the University’s minimum entry score (ATAR of 98 or equivalent)
  • demonstrate English language competence
  • satisfy any prerequisites for your preferred majors (refer to individual major descriptions for prerequisite details)

You can view the prerequisites and recommended subjects for your chosen course here.

Go to admission requirements for more specific information, depending on your education history.

Assured Pathway information

If you have a professional career in mind, take advantage of one of our Assured Pathways. An Assured Pathway gives you an assured place in one of our postgraduate professional courses (such as Law) from the start of your studies at UWA. The pathways combine a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, providing you with a clearer direction to your career of choice.

Transferring to the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

To be eligible to be considered for an internal transfer to the BPhil (Hons) you need to:

  • be currently enrolled in a bachelor course at UWA
  • have passed all units in which you remain enrolled, and achieve a sufficient weighted average mark in units to the value of 48 points in your first academic year

I'm interested in transferring! How do I apply?

Eligible UWA students will be automatically contacted by email mid-December each year. If you are interested and would like to be considered for entry, follow the instructions in the email you receive and an outcome will be given to you early January.

If you have any questions about the course or the application process, you can email Admissions.

Please note that entry to the BPhil (Hons) is highly competitive, and satisfying the entry requirements does not guarantee an offer of a place.

If you intend to continue your studies at UWA next year, you are advised to re-enrol in your current course by the deadline advertised – don’t wait for the outcome of your application to the BPhil (Hons) before doing this, as you may incur a fee for late re-enrolment.

About the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is an inspiring, holistic four-year degree with integrated honours. The innovative curriculum provides an individually designed academic program, focusing on your chosen area of specialisation, coupled with unparalleled access to UWA's leading researchers and research facilities, international exchange programs, professional skills development workshops and a network of talented peers and alumni. Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) students can study most undergraduate majors on offer at the University, as long as they have met prerequisite requirement for the major.


Why study a Bachelor of Philosophy?

The research-intensive focus ensures you have the skills to identify and solve complex problems, independently manage and lead projects, and communicate incisively across a range of platforms.

During the course you will study abroad at one of UWA's international partner institutions, expanding your connections among the international community.

The cross-cultural learning this experience fosters is an invaluable asset in today's globalised workplace where intercultural knowledge is highly regarded.

Bachelor of Philosophy (honours)

Quick details

Degree specific majors
  • 96
Minimum ATAR
  • 98
  • February only
Full time completion
  • 4 years (BPhil)
Associated postgraduate courses
  • 50
Cricos code
  • 068916E
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Degree structure

UWA's four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) degree comprises 32 units.

The units you study must include:

  • a degree-specific major
  • at least four units which satisfy the broadening requirements of your course (including GCRL1000 Global Challenges, Research and Leadership and a Language Other Than English [LOTE] unit)
  • an honours program the equivalent of eight Level 4 or 5 units (including a dissertation equal to four Level 4 units)
  • a research placement in your second or third year (GCRL2000)
  • an approved period of student exchange/study abroad

There are some limits to be aware of. You'll need to:

  • include no more than 12 units at Level 1 
  • pass at least three units at Level 3
  • maintain a weighted average mark (WAM) of 75 or above

Beyond this, you can craft a degree that suits your personal interests and career goals.

Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Research placement

All BPhil students undertake a research placement (GCRL2000) with a leading researcher or research group for a semester (or equivalent) during second or third year. Start exploring Faculty, School and Institute pages to identify potential areas of interest. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend talks by senior students presenting on the results of their placements. For more information on what’s involved, placement forms or research ethics guides, visit the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) (BH005) Community on Blackboard.

Summer residence

Your BPhil experience starts with the essential Summer Residence, a live-in orientation program. You’ll meet other members of your cohort, participate in orientation activities, hear from leading researchers and meet Faculty Deans and members of the University Executive. The Summer Residence takes place two weeks prior to the start of Semester 1.

The best experience was being able to meet and get to know my BPhil cohort. It made Orientation and the first few days of university a really pleasant experience, as there were many more familiar faces and friends around campus.

Gaelen Perrone accepted into Harvard Law School

Gaelen Perrone standing with books and a bag

A key feature of the BPhil program is unparalleled access to UWA's leading researchers, international exchange programs and work placements, and a network of talented students and alumni. This sets the degree apart from others at UWA. It teaches you to identify and solve complex problems. You create new facts and evaluate new arguments by conducting empirical research under the guidance of an expert in your chosen field.


Tania Loke – 2017 Rhodes Scholar for Malaysia

When browsing the UWA Handbook, I knew almost immediately that I'd apply for the Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons). Given that it provides distinctive opportunities to research and network in UWA and beyond, I had no reason not to. The BPhil's early exposure to research work prior to honours can open up further research opportunities. 


Mark Shelton

I was in the first cohort of the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) degree so, at the time I signed up, I knew little about the degree. All I really knew was UWA had created the degree to provide a course tailored for high-achieving high school graduates. I am so glad I took that opportunity because the degree has been critical to my experience studying at university. The key advantage of a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) degree is that it empowers you to chart your own path through university.


Clubs and societies

The BPhil Union represents and supports students in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) program. It runs social and educational events for BPhil students and non-BPhil students, ranging from casual picnics to cocktail nights, and extravagant balls to workshops with corporate firms.


The Dr Vincent Harry Cooper Memorial Prize

The Dr Vincent Harry Cooper Memorial Prize is awarded annually to the BPhil (Hons) student who submits the most outstanding Honours dissertation. The Selection Committee chooses the prize winner with the highest mark achieved for their dissertation from each of the following areas of study:

  • Biological and Medical Sciences, and Biotechnology
  • Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics
  • Humanities and Creative Arts
  • Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
  • Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences

Dissertations are judged on novelty of idea or approach; creativity and clarity; and the impact in the relevant field. This prestigious prize was established by Mr Roderick Cooper in honour of his father, Dr Vincent Harry Cooper. Dr Vincent Harry Cooper was a foundation Board Member and Chairman of the Western Australian Faculty of the Royal College of General Practitioners.


BPhil (Hons) Office

The BPhil (Hons) Office is the faculty office for all BPhil students, regardless of your chosen major. For information on the services offered in BPhil, relevant workshops, seminars and other events, email our office using the details below.

Telephone numbers
Academic Coordinator: 6488 1869
Deputy Academic Coordinator: 6488 6748
Course Adviser/Administrative Assistant: 6488 2069

Online enquiries: askUWA
Location: Rooms 1.14 and 1.15 Barry J Marshall Library, above the Catalyst Cafe  

Bachelor of Philosophy (honours)

Popular majors available

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) has a flexible structure that enables you to study most undergraduate majors on offer.

Bachelor of Philosophy (honours)

Admission entry pathways

UWA offers a number of admission entry pathways for domestic and international students to be able to study with us. If your results do not qualify you for standard entry into the University, check our Admission entry pathways for one that suits you.