Applying to graduate

When you apply to graduate, you can choose to attend a ceremony or graduate in absentia (Latin for in or during one's absence).

Don't wait for the release of your final results or thesis examination. Apply to graduate in studentConnect when you get your email invitation and before the closing date.

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Attend a ceremony
Receive your certificate at a graduation ceremony in Winthrop Hall at the Perth campus
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Graduate in absentia
Graduate in absentia and have your certificate mailed to you

What if I don’t apply to graduate?

On 1 March and 1 September each year, students who have not applied to graduate within two years of completing their course will be graduated in absentia, and not able to attend a future graduation ceremony for that award.

Keep in mind, the date printed on your certificate will be the date your award is conferred, not the date you completed your course. Your graduation date cannot be backdated to your completion date.

Completing your course

To graduate and receive your award certificate, you’ll need to complete your course requirements by the relevant date and in accordance with UWA’s student rules, policies and procedures. To view the dates to complete your course by, view the table on our Graduations homepage.

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

    All results must be ratified by a Board of Examiners meeting before completion of a degree, diploma or certificate is official. If you have any doubts, check with your Course Advising Office that everything is in order for completion of your award.

  • Master’s by research and PhD courses

    You must complete your course requirements including the satisfactory completion of any corrections to your thesis. You are also required to have submitted your thesis to the Graduate Research School for permanent binding by the relevant date.

  • Combined and concurrent courses

    If you’re enrolled in a combined course, you can graduate after completing both degrees. You must complete the course requirements for both courses before you can graduate from either course.

  • Continuing into an honours year

    If you’re enrolling in honours next year, you can apply to graduate and attend a ceremony for your pass degree when you complete it. When you complete your honours degree, you can apply again to attend another ceremony.

  • Dates to complete course by

    See the Graduations table on our homepage.

  • Deferred or supplementary examinations

    If you’re sitting a deferred or supplementary examination/assessment, you’ll have to attend a ceremony in the following round. This means for your Semester 1 unit/s to complete your course, you won’t be able to graduate in July, and if you’re sitting for your Semester 2 unit/s to complete your course, you won’t be able to graduate in December.

A smiling graduate outdoors in front of a sign which reads 'Congratulations graduates'

Applying to graduate

When can I apply?

When you enrolled or re-enrolled at the start of the year, you were asked to indicate when you would complete your course. If you indicated:

  • mid 2020, you can expect to receive an email invitation to apply to graduate in late April 2020 (applications close 15 May 2020)

  • end 2020, you can expect an invitation to apply to graduate in September 2020 (applications close 2 October 2020)

If you do not receive an email in April or September, contact us via askUWA.

If you are a PhD or master’s by research student, contact us once your thesis has been classified as 'passed' or 'passed subject to correction'.

Completing the application

You’ll receive step-by-step instructions for how to complete your application to graduate in studentConnect in an email invitation from the Graduations team. Your application will include the following steps.

  • Confirming your address

    If your contact details change at any time, update them via studentConnect. If you have any problems, contact us via askUWA. Your semester address can be updated at any time and will ensure we can contact you.

  • Administrative encumbrances and outstanding debts

    It is important that you clear all administrative encumbrances prior to applying to graduate.

    • Attend a ceremony; you will not be able to do so. Once your pay your outstanding debt, you will be graduated retrospectively in absentia (without you being present) on the date you were originally scheduled to graduate, and you will not have the opportunity to attend a future graduation ceremony
    • Graduate in absentia; once you pay your outstanding debt, you will be graduated retrospectively in absentia on the date you were originally scheduled to graduate. You will not have the opportunity to attend a future graduation ceremony should you wish to do so in the future.

    Encumbrances can be added at any time, and we’ll email you if you receive an encumbrance before your graduation.

  • Confirming your name

    Adding or removing part of your name

    Your graduation certificate is a legal document and should list your full legal name (as on your birth certificate or passport). The name on your certificate cannot be changed after your award has been conferred except in limited circumstances.

    You can change your name by providing one of the 'accepted documents' listed below by the apply to graduate closing date with your full name as you wish it to be recorded by the University. Bring this document to Student Central and the team will update your name for you.

    Accepted documents:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport
    • Change of Name Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate

    If you live outside Perth, post or send us a scan of an original certified copy of an accepted document which has been signed by one of the following:

    • Justice of the Peace
    • Commissioner of Declarations
    • a person who is permitted to witness documents
    • Notary Public

    Rearranging your name

    When you apply to graduate, you have the option to rearrange the order of your names. You don't need to provide any documents or reason. If you choose this option and would like it applied to your other documents (for example, your transcript), contact us to let us know.

