Entry standards

Find out about the admission pathways to studying with us at UWA.

The University of Western Australia believes transparent, easily understood and readily available information for students, families and schools on admission to higher education is a key responsibility for all providers.


For 2018 admissions, the University’s overall median ATAR was 91.7 and the overall percentage of school leaver entry on ATAR was 95.5. However, all students are presented the opportunity to pursue their goals with us. We want to raise the aspirations of our students and encourage them to choose the course option and university which best suits them.

We hope this information is useful and it assists you to choose the right university, and the right degree, for you.

Applying to UWA

Applicants wishing to commence an undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce or Science) at UWA must satisfy the University’s academic and English language competence (ELC) requirements to be eligible for a place within the course. Applicants only need to satisfy one of the below academic requirements to be eligible.

UWA also offers a number of Direct Pathways giving successful applicants an assured place into one of our professional postgraduate courses. Entry into a Direct Pathway requires a higher ATAR than the minimum for entry into an undergraduate course and is generally only available to current school-leaving applicants.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

UWA’s School of Indigenous Studies provides a number of offerings, from pathway and diploma courses for Indigenous students, to undergraduate and master’s degrees offered to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Further information on courses, as well as the support provided, is available at the School of Indigenous Studies.

Overseas secondary qualifications

UWA accepts a number of overseas secondary education qualifications as satisfying the entry requirements to UWA degrees. For a full list of acceptable qualifications and the required standards, refer to Schedule B of UWA’s policy on Admission.


All ATAR data is from Semester 1, 2018.

Student Profiles

The tables below gives an indication of the likely peer cohort for new students at the institution. It provides data on students that commenced undergraduate study and passed the census date in the most relevant recent intake period for which data are available, including those admitted through all offer rounds, across all Australian campuses, and international students studying in Australia.