Micro-credentials are short professional qualifications that demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience in a given subject area. These qualifications can be completed as a one-off or you can stack them up towards a higher qualification. Complete a micro-credential to improve your employability and future career outcomes.

We’ve designed our micro-credentials to suit your needs. The short, affordable modules are often wholly online, so you can easily fit them in to your lifestyle. Select from a range of areas, including professional writing, bioethics, economics, geology, ocean pollution and more.

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Featured micro-credentials

Applied Benefit Cost Analysis 

Applied Benefit: Cost Analysis

Applied Benefit: Cost Analysis is one of the most important and widely used tools of economics. In this micro-credential, participants will learn how to apply Benefit: Cost Analysis in a rigorous, informative and practical way, that recognises the importance of consulting with stakeholders and experts.

6pd points, stackable

Student collaboration 

Practical Building Conservation: Conservation of Roofs

The focus of this micro-credential is on the conservation of roofs as building construction systems. It will cover the history and typical problems of roof structures and roof coverings, and the methods of surveying their condition and developing scopes of work for urgent repairs and maintenance schedules..

2pd points, stackable

Responsible Agricultural Production 

History and Basic Characteristics of FASD

This micro-credential will provide students with foundational knowledge required for understanding FASD. This will include covering the historical and social context of FASD, characteristics of FASD and common comorbidities.

3pd points

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Korea and Its Neighbours

This micro-credential course outlines the impact of historical events such as the Japanese colonial occupation, the US Army Military Government in Korea, the Korean War, and Korea's ongoing engagement with other nations.

2pd points

Micro-credentials by study area

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Frequently asked questions

What are micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are short courses. Successfully completing a micro-credential showcases mastery of specific skills, knowledge and/or experience in a given subject area or capability. Designed to meet students’ flexibility requirements, micro-credentials focus on skills that are in high demand by employers and industry, and provide the opportunity for you to update, upskill or reskill in specific areas. UWA Plus micro-credentials are delivered by UWA or by an external provider via an agreement with UWA.

Are micro-credentials right for me?

If you’re interested in upskilling in a specific area with the option of gaining university credit, micro-credentials may be right for you. Check the specific micro-credential listing for details.

How is a micro-credential different from other types of study?

Micro-credentials are short, specific courses designed to be stackable. They give you the flexibility to pick and choose what works for you, so you can complete a one-off micro-credential or stack multiple micro-credentials to convert to academic credit towards an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

What are ‘stackable’ micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are ‘stackable’ because you can combine multiple micro-credentials that may be converted to academic credit towards an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

Why are micro-credentials valuable?

Successfully completing a micro-credential showcases mastery of specific skills or knowledge. Micro-credentials contribute to your skillset and employability, and create pathways for continued learning.