  • Multiple awards

    If you’re completing more than one course, you’ll be asked to select which course you’d like to attend a ceremony for during your application to graduate. If you’d like to attend ceremonies for both awards, you can defer your attendance for one award to the following round as it’s only possible to attend one ceremony per round. Once you complete your application to graduate, contact us so we can set this up for you. If you choose to attend both ceremonies, the date printed on your award certificate is the date your award was conferred, not the date you finished your course, so the dates on your certificates will be different.

  • Confirming your graduation details

    Checking your graduation details

    Check your course details carefully when applying to graduate, as this information will be printed on your certificate there are very limited circumstances in which a conferred award can be amended.

    Checking your intended majors/specialisations

    Check the information you have selected during your course by:

    • Logging on to studentConnect with your Student ID and Pheme password
    • Under the ENROLMENT menu, select 'Course and Unit'
    • Under the course in which you are enrolled, select 'Unit Sets'

    If the information about your majors/specialisations is not correct, change it by:

    • Logging on to studentConnect with your Student ID and Pheme password
    • Under the ENROLMENT menu, select 'Online Enrolment & Change of Enrolment'
    • Click on 'Select your Majors, Minors, Programs or Specialisations'

    Contact your Faculty Student Office if you are unable to make the changes.

Graduating in absentia

You don’t need to attend a ceremony to graduate. When you apply to graduate, choose the in absentia option. There are in absentia conferrals once a month, and you’ll be allocated to the next available date after you apply to graduate and complete your course requirements.

We’ll post your award certificate to your semester address within a week of your graduation date. Certificates are posted by registered post within Australia, and DHL Courier for overseas, so allow at least 10 working days for delivery. If your certificate is returned to the University and needs to be re-sent, there will be a charge of $10 for within Australia or $25 for international courier.

Confirming your attendance

Once you’ve applied to attend your ceremony, you will confirm your attendance when your ceremony has been allocated. We’ll send you an email with the details in early May for July ceremonies and early October for December ceremonies. When you receive this email, log in to studentConnect to complete your confirmation before the closing date so you don't miss the opportunity to attend.

If you don’t confirm your attendance or you cancel your attendance, you’ll have your award conferred in absentia and will not be able to attend future ceremonies for that award. If your situation changes after completing your Confirmation of Attendance, contact us before your ceremony so we can discuss your options with you.


Your full legal name will appear on your award certificate and will be read out in full at your ceremony. If your name is difficult to pronounce or you're concerned about the pronunciation, you can provide the presenter with some guidance by filling out the relevant section when confirming your attendance. If you include a nickname or abbreviation in your pronunciation, it will not be read out. Visit Pronounce Names if you're unsure how to best write your pronunciation. Do not include 'sounds like' or 'rhymes with' in your pronunciation.

After submitting your confirmation, you’ll receive an email receipt. If you don't receive this email within 24 hours, email us via askUWA so we can make sure your application and confirmation have been received.


When confirming your attendance in studentConnect, you can reserve up to two guest tickets.

  • Complimentary guest tickets

    When you confirm your attendance in studentConnect, you’ll be able to reserve up to two guest tickets for Winthrop Hall. You’ll then receive an email inviting you to download and print your complimentary guest tickets.

    Step 1: Log in to the GFP Graduations online portal and order your tickets. All tickets are ordered through GFP even if you do not order your regalia from GFP.

    Step 2: You will receive an order confirmation email.

    Step 3: Within an hour of receiving the order confirmation email, you will receive a separate email with PDF tickets attached.

    Print these tickets prior to your arrival at the venue. If your guests do not have printed tickets, they will not be permitted entry into the venue or the refreshment venue after the ceremony.

    If you have any problems retrieving your tickets, contact GFP Graduations. Tickets are not posted under any circumstances.

    Guest tickets are for graduands' family and friends only and cannot be transferred to another graduand for use. If you no longer require your tickets, let us know. These electronic tickets will be cancelled and rendered unusable.

    If you request to be transferred to a future graduation ceremony or to graduate in absentia, our team will cancel your electronic tickets and render them unusable.

  • Additional guest tickets

    We know your graduation is an important celebration of your hard work and achievements that you would like to enjoy with your family and friends. To enable you to share the experience with more loved ones, you can purchase up to five graduation live-streaming and refreshment packages from GFP Graduations. The $25 ticket includes a live-stream broadcast of the ceremony in a lecture theatre and entry to post-ceremony refreshments.

    Before purchasing additional tickets, complete your Confirmation of Attendance in studentConnect. If you don’t confirm your attendance in studentConnect, your attendance will be cancelled even if you have purchased the graduation live-streaming and refreshment packages and your regalia.

    GFP will issue your live-streaming tickets to your nominated email account. Once you purchase your tickets, you’ll receive an order confirmation email from GFP Graduations. About one hour after purchase, you’ll receive a separate email with the PDF tickets attached. All guests are required to present their printed tickets to gain access to the live-streaming venue and the post-ceremony reception. Tickets are not transferable and cannot be reused.

    Refunds for purchased tickets can be claimed from GFP up to 24 hours before the event. Tickets can only be purchased by the graduand so your guests aren’t able to do this themselves. It is not possible to purchase additional guest tickets for Winthrop Hall.

    The online purchase for live-streaming tickets will be close on Tuesday 21 July at 12 noon. You’ll still be able to purchase the tickets from the help tent outside Winthrop Hall on the day of your ceremony.

    Live-streaming venues

    This information will be updated ahead of the 2020 ceremonies.

  • Unallocated tickets

    A limited number of tickets for Winthrop Hall may become available due to the reallocation of tickets resulting from late cancellations. If this happens, you will be able to exchange some or all of your graduation live-streaming and refreshment package tickets for guest tickets in Winthrop Hall at the Information Tent one and half hours before your ceremony. All seats are unreserved. Tickets will be exchanged on a first-come, first-served basis, and we cannot guarantee there will be any unallocated tickets for any ceremony.

Seating and accessibility

Guests are not assigned a seat on their ticket. When they enter the venue, they can select a seat in the guest seating section. Children are welcome to attend your graduation ceremony, but for small children it’s important to note evening ceremonies may run as late as 8.30pm. Children who are two years or under can sit on an adult‘s lap, and children over two require their own ticket. If you have a pram, please leave it with the front of house staff before entering the venue. These are Occupational Health and Safety rules, and are in place for the safety of all patrons.

When you confirm your attendance, you can let us know if you or your guests have any seating requirements. If your guest has a seating requirement, we ask that they arrive at the venue early and make themselves known to venue staff who will seat them accordingly. If you have special seating requirements or require assistance, indicate this in your Confirmation of Attendance or by contacting the Graduations team.

We will be in touch to discuss your requirements and make sure you have everything you need. If you or one of your guests requires an AUSLAN interpreter, indicate this in your Confirmation of Attendance and we will provide one for your ceremony.

Winthrop Hall is accessible by lift, which can be found inside the south-west corner (Great Court South side) of Winthrop Hall. If you cannot find the lift, staff will be there to help. If you or your guests need assistance walking or require wheelchair access or any other special seating arrangements, indicate this when completing your Confirmation of Attendance via studentConnect. We ask that they arrive at the hall early and make themselves known to staff who will seat them appropriately.


If your guests are travelling to be at your ceremony and require accommodation, St Catherine's College offers guest apartments for bookings throughout the year. The studios and apartments are a five-minute walk to the UWA campus and Winthrop Hall.

Academic dress

Academic dress for your graduation ceremony includes a gown, hood and trencher cap (mortarboard). In keeping with the formal occasion, we suggest you wear smart personal attire that is suitable for photographs. When selecting shoes, remember you will be processing with your peers from Great Court South to Winthrop Hall and will navigate a small number of stairs, including up to and down from the stage.

  • How do I order my regalia?

    Once you’ve completed your Confirmation of Attendance, you’ll receive an email from us with information and a link to order your academic dress and retrieve your complementary guest tickets for Winthrop Hall . You won’t be able to order until you’ve confirmed your attendance. If you don't receive the email within 24 hours, contact us so we can check your confirmation details.

    GFP Graduations is the University's preferred provider of academic dress. You can obtain your academic dress from any supplier as long as the academic dress complies with the University’s Statute 11. Should your academic dress not comply, GFP Graduations will supply a replacement on the day at your cost.

    Academic dress prices vary according to the award that is being conferred. Full details are available on the Academic Dress Ordering Service website.

  • When and where do I collect my regalia?

    Your academic dress is located by Winthrop Hall in a marquee and can be collected at the specified times.

  • I need help with my regalia!

    Getting your academic regalia on correctly can be confusing, so it’s a good idea to get advice from GFP Graduations when you collect your regalia. GFP Graduations has a 'Dress Me' station set up to assist you. This station is close to the regalia marquee on the southern side of the Undercroft near Winthrop Hall and will be available up until one hour before your ceremony. There will also be someone to adjust your regalia right before you go on stage.

A close up view of smiling graduates outdoors

What if I can't make it to my ceremony anymore?

If you are suddenly unable to attend, let the Graduations team know via askUWA using your student email account. When you send the email, include:

  • your student ID number
  • your full name, and
  • a statement that you:
    • are unable to attend your Graduation ceremony
    • want your award to be conferred in absentia at the ceremony
    • are aware that once your award has been conferred in absentia you will not be permitted to attend any future ceremony for this award

If you have already collected your tickets, please indicate that you understand they are non-transferrable and we will destroy them. Tickets will be reallocated by our office.

If you experienced any extenuating circumstances or have queries about not being able to attend your ceremony, contact the Graduations team.

